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Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today - striking similarity to Rev. Moon of the Unification Church

Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today to bring the Golden Age
The image which was spiritually received shows striking similarity to Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. Nanettle Crist Johnson through her spiritual vision received how the Messiah looks like. She has no connection with the Unification Church. She saw spiritually the coming Buddha who will teach humanity by True Love in the family and will open the way for the Golden Age.

Photo: 1960 of SunMyungMoon, beside a spiritually inspired painting of the New Buddha to Come!
Nanettle Crist Johnson, a visionary who expresses her insights through teaching metaphysics and spiritual art. Following an illumination experience with God, Nanette gradually developed gifts of the Spirit (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience). For the past 20 years she has shared with others who aspire to realize their highest potential. Nanette's paintings have been published in "New Frontiers", "New Age", "New Dimensions", "Venture Inward" and "International Science", and on numerous book, video and other publications.

Now her spiritual vision reviled to the world how the Messiah will look like . Nanettle Crist has no relevance with Unification Church. She drawing the coming of Buddha to describe that "Buddha will come today. He will be teaching and fertility to the humanity by True Love in the family. This will create a foundation for the social ideals of the Golden Age.

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Her Predictions

In 1989 before an incredulous audience, Nanette accurately prophesied a U.S. & Soviet alliance by the end of 1990. In the fall of 1990 she also predicted the Allies would go to war with Iraq, resulting in a speedy U.S. victory. She further predicts that unless steps are taken now, afar greater war with the Moslem world awaits us in this decade. The greatest loss of life will be from the AIDS epidemic.

Yet, all these events are indicators of a period of mental, physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual purification which the world's inhabitants must endure to usher in Heaven on earth. According to Nanette, the worldwide foundation for this Ideal Society is overdue, but may have begun in August 1991 in the Orient with an international gathering of at least 144,000 spiritually dedicated people. Before 1999, centering in Washington, D.C., via satellite between one and 360 million holy families will devote their lives to God. The world media will take note!

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
received that picture on 13 September 2006. On the photo he is showing the surprising spiritual news that he is the return of Maitreya Buddha. Well, what a surprise, Buddha himself said the same thing in a spiritual message in 2001.

In the message from the spirit world Buddha himself is calling his followers on earth to learn Rev. Moon's teaching and follow his guidance to fulfill God's will.

Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church, Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual Message, revelation

Maitreya Buddha: The Buddha to come in this Age, he will bring enlightenment and abundance to all mankind by amplifying True Love in the family unit. This will create the foundation for the Ideal Society of the Golden Age. He will carry the virtues of divine will, unconditional love and planetary healing.

And as we all see, the image received spiritually depicts no one else but the fonder of the Unification Church, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The Unification of Religions through Returning Resurrection

At the time of the Second Advent, all good spirits from all religions will descent and assist the believers of their religion on earth. Sooner or later each believer will be guided by the good spirits to go before Christ at the Second Advent and follow him. Accordingly, all religions will eventually be united around Christ.

Christ at the Second Advent, who is to come as the center of Christianity, is the persona of the Maitreya Buddha who is to return according to the teachings of Buddhism, the True Man who is awaited in the Chinese religious tradition, and the Chongdoryong for whom many Koreans yearn. He is the central figure whose advent is expected in all other religions as well. - Divine Principle

The path of True Love: Time to Restore not individuals but families

"I made sure that there was a strong enough foundation to restore the entire world. That has been my goal these last forty years. It is not only an individual salvation way now, but for the family, tribe, nation and world, all at ones.

When the entire five billion people of humanity truly understand this concept of Father's teaching, do you think they will want want to have the family centered upon the True Love, or the secular-style family we see everyday?" - Sun Myung Moon

The Arrival of the Golden Age

The ultimate purpose of God's providence of restoration is to save all of humanity. Christianity does not exist for its own sake, but has as its final mission the fulfillment of the purposes of all religions in human history.

Although the time of visitation may vary according to an individual's faith, inborn nature, and the accomplishments of his ancestors for the providence, sooner or later each believer will be guided... For this reason... destined to be united. - Divine Principle

Thus ultimately humanity will unite around the new Messianic figure coming as the personification of the return of all religious founders, and establish God's ideal of peaceful world centered on True Love. That will be the coming of the Golden Age, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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