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The Way God Guided me to the Lord of the Second Coming

"Heavenly experiences are what this book is about…a heart anchored in another world. Hopefully you will see how you can have a closer relationship with the Father, Christ, and Holy Spirit."
Spiritual Testimony Rev. YulianUTS Spiritual Experiences Revelation about Second Coming of Christ
Spiritual Testimony Rev. YulianUTS Spiritual Experiences Revelation about Second Coming of Christ...
The Way God Guided me to
Spiritual Testimony Rev. YulianUTS Spiritual Experiences Revelation about Second Coming of Christ
...the Lord of the Second Coming
Spiritual Testimony Rev. YulianUTS Spiritual Experiences Revelation about Second Coming of Christ
By Rev. Y.UTS | Unification Family Studies | Part I of the book, "Share God's Heart"

I remember the first time I experienced God talk to me directly. He said, "Share My Heart! Share My Heart!" I hope this testimony transmits at list a bit of what God did for me to resurrect my life.

I had many spiritual experiences but rarely I shared them. People know me for my articles on "The Power of Internet for Web Outreach." And in the recent years many started contacting me for my spiritual ability to heal even from distance.

The Healing Comes from God

May be I'm not that much spiritual, but I feel God's heart. Believe it or not, through this I can get a lot of spiritual information about people. Someone once said, working with me, "Through you I can feel how real is the spiritual world." A leader working with me, told me, "I wish everyone could have the chance working with you, to understand God's Heart." In fact, I'm quite a bad guy. All the great things that happened in my life came from God. I don't know of anything good that I have done by myself. He was always next to mee at those moments and those are the moments I want to share.

Curse or blessing, I don't know. May be it's because of my strong compation for others. But even when talking on the phone with me, I could tell people's pains and see how the energy looks like spiritually in their bodies. My heart is pooling me to help them. And once I connect to it, with some efforts and prayers I could usually heal it. For the Bible says:

"Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them.. in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well." ~ James 5:14-15

May be this was my first time. I was a teenager when I asked God if I could take my mother's sickness. I couldn't bare wathing her so sick in the bed. The next day I felt very heavy energy all over my body. I asked God, "What is my sin? Why did I get that?" He answered, "Didn't you pray for that." Then I realized and surely my mother was completely healed. I felt the heavy energy over me. I remember playing with this it. I will chase it from one place and it will run to another. So I knew back then, that illness has something spiritual and energetic in its origin.

Now I often use that for the people working with me, or for my spiritual contacts. Once I helped a sister that couldn't walk for two months. I checked spiritually and explained her the reasons. She was a 3rd generation, so evil spirit world attacked her because her parents gave bad conditions. I described that to her and she agreed, "Yes, it's true!" The mother was accusing the father, even in front of the children. Resentful spirits invaded with the clear purpose to block her spiritual growth. After I removed these spirits and gave her some healing energy, in 3 days she started walking normally. But what was more astonishing, her original nature was free to express. It was so beautiful.

Naturally, I prefer to use these abilities only when I see the other person also do some efforts. A second generation boy was in our FR team, with incredible chronic headache. So he couldn't go out for more than a week. I told him it's a spiritual thing and he should do a condition. But he didn't believe, "Oh, my father is also like that. He had it all his life and nothing helped him."

So I took responsibility and prayed, "God, give me that pain and I will pray until it is liberated." Enormous pain overtook my head. It took two hours of prayer and reading until I could win over it. Each time I reduced my concentration, the pain was taking over me. Each time I concentrated reading The Divine Principle with full spiritual focus, the pain was dissipating. The moment I finished and reported to God, the boy was healed. Next day he was going FR normally. The pain didn't return. But I don't think this boy learned anything from that.

In another case I took the sickness of 8 people in my team. You can imagine the whole van full with sneezing and cofing people, only me staying completely healthy. But in the Suturday evening I had free time, so I prayed, "God I want to take whatever indemnity but I want them to be well and go FR on Monday." After this prayer incredible dark power came upon me. I fell on the ground, from it's power. I felt like my insits will come out. I could barely move, but I prayed for about an hour and the next day everyone was totally healthy. Even I was astonished. There was not even trace of their previous sikness.

Pray this prayer, while reading: "Dear Heavenly Parent. Even if I never experienced you fully, because of whatever blockages, please remove them now and allow me to be filled up with Your healing power. Not because of me, but for the people I can help to and for liberating this world. Please fulfill my sincere wish, that I report now from the depth of my heart. Your loving son - Amen!"

Feel Spiritual Phenomena with my Physical Senses

Am I interested in spiritual experiences? Not at all. I'm interested in liberating God's heart and his children. Except for the few cases when God asked me to allow him to open my spiritual senses, I usually keep them closed. And yet, with the time my spirit developed to the point where all spiritual phenomena were perceived directly with my physical senses.

“When.. the spirit man becomes a divine spirit.. the spirit man can feel and perceive everything in the invisible world. Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.” DP 62: Structure of the Spirit Man

Usually I'm getting my revelations while awake, when I calm down and concentrate during prayer. And truly, I'm far from perfect. Yet, I finally feel like if I reached 21 years of age spiritually. It took more than 40 years to develop my spirit, but I can finally feel: I'm not only in need of spiritual help, but I can help to the suffering spirits. That only maks me feel how much more I have to grow. Especially in my heart.

Here I'll share many stories of how I developed spiritually through God's amazing guidance. In this first chapter of the book I would like to share my first experiences with God and how He led me through revelations to know about the Second Coming of Christ.

My prayer is that my experiences with the heavenly realm will inspire all who read it. And that you will start your own journey to share the heart of our Heavenly Parent - God. God wants to relate with us even more than we want to connect with him. He is our Parent and we are His children. I believe these experiences were given to me not for my own sake, but for the sake of liberating God and humanity.

Born in Communism, Raised in Atheism

Born in a Communist country I was not a believer. We were told that "Religion is opium of the people." We were told that we are physical beings, like animals - without spirit. But 10 years old, my grandma appeared to me from the spirit world. I asked my parents, "Why you didn't greet grandma?" "Are you crazy! She is dead" - they answered. What did I know, I was just happy to see her.

Flying in my dreams

Other then that I was not spiritual at all. I liked martial-arts and had experiences of concentrating so much, so I could break things that seemed impossible physically. Sports were what I loved and all sort of creativity, like drawing, playing guitar. Making things for hours, all by myself. Forgetting time and space. I was always enthusiastic, craving to learn something new. Only in my dreams will I often fly around, up to the sealing and around my neighborhood. Each time the experience was so real, to make me think, "Oh, so this is not a dream, I really can fly." Yes, it was so real, but I never thought these are actual experiences in the sprit world.

Revelation about my future marriage

When I became 20 I contacted my Grandmother again. I was curious; How the spirit world looks like? - I asked. She said, the place she lives in is so beautiful that I would never want to return on earth. I asked her, if God exists. "In my realm," she answered, "everyone knows God exists, but very few can indeed relate with Him."

Than she told me about my future marriage. "It's not good to have girl friend," she said. After 5 years I will be married in an Oriental country. She showed me some peninsula between Japan and China. My spouse will be a foreigner. "Will she be from Serbia", I asked. "Not! But close. Just little bit more west," she answered. Little did I know, but her words were fulfilled exactly. Five years later I was married in a International Marriage Wedding in Korea. My wife was from Slovakia. Truly, God's ways are mysterious.

My First Prayer to God was Answered

A year before that I had offered a strange prayer to God. As a non-believer I didn't know whom I'm praying to. So I said; "God or whoever you are. If you exist, please make that I will get out of this Army academy." I clearly specified the way I want that to happen.

Believe it or not, few days later I collapsed and events led to the fulfilment of my request. So I prayed again. "Dear God! I see that you have heard my prayer, so I cannot deny your existence. But can I just change my prayer request a bit." So I described what and how should be changed.

Few days later mysterious events happened again. In 10 days everything was resolved and 21 days later I was out of Army, just the way I requested in my prayer. So again, I was without excuse not to believe in God. But what's most important, that experience did set up the beginning and the standard of my relationship with God. I was reporting to him and observing carefully, expecting to see His response. I always knew He is listening and I tried to express my requests and reports as sincerely as possible. As Heung Jin Nim explained from the spirit world:

"The most important thing to remember when you pray is that we are listening; we are hearing your prayers. It is how you speak to us that determines the effectiveness of your prayer. There is so much power available now from the spiritual world... but we cannot unleash that power unless someone on the earth allows us to unleash it, yearns for it, longs for it." On Prayer

God's Light Entered My Heart

"God has no form in the spirit world. He appears as light, like the light of the sun that shines in the atmosphere twenty-four hours a day." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.58 

One day I got a Christian pamphlet about the Holy Spirit and it's gifts. Curious, I prayed to God to accept Him in my heart and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But I asked for something useful, like healing or distinguishing the truth.

Miracle happened the same night I offered this prayer. As I was lying in my bed, preparing to sleep, I heard a voice calling me. This repeated 3 times.

The voice asked, "Are you ready for a long journey." "Yes!" - I replied. The 3-rd time I answered strong and with some frustration. Suddenly the ceiling opened and an amazing light filled up the whole room.

All of a sudden I was standing in God's powerful presence. There was nothing in the room but his bright, penetrating everything light. I couldn't see any thing but this all-powerful light, unexplainable in words. 

I was lying on my bed overwhelmed by the most beautiful and loving feeling ever imaginable, and yet, I experienced the meaning of the words, "The fear of God."

It was very powerful spiritual light. So bright - the brightest one I have ever seen. I was filled with bliss in this divine, supernatural light of illumination and awakening. My ego did not exist. I felt God's incredible presence and love overwhelm my entire being. It was beyond miraculous. The Bible says:

"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people." - Ephesians 1:18

In this powerful presence of God I could see my whole life in seconds. It all passed as a movie in front of me. I felt God's enormous pain from all the bad things I did and all the betrayals we did towards him in the history. I shouted for forgiveness and in that moment this powerful light entered my chests.

I sat up. It was like a powerful electro-magnetic field emanating from my heart and spreading nearly a meter around me. This supernatural Light was Imparted to my soul and I was completely overwhelmed by its spiritual power of love and peace. Such a wonderful feeling.

And yet, I could not sleep the whole night. I couldn't understand the meaning of this experience. "Am I going to die?" "What kind of journey?" Only in the morning I finished the letter. The last words were, "Once you accept God in your heart there is a long journey ahead of you." I realized that I have accepted the Holy Spirit.

"When earthly man forms a reciprocal base... through prayer and other spiritual activities... the spirit men pour out spiritual fire on earthly men, give them the power to heal diseases, and help them do many mighty works. More than that, they enable earthly men to see many facts in the spirit world in a state of trance, give them the gift of prophecy, and inspire them spiritually. Through such activities, substituting for the Holy Spirit, they cooperate with earthly men to fulfill the will of God." DP - Resurrection

At that time I was 20 years old. And since I could not forget His painful heart, I prayed that He will show me what He wants from me and how I can relieve His pain. That was my prayer every single day since I had that powerful experience. Read, MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH GOD

Amazing Spiritual Guidance

"The spirit world will guide and teach those who are concerned about the future of the world." Sun Myung Moon, 206:138
From this day on I began to experience amazing spiritual guidance. I discovered the power of prayer. Surprisingly deceases were healed when I prayed. Sometimes, according to my prayer God would even change the weather. I have amazing experiences to tell. I would ask God to stop the rain, or the wind and He will do it in such a way, so I cannot deny it's exactly according to my prayer.

I realized that God listens to every small detail that I say. This became the standard of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It was more like reporting everything to him and expecting to see what He will do. If I was very sincere in my request He was making it happen. This developed into a real relationship of Father and son. Rev. Moon has wonderful remark on how nature responds to su.

"If you make yourself a universal being, connected to the fundamental origin of the universe, then the sunrays will want to come and warm your body. Water will want to get into your mouth and air will want to go into your lungs." God's Will / Good Character 108

I always wondered, "If I'm such a bad guy, why is God doing all this effort for me? How can a sinner like me deserve that?" Surely through this He led me to meet the Lord of the Second Advent. In miraculous way God pushed me towards the followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Jesus Took My Spirit to Heaven

"Heaving Heavenly experiences is a tool, God will use, to show us who He really is and how he works, and even give us strategies for establishing His Kingdom." Judy Franklin, Experiencing the Heavenly Realms

One day Jesus took me to heaven. It was in the middle of a workshop. During the lecture my spirit came out and I felt I was flying through some realms in the spirit world, higher and higher. In just seconds, he showed me spiritually the last 70 years of Rev. Moon's life and said, "Yes this is true. This is the Messiah."

Around me I saw many of my good ancestors living in the Paradise. They looked so bright, full with love. Amazing light was surrounding them and was overwhelming my whole existence.  "All your life. Since your birth," they said, "we guided you for this one purpose; To tell you who is the Messiah - The Lord of the Second Advent." My legs were shaking when I was back in my body.

I knew this is true. I felt overwhelmed. But I still prayed, "I cannot deny this revelation. I understand logically that I have to accept Rev. Moon is the Messiah, but I cannot accept this in my heart, so please give me more guidance and revelations."

Here are parts of Jesus's message sent from the spirit world:

"Dear Christians and all people on Earth, please pray over this matter while fasting. Then I will appear to you and clearly tell you the truth. When you do it, you should be totally focused on praying with a pure heart. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the one who came to Earth to complete my mission that was not fulfilled through the redemption of the cross. He comes as the True Parent to conclude God's providence in the Completed Testament Age.. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the returning Messiah for whom you have been waiting and waiting. He inherited my mission at the age of 16.. He is investing all of his heart and soul for the realization of world peace... Are you going to hang him on the cross again, like the Romans who persecuted me 2,000 years ago? .. Please receive the Messiah who has descended in the Completed Testament Age. Do not reject his achievements and his dispensation for the salvation of humanity. Pray with sincerity. I, Jesus, will be with you in your earnest prayers." JESUS: A Shocking Message from Spirit World

The Power of The Truth

Once I began learning The Divine Principle (Rev. Moon's revelations), I felt my Original Mind really opened; I saw God's love everywhere. It not only gave me the answers of so many questions that we Christians have, but no one answers, but opened the barriers and limitations in so many directions.

Now I could study science or spiritual teachings and see the connections. The Principle is so powerful truth, and Truth really sets you free. Most important I've learned a lot about the spirit world, and how it relates to us.

Numerous generations of our ancestors went to the eternal spiritual world. Those who suffer signal that to us by giving us some problems, incidents, sicknesses and pain. Not realizing that, we sink into their problems, ending up in their hell. But the Principle taught me how to help them.

The Principle calls it Returning resurrection. I remember the first time I experienced it. I felt sudden unnatural feelings of depression and doubts. It was their painful spiritual state. I said, "God, this is not my thoughts. I don't know who is it, but they are really suffering in hell. Pleas let me liberate them." So I started crying and praying for these spirits until they felt God's love and liberation through me. Feeling my connection to God their hearts got liberated, they felt so happy. The rest of the day I had amazing experiences. They helped me in everything in that day; whatever I asked. It was miraculous!

Indemnity Works

What did make Rev. Moon different from all other saints. He found out that if you pay the needed indemnity you can achieve anything. When he proclaimed in front of all religious founders in the spirit world that no one could restore the world because no one fulfilled his responsibility, they all stood against him until God proclaimed that he was correct.

"In order for Christ at the Second Advent to complete the providence of restoration, he must find a certain number of people who can restore through indemnity the missions of all the past saints who, despite their best efforts to do God's Will, fell prey to Satan when they failed in their responsibilities." DP - Resurrection

I did pray to understand how indemnity works, and here is one of the strong experiences I've got. On this day the leader told us not to go back if we don't fulfill our minimum goal. The day was finishing, but I had very low result. My area was finishing. I was desperately looking for at list one more restaurant. And there it was, up the hill.

So I prayed sincerely. "God, give me whatever indemnity needed, but I have to make my goal at this place." I was quite naive saying, "I will run all the way." Thinking that will make the indemnity.

When I entered I found there was a party for some mafia people. The boss spotted me and pushed me to the corner. My product was taken. He started bitting me, kicking me. Even took a gun out to shoot me, calling me homosexual and whatever other names. But all I cared was for my product - not to loose it.

Meanwhile few wives started coming to me and asking the price of some of the pictures. They were bringing me money while the guy continued to bit and harass me, until finally most of my product was sold. That's how in less than 20 minutes I made both, the indemnity needed and my daily goal fulfilled. Amazing!

"Heaven allows evil spirits to torment him as punishment for this sin. If he willingly endures the suffering given by the evil spirits and overcomes it, he will have successfully paid the indemnity through this condition and thus be entitled to enter the higher sphere of benefit at the clan level. The evil spirits who have tormented him receive a corresponding benefit." DP - Resurrection

Spiritual Experience with True Father

Learning that I can always take responsibility and make some indemnity condition to bring success, brought me to the most amazing spiritual experience with True Father. At some point I felt stuck. My results were low and I didn't know what to do. So I determined to do few conditions. One of them was to not get asleep in the morning prayer. But at the same time my prayer was to get God's answer in a dream. And somehow both were fulfilled at the same time.

The following morning I was determined in my prayer. But I felt tired and decided to lean my head comfortably, but concentrate on praying even stronger. Suddenly I realized that my body fell asleep but I was in a straight posture above it, still praying.

The next moment I realized that someone was sitting right in front of me. I lifted my head and saw Father, Rev. Moon, in a lotus position, just a meter in front of me. It was absolutely real. He was in a brown jacket, similar to the one he had at his visit to Russia.

I had no time to be further curious of external details since my attention was drawn to his words. The first thought came, "Why is he talking as if he is the sinful person like me." But then my whole being just started following the experience effected from his words. I could see and experience what he was saying, the very way he is experiencing it.

Father was explaining how from my low sinful state I can open my conscience, at the center of my heart and connect with God. It was overwhelming. It seemed so beautiful and natural. It felt like the most natural state. Like if I was always like that. There was some innate connection straight to God's heart and my inner self could naturally communicate with him, while my physical mind was only a silent listener.

Boom.. and the experience was over. I wake up, still feeling the overwhelming sensations, yet realizing that I cannot even explain physically what did Father just teach me. Back in my physical body, it didn't feel natural. My mind couldn't even make sense or find words for it.

I remember in this day I had difficult area in FR. But I said, "Father I will keep praying, non stop, until I open this channel with You." It was after an hour of steady, mentally painful and exosting efforts, that the shift happened. I was in front of the door with some clients, when my heart opened and I began crying. It was like the prayer was no longer coming out of my brain, but out of my inner self - directly from my heart. I was just listening and could not stop the tears in my eyes. It was so fascinating, so beautiful.

"Then the spirit world will naturally teach in advance the wise ones concerned about the future of the world. They will understand through spiritual waves what will happen. Those who reach the highest position will see but one goal at the end." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG

Took years of more experiences, while I rationally realized the difference between my physical mind and my spiritual inner mind, connected to God. These were years of struggling to find means to calm down my brain and allow my spirit to lead me; a state when every answer comes instantly; a state when things happen with ease, like a magic and every prayer moves the physical world and brings actual results. I used that while working with STF, to show them how easy problems can be solved, results can be increased, the atmosphere can be changed, the obstacles removed. Once you understand the spiritual principles and have the connection to God, everything is possible.

Talking with Jesus and Heung Jin Nim

That was a special period. I was the leader of FR team. Doing the usual 'Restoration of All Things' city to city. But in this period I started communicating a lot with Jesus and Heung Jin Nim. Often one of them will come during my run and teach me things, that I carried always a small notebook to immediately write their insights, before I forget anything important. They helped me to understand the spiritual perspective and depth of God's Principle.

"The high realms of the spiritual world cannot go against the Principle... Through the Principle you can learn the laws of the spiritual world, and by applying those laws through your prayers, you can gain the most power, the most effectiveness." c

Sometimes I would ask, who of them likes which of our contemporary food. Their preferences were different. So I had fun. But I remember Hyung Jin telling me that once my level of love goes above Completion Stage, Fall is impossible. He was teaching me not to be afraid to love. If it seems that love will lead me to Second Chapter problem I should push myself to love even more with pure brother-sister love and be inspired to love everyone with such intensive love, thus surpassing the point of the Fall. In this way, it is crucial to get out of Satan's dominion and liberate God's 4 Realms of Heart.

At some point I was forbidden by my leader to relate with the spirit world. The good spirit world is obligated to follow the vertical order. So I experienced the darkest period in my spiritual life. Not being able to relate daily with God, Jesus and True Father felt like hell. I realized how most people are spiritually blind. I couldn't tell what kind of spirit world is influencing me. That's how I realized that spiritually blind people are so much like possessed people. Any spirit can talk to them freely and make them believe anything.

The Power of Visualization

In this spiritual blindness I started depending on doing many conditions to keep my spirit high. As a team leader I was visualizing what the members should become like. And I was determined. I was fasting for them and praying till late at night. I often woke up around 3 am on the floor. My legs were stuck in this praying position. So I had to drag myself to the bed.

"When you are praying for a person, the most important thing is love; that person should spiritually be able to feel how much you love him." Heung Jin Nim

These efforts proved effective. Even the most problematic members where quickly growing; having amazing experiences themselves. I remember a brother who always had low results. I could see he had strong will power. But he was investing only externally (very horizontal and humanistic heart). The vertical connection was missing so I gave him many spiritual conditions. From the first day he could make great result. In a week he became the best and most stabile fundraiser.

"As you pray for a person, you must imagine that you are right there in the room with him.. It's not actually imagination; it's reality that your spirit is touching his spirit." Heung Jin Nim

Soon I discovered the power of visualization. I was standing in front of a restaurant. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize each table inside. At some places I felt light, at others was dark. At some places I succeeded to change it to light. Imagine the shock. When I entered, everything happened as I felt it in my visualization. Wherever I could see light people really bought. That was astonishing!

"Every person has the ability to naturally sense what he's receiving from another person's heart, especially if it is intense." Heung Jin Nim

Soon I was able to stand in front of a 20 storey building and see what apartments can buy. Sometimes I used that effectively to find a spiritual person. The first time I was looking for a member of the White Brotherhood. I didn't know the address, so I went floor to floor, sensing the energy in front of each door. There were 5 doors on each level. Only on the fifth floor I felt bright energy at one of the doors. The energy felt a bit heavy, like a person believing reincarnation (since there are many spirits around such people, pretending this is their reincarnation). I myself was shocked when lady I was looking for, opened the door. That was the first and only door I tried.

Calming Down my Physical Mind

Since our physical mind is quite external. It doubts and bring us to loose faith. Soon I have learned that for better results I have to calm it down. The brain has no sensibility to connect to the spiritual realms. It can only think of God, but never connect me with Him.

If I follow my limited earthly mind, it will only lead me to confusion, anxiety, doubts and fears. At the end I will only get stuck. So I had to find the way to connect to my deeper, inner mind - to my heart.

"When we isolate ourselves from the noise around us and allow our thoughts to settle, we can see into the deepest parts of our hearts. It will take a lot of time and effort to go all the way down to where the heart has settled." Sun Myung Moon, Authobiography p.230

So I tried to calm down my mind, Rev. Moon and the Silva Method have explained. I relaxed. Counted backwards to deeper relaxation... and than I prayed visualizing the things I want to achieve. What happened was a shock even for me.

In the relaxed state I visualized a woman choosing 3 pictures and a guy choosing 2. But I rap it up by concentrating on the vision of a guy paying me 5 pictures.

Since that took only 2 minutes I was skeptical of it's effectiveness, so I repeated the prayer, this time visualizing only a man who buys 5 pictures. At the end I added, "And maybe 6." That was even shorted, but I stood up and went FR.

The first coffee shop I entered, it felt like if they expected me. A guy and a woman opened the door and grabbed my pictures. She quickly selected 3 pictures. He also liked 2 and asked, "How much for the 5?" He payed them all. It was precisely in accordance with my prayer. And I had my daily goal fulfilled in less than 10 minutes. But that was not all.

I went out and as if some force pushed me, I entered the next coffee shop. And here it was, a dangerous looking man in front of me. I tried to excuse myself and run out. But he just said, "What is this?" He grabbed me product. Put it on the table and quickly selected 5 pictures. It all happened so fast. But now he saw another picture and started bringing it back and forth, "Shall I take this one, or shall I not take it?"

This repeated like a broken tape for another 5 or 10 minutes. It seemed like eternity, so I finally prayed, "Ok, let him at list buy these 5." And so he did. Only than I realized, this was the fulfillment of my second prayer, where I finished with, "maybe 6," but didn't clarify definitely what should happen. Ha, ha - the spirit world was waiting for my final decision. Or as Dr. Richard Bartlett said:

"This is not merely a case of what has been called "mind over matter:' No, this is an example of mind as matter; the two are one and the same, linked inextricably by the laser-like quality of your fixed attention on the object at hand." Matrix-Energetix

Why did that work so effectively? The Divine Principle explains that the real essence of Mind and Body unity is to restore the dominion of the Spiritual Mind over the Physical Mind. Our Spirit Mind is the one that has the sensibility towards God and the spirit world, so it can obtain any information and prepare the events in front of us. The only thing we have to do is calm down our physical mind, not to obstruct the way. Then we experience the power of mind and body unity. That's why Rev. Moon wrote in his Autobiography:
"If you quiet yourself and focus your mind, there is a place deep down where the mind is able to settle. You need to let your mind go to that place. When you put your mind in that place and go to sleep, then when you awake you will be extremely sensitive. That is the moment when you should turn away all extraneous thoughts and focus your consciousness. Then you will be able to communicate with everything. If you don’t believe me, try it right now" Sun Myung Moon, As a peace-loving global citizen, p. 36

The Resurrecting Power of the Blessing

In this day me and another brother were giving pre-Blessings in this area, when a child run after us. "Come in our home," the boy said. "Our father wants you to come." When we entered the home of this family, the father welcomed us with great excitement. Then he told us what happened.

He had the following vision. While praying he saw Satans power coming over him and through the false love-lineage connection grabbing hold of his children and descendants. He prayed in desperation, "God help me." In this moment God showed him two man that will come and give him the Blessing. When he received it immediately Satan's power was removed and his family was surrounded with God's love. Than he looked in the sky and he saw his children happily smiling on the Moon.

This was incredible vision about the resurrecting power of the Blessing. Satan is holding our lineage by the power of the false love. The Blessing is cutting off Satan's lineage and returning us in God's lineage, where our children can enjoy in God's love. Even the Moon had it's symbolic significance, representing the Lord of the Second Coming - Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

"The Blessing is a great miracle. It is the greatest gift that Heaven has ever given on earth.. because through the Blessing you are called children of the True Parents, children of Heaven. You came from the lineage of hell, and yet you are being admitted to.. the place with the full rights of the royal heir." Victory of Love

Vision of the New President

A month before the elections, we were mobilized for the Million Family March in Washington DC. Standing right in front of the White House I was praying when I got the following vision. Bush came out in the vision as the new president. I asked, "Oh God, is really Bush gonna be the next president?" But at that moment the vision started changing. Bush was moving back, while Gore was coming front, as if he is to be the nest president.

Only when I lost patience, wondering what's going on, is that Gore suddenly disappeared and Bush stayed as the clear president. This was precisely what actually happened during the elections. For some reason that was providentially important for God.

Fighting with the Angel

I can tell you numerous of such wonderful spiritual experiences. I always focused on God, Jesus, True Parents and many times got their help and guidance. At times Father or Mother would appear to me spiritually and all the seeming unsolvable problems would vanish in an explainable way. Read, TRUE FATHER VISITED ME SPIRITUALLY

But one night I had the following dream. Suddenly I was in the spirit world, at the threshold of Hell. It was vary real. Looked like a war field full with wounded people, everyone lying around, suffering with some painful wounds. In front of me was a river and I could sense that the real hell was on the other side. At that moment my heart was pulling me to go there. I wanted to go and see why are they in hell? How can I help them? I head this heart from a small child, to want to help those who suffer, even when risking my life.

But with every step in the water I felt the evil energy of hell overtaking me. A voice came, "If you cross on the other side, you will never be able to return." But this did not stop me. I continued, but my legs were getting more and more stuck and finally I couldn't move. At that moment the Angel blocking me made himself visible. He was on a white horse and was shining so bright that I couldn't lift up my head. He took out his sward, touched me on my shoulder and I felt some special power come in my heart. "I give you this gift because you didn't give up," he said and suddenly I was back in my physical body.

The Power of Internet

I knew this gift was connected with sharing God's Word. Yet, it took years until, through spiritual guidance, I came on the path of using Internet for web outreach. Few incidents led me in that direction.

After Father's failed attempt to visit my country in 2005, I found that there was no positive information on internet about us in Bulgarian language. When True Father was supposed to come, media searched internet and found out only the negative stuff.

So I determined to change that. I started creating different blogs covering different areas of our teachings and activities, using different creative angels to make it attractive for the outside readers. Gradually I created more than 30 blogs and Web pages.

Working 12 to 16 hours a day I could push the negativity so much back, that with all key words connected to us people could find mostly my pages. So all the positive information they were now reading was from my articles.

Soon thousands of people started reading daily. I remember the first day I saw it, "oh, 40 people are reading my article in the moment." My heart could nearly fly out. But few minutes later it was 200 people reading. And the number kept growing and growing.

The readers grew up and up to 10, and later on to 20 thousand a day. Amazingly, readers were liking and sharing the most the articles I wrote about True Father as the Messiah. Each day I could find few places where nonmembers shared these articles with thousands of their own friends. This was unbelievable!

Share God's Heart

I remember the day when for the first time I talked with God. It was during the morning prayer that I realized I'm in God's presence. I felt His heart. I had to calm down and focus on it so that I can hear his voice. He tried to convince me that I can do His Will. I bursted in tears, "Oh Heavenly Father, I'm such a sinner. How can you ask me for such things?" My whole being was overwhelmed with tears. But God kept telling me, "Share My Heart, Share My Heart." I felt His heart at that moment. I was all in tears.

I realized few things from this experience. First God spoke so carefully. I felt his pain of being betrayed so many times. Secondly, it was so different to feel God's heart in comparison to even the highest spirits or angels. Thirdly, He said so few words, but each word touched my deepest inner self and echoed in my whole being in a way that I will never forget.

Teaching for UTS
In 2016 I had around 20 thousand visits a day on my blogs, with articles about True Parents - Rev. and Mrs. Moon. These are 99% non members, coming from search engines like Google. Readers started contacting me, asking to join our movement for peace. They were amazed to learn what Rev. Moon is doing and teaching.

Around that time dr. Wilson contacted me to teach an online UTS course. I was teaching the basics on how to create effective Blog for Witnessing; How to write? How to chose attractive topics? How to make attractive design? How to interlink everything and get educational effect? How to get front in Google? That's what Witnessing is all about, reaching out to prepared people. Does it work? Absolutely!

Testimonies of Joining through Internet

I got email from a girl that want to join our church. She was reading one of my articles about the prophecies concerning TF. She got interested and followed the links for hours, reading more and more - whatever she could find. She got so inspired and wrote me. Well she is not the only one. In the last year I have more then 10 new spiritual children in this way.

Few months ago unexpected thing happened. I was visiting old lady to bring her something. Her neighbor came by and asked me, "Are you still in this sect". With the next words I found out that she is not negative but inspired. "Oh my grand daughter wants to meet you. She is reading many things about Moon on internet and she is very inspired," she said.

A day later the father came and brought present for my 4 boys. He also said, his daughters are following everything about Rev. Moon on internet and are very enthusiastic of his ideas, so I went to visit them. The daughter started telling me the amazing story of what she was reading, what touched her and how it all happened.

The next day I visited them again and got to know the younger doughtier, guilty for all of this. She was the one that found in the library of her father a book about us. She was fascinated and than with her older sister they started looking on Internet. This is how they stared following all the positive new information that was coming.

The most inspiring thing for them was the Blessing. All the idea about it, the matching, the testimonies of participants - all seemed like a dream. After I gave them and their cousin a short lecture on Principles of Creation and God's Ideal, the question that was boiling within them came out, "Can I be educated and participate in this Blessing too".

The War of Ideas is Now on Internet
Internet is like a place of ideological war. If we don't win there, we will never win the people on our side. That's a crucial information war. But for God and Satan, it is a war of good or evil reaching to people's minds. Unification Thought explains that our Inner Sung-sang (Reason) acts based on the data in our Inner Hyung-sang (Concepts). So if the information (data) is wrong, people will inevitably make wrong conclusions. So they will lead wrong life. But if people have the complete

information, they will automatically come to the right conclusions and lead moral life. So it's our responsibility to bring them the Truth in whatever way possible.

This is the reason why:

* Restoration is carried centered on the Word (the Truth).
* Divine Principle said: Fall is in fact, a descent in Ignorance (of the Truth).
* The Conscience works based on "person's understanding of the Truth (Wright and Wrong).
* True Father initiated HDH to reeducate the world

And of course, Internet is the only way to spread the Truth and reach to all people, in all towns and villages, without the financial expense of printing books, transport and the time needed for all that.

Knowing that, you can understand why I have chosen to spend the last 2 years in writing thousands of articles about True Father and create around 30 blogs and web pages on different topics. As graduate of UTS I knew something that many members around couldn't fathom. In few years time I'll educate hundred of thousands of people. Witnessing one to one, I'll never be able to achieve that.

Spread the Truth Worldwide in the Shortest Time

Internet is "perfectly provided by God", says DP, "to make the truth and ideology of the Messiah worldwide within the shortest possible time by rapidly spreading it"

Divine principle says that in the Last Days through technology God will make the world as One Big Family centered on God. As Divine Principle explains: "The distance between East and West is extremely shortened owing to the rapid progress in transportation and communications", so through Internet "the ideology of the Messiah can freely and swiftly flow into the hearts of all mankind." (DP p.424)

"To build the Kingdom of God I need to use the Internet technology." 
True Father, 1998
Do you know, that people believe more when they read something, rather than when they hear from someone. In Jin Nim said, that young people don't want to be lectured, but like to go on Internet and find out for themselves. In fact, whatever they hear or want to know, they will automatically go to Google and find out everything about it. That's why I was working hard in Bulgarian, to fill up Internet with our information and viewpoint on everything and it was effective.

Research shows that fast information and communications provided by Internet, transform knowledge, education, the way of thinking, and the way we view things. "This is perfectly provided by God" says DP, and is "the best foundation on which to make the truth and ideology of the Messiah worldwide within the shortest possible time by rapidly spreading it, when the Lord comes." (DP p.424)

The power of internet is that it makes possible to bring that education directly to the homes. Five to ten thousand people read my articles about TF every day from hundreds of Bulgarian towns and villages, that never been visited by members.In a country with 13 blessed families that's incredible. See my video testimony in 'IMAGINE what Internet could do in few years! REEDUCATE THE WORLD'

Internet does bring people together substantially
See the facts; people not only create good friendships, but 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met online.. Internet is truly a Groundbreaking method to witness to many people. Read the stories of my spiritual children that joined online.As True Father explained, now educating and informing the society is easy and fast because of Internet. In his words, we should use it to create K.O.H. and even mobilize the spiritual world to cooperate.

Internet can mobilize masses of people
In Bulgaria Internet Bloggers could mobilize masses of people to come on the streets to protest against the communist government, one year ago. People even find on internet if some driver has free space and heads their direction, so they share transport to work. Look how powerful was Internet to mobilize demonstrations in some countries. It can mobilize masses of people. Obama used effectively Internet and bloggers for his elections.

Internet can bring members, supporters, participants
Organizations effectively mobilize people for events, businesses sell heir products, clubs find members, all through Internet. We are blind if we don't recognize the power of Internet. We are irresponsible if we don't start using it for God. 2020 is just about the corner. Let's wake up!

I see three obvious points:

1. Misinformation is the only information people are being given about us. And bad forces made more effort to spread it, while we stayed low.

2. Members published mostly for members, so our materials are difficult for outside people is impossible to understand and learn.

3. My experience is that in fact very few young people are negative. They simply don't know us. People with good original nature are prepared and waiting for it.

My effort is not simply teach students how to technically make a nice blog, but how to effectively witness through a website. Why hundreds and thousands of non-members are so inspired to spread my articles themselves? Because I know how to make it effective. Why they don't mind that my articles proclaim TF as the Messiah? Because I know how to present it so they can understand our vision and feel TF's heart. When students start writing and choosing materials I teach them point by point what's the right, effective way of doing it. Read more in my Blog


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History moving towards the unified world of the Culture of Heart

2000 years History of Europe: Moving towards the unified world of the Culture of Heart

2000 years ago - there was nothing much of what is today. How forces move and restructure everything in time. So where will the world go in this new age? Unification - shifting of power from West to East, from struggling to survive Materialism to age of Spirituality with highly developed abandons, rained by the Culture of Heart (Centered on the Lord of the Second Coming).

From the Divine Principle - Parallels of History:

2000 years Preparation for the Second Advent

Since the ultimate purpose of the providence of restoration is to lay the foundation for the Messiah.. prolonged... to restore this foundation must be repeated.

from the time that they rejected Jesus, the Jewish people lost their qualification to be centrally responsible for God’s providence.

Indeed, the people who became centrally responsible for the providence in the Age of the Prolongation of the Providence of Restoration were not the Jews, but rather the Christians.. Accordingly, the history of Christianity provides the source material for understanding providential history in this age.

During the period of persecution in the Roman Empire, the Christians as the Second Israel lived a life of purity by performing the sacraments of baptism and holy communion, offering themselves as sacrifices... the chosen people had to follow this way of pure faith to separate Satan

Moses.. led the Israelites out of Egypt and set out for the land of Canaan. Likewise, toward the end of the period of persecution in the Roman Empire, after Christians had drunk the cup of persecution to the fill, Jesus increased the numbers of believers by moving their hearts with his power and grace. By stirring the heart of Emperor Constantine, Jesus led him to recognize Christianity in 313 A.D. Jesus inspired Theodosius I in 392 A.D. to establish Christianity as the state religion. Christians thus restored Canaan spiritually inside the Roman Empire, the satanic world.

at the conclusion of the period of persecution in the Roman Empire, Christians gathered the writings which had been left behind by the apostles and evangelists and established the canon of the New Testament. Based on these writings, they sought to realize God’s ideals spiritually, ideals which had been enshrined in the Ten Commandments and the Tabernacle in the Old Testament Age. They built up churches and expanded their foundation to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.

In the New Testament Age, the period of regional church leadership was set up to restore the period of the judges through parallel indemnity conditions. In this period, regional church leaders—patriarchs, bishops and abbots—led Christian society. Like the judges of the Old Testament Age, they had duties similar to those of prophet, priest and king. As in the time of the judges, Christian society in this period was a feudalistic society under these local authorities.

The purpose of the period of the Christian empire was to restore the period of the united kingdom through parallel indemnity conditions. Thus, when the period of regional church leadership came to a close, the missions of these leaders were apportioned to the offices of monastic leaders corresponding to the prophets, the pope corresponding to the high priest, and the emperor, who ruled the people. They were responsible to guide the Second Israel to accomplish the goal of the providence of restoration. 

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne and blessed him as the first emperor of Christendom in 800 A.D. Charlemagne stood upon the foundation of the four-hundred-year period of regional church leadership, which restored through indemnity, in the form of substantial parallels, the four-hundred-year period of the judges. Therefore, like King Saul, he stood upon the foundation of a dispensation of forty for the separation of Satan. By faithfully living according to the teachings of Jesus in his work to realize the Christian ideal of the state, he was to establish the foundation of faith. Indeed, when Charlemagne was crowned emperor, he achieved this foundation. 

However, the emperor did not remain obedient to God’s Will and left the position of Abel for the substantial offering. Neither the foundation of substance nor the foundation for the Second Advent of the Messiah was established.

The Christian empire also began to divide in the third generation. Charlemagne’s grandsons partitioned it into three kingdoms: the East Franks, the West Franks and Italy. The descendants of Charlemagne were in bitter and constant conflict with each other. The remnants of the Christian empire soon coalesced into two kingdoms, with Italy reverting to the rule of the East Franks. The kingdom of the East Franks flourished greatly under Otto I and came to be called the Holy Roman Empire. Claiming to be the heir of the Roman Empire, it ruled parts of Western Europe and sought to secure dominion over both politics and religion. The Holy Roman Empire stood in the position of Abel in relation to France, as the kingdom of the West Franks came to be called.

During the parallel period of the divided kingdoms of east and west, the papacy was corrupt. God sent prominent monks such as St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi to admonish the papacy and promote internal reform in the Church. Since the papacy and the Church did not repent, but sank further into corruption and immorality, God chastised them externally by letting their people fight the Muslims. This was the providential reason behind the Crusades.

The period of the divided kingdoms of north and south came to an end when gentile nations took the people of Israel and Judah into exile. They put an end to the monarchy in Israel. Likewise, at the close of the period of the divided kingdoms of east and west, the papacy had completely lost its prestige and credibility after the repeated defeats of the Crusades. Christianity thus lost its center of spiritual sovereignty. Moreover, since the lords and knights who had maintained feudal society were decimated by the Crusades, feudal society lost its political power and vigor. Since the papacy and the feudal lords had spent enormous funds to pursue these unsuccessful wars, they were left impoverished. Monarchic Christianity began to erode.

the emperors and popes became corrupt and did not repent. The popes did not lay the spiritual foundation upon which the emperors could stand as the central figures for the foundation of substance. Therefore, the foundation for the Second Advent of Christ was not established. To begin a new dispensation to restore this foundation, God allowed the popes to be taken into exile and suffer captivity.

This period of approximately 210 years ran from 1309, with the papacy’s seventy years of exile in Avignon, through the Great Schism, the conciliar movement and the restoration of papal authority in the Roman church, to the eve of the Protestant Reformation spearheaded by Martin Luther in 1517. Its purpose was to restore through indemnity, in the form of substantial parallels, the 210-year period of Israel’s exile and return—from Israel’s seventy years of exile in Babylon through the stages of the returning to Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple, until the reform of politics and religion under the leadership of Ezra, Nehemiah and the prophet Malachi.

Following the period of Israel’s exile and return, another four hundred years elapsed before Jesus came. This was the period of preparation for the advent of the Messiah. Likewise, Christianity is to meet Christ at his Second Advent only after passing through four hundred years of the period of preparation for the Second Advent of the Messiah, which has followed the period of papal exile and return. It should restore through indemnity in the form of substantial parallels the period of preparation for the advent of the Messiah.

after the papacy’s return to Rome, medieval Christians established the foundation of faith by seeking to reform the Roman church; these efforts culminated in the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther. This movement pierced the gloom of medieval Europe with the light of the Gospel and pioneered new paths of faith.

Since the Renaissance, God has been creating the religious, political and economic environment conducive to the work of Christ at his Second Coming. This has been the age to restore through indemnity, in the form of substantial parallels, the earlier period when God had set up the worldwide environment to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Beginning with the Renaissance, progress in virtually every field of human endeavor, including politics, economy, culture and science, has increased at a rapid rate. Today, these fields have reached their zenith and have created a global environment conducive to the work of Christ at his Second Coming. In Jesus’ day, the Roman Empire ruled the vast domains around the Mediterranean Sea, integrated by an advanced and extensive transportation system reaching out in all directions. This was the center of a vast Hellenistic civilization founded on the Greek language. Thus, all the necessary preparations had been made for a swift transmission of the teachings of the Messiah from Israel, where Jesus lived, to Rome and the world. Similarly, in the present era of the Second Advent, the influence of the Western powers has expanded the democratic political sphere throughout the world. The rapid progress of transportation and communication has greatly bridged the gap between East and West, and the extensive contact among languages and cultures has brought the world much closer together. These developments characterize an environment in which the teachings of the returning Christ can freely and swiftly be conveyed to the hearts of all humankind. This will enable his teachings to bring rapid and profound changes all over the globe.

Preparation for the Second Comming of Christ

The period of preparation for the Second Advent of the Messiah was the four-hundred-year period from the Protestant Reformation in 1517 to the end of World War I in 1918.

When the purpose of God’s providence through medieval society was not fulfilled, the direction of providential history shifted and God worked to establish anew the foundation for the Second Advent of the Messiah through the Renaissance and the Reformation.

In the late Middle Ages, man’s original mind was repressed, its free development blocked by the social environment of feudalism and the secularization and corruption of the Roman church.

the social environment of the late Middle Ages blocked the path through which the original nature of the people could be restored. Fettered by such circumstances, medieval Europeans were prompted by the impulses of their innermost hearts to break down their social environment to open the way for the restoration of their original nature.

Medieval Europeans were to restore their original God-given nature by first severing their ties to Satan, who had defiled the society when the papacy failed its internal responsibility to restore the foundation of faith and sank into immorality. As people pursued the recovery of the internal and external aspects of their original nature, the thought of the age branched out into two movements to recover the heritage of the past, which we distinguish in relative terms as Abel-type and Cain-type. The Cain-type movement began as a revival of Hellenism, the culture and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome. It gave rise to the Renaissance,7 whose core value was humanism. The Abel-type movement began as a revival of the Hebraic heritage of Israel and the early Christian Church. It gave rise to the Protestant Reformation, whose core value was faith in God.

the Renaissance grew out of the external pursuits of the original nature... the movement to revive the ancient heritage of Hellenism caught fire. Renaissance humanism thus rose to prominence.
The Renaissance came to life in fourteenth-century Italy, which was the center of the study of the classical Hellenic heritage. Though it began as a movement imitating the thought and life of ancient Greece and Rome, it soon developed into a wider movement which transformed the medieval way of life. It expanded beyond the sphere of culture to encompass every aspect of society, including politics, economic life and religion. In fact, it became the external driving force for the construction of the modern world.
as medieval Europeans sought to realize the external aspirations of their original nature, they also began to pursue its repressed internal aspirations. They called for the revival of the spirit of early Christianity, when believers zealously lived for the Will of God, guided by the words of Jesus and the apostles.
The wars of religion which swirled around the Protestant movements continued for more than one hundred years until 1648, when the Treaty of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years’ War.

 those espousing the Cain-type view of life championed the Enlightenment and gave rise to the French Revolution, thus establishing Cain-type democracy. It completely blocked the inclination of the human spirit to seek for God. As it continued to develop with its sole focus on the external aspects of life, it would later be systematized into Marxism in Germany and Leninism in Russia, eventually forming the communist world.
From their very origins, the democracies which emerged in England and the United States were different from the democracy born out of the French Revolution. The latter was a Cain-type democracy founded by atheists and materialists, who were raised in the Cain-type view of life, as they attempted to dismantle absolutism and feudalism. The English and American democracies, on the other hand, were founded by sincere Christians, the fruits of the Abel-type view of life, and were born out of their victorious fight with absolutism to win religious freedom. Hence, these are Abel-type democracies.
In the human body, the lungs, heart and stomach maintain harmonious interaction in accord with the directions of the brain, transmitted through the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. By analogy, the three branches of government in the ideal world—the legislative, judicial and executive branches—will interact in harmonious and principled relationships when they follow God’s guidance as conveyed through Christ and people of God.
in the ideal world, because people’s horizontal relationships with each other are rooted in their vertical relationship with God, they will form one integrated and interdependent society in which they share all their joys and sorrows.
the Industrial Revolution which began in England arose out of God’s providence to restore the living environment to one suitable for the ideal world.
the Industrial Revolution opened up a vast territory for the propagation of the Gospel. Accordingly, it contributed to both the internal and external aspects of the providence of restoration.
Following the Industrial Revolution, spurred by the rapid progress of science, industrialization created economies characterized by overproduction. The great powers of Europe, which felt an urgent need to pioneer new lands as markets for their products and as sources of raw materials for their factories, grew strong as they competed with each other in the scramble for colonies. Thus, two factors—the two trends in ideology and the course of economic development following the progress of science—caused the later political division of the world into two blocs: the democratic world and the communist world.
The economic changes which follow the religious and political reforms have been progressing in three industrial revolutions. The first Industrial Revolution originated in England and was based on the steam engine. A century later, the second Industrial Revolution took place in many advanced nations based on electricity and the gasoline engine. The third Industrial Revolution will flower by safely tapping the power of the atom; it will construct a pleasant living environment for the ideal world. In the centuries of preparation prior to the Second Advent of the Messiah, the three stages of revolutions in the three spheres of religion, politics and industry, which followed the three renaissances, have been a necessary course for the construction of the ideal world, as required by the principle of development through three stages.
the three world wars have occurred so that all humanity may overcome on the world level the three temptations by which Satan tempted Jesus. As Jesus’ disciples, Christians are to follow the course of their Teacher and overcome the three temptations which he confronted in the wilderness as individuals, families, nations and at the world level.
Fourth, the world wars have taken place to fulfill the worldwide indemnity condition to restore God’s sovereignty.
The First and Second World Wars had the providential purpose of dividing the globe into the communist world and the democratic world. Afterward, yet another war must take place to bring about their unification. This conflict is the Third World War.
The Third World War is the final conflict in the providence of restoration. Through this war, God intends that the democratic world bring the communist world to submission and build the ideal world. 
During the Third World War, God’s side is to found the perfect Abel-type view of life based on the new truth and complete the worldwide completion-stage foundation for democracy. God’s side is then to guide all of humanity into one unified world.
The victories of God’s side in the three world wars will fully restore through indemnity all these aspects of the providence of restoration. They will make possible the realization of God’s ideal world, for which God has labored with unremitting tears over the centuries of human misery since the Fall.

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