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Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart, Revolution of Conscience

Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart

The man who ended Communism is now dedicated to unite the efforts of religions, scientists, politicians and governments and bring a World of lasting Peace and Prosperity

Rev. Moon's Autobiography | Mission | Core Values | Objectives | History

We live in a world that is moved by invisible forces, governed by invisible laws, and ultimately made of invisible energy. Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who just reached his 90th birthday, brings a new paradigm that millions testified, opened their hearts to love God, love people and love the creation.

"Today our world needs drastic change in order to become God-centered. I came to call for that change"

- Sun Myung Moon

A profound experience at the age of 16 changed his life. Jesus appeared to the young Moon as he was praying in the mountain and asked him to complete the task of bringing peace to humankind. Jesus gave him the revelation that revealed to the young Moon the pain of God. Jesus asked him to unite his divided followers - the Christians who are divided on thousands of sects. He told him, this is enormous pain for God and for this reason Christianity is helpless to lead humanity in moral direction and towards unity and peace.

After this revelation Moon Sun Myung could never sleep for more then three hours. He worked not thinking for himself even for a second, investing all his sweat and blood. In less than 50 years he created a worldwide spread organization able to transform any area of human life, that will bring a spiritual revolution of Heart and Conscience.
According to the Institute for Studying the New Religions the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Moon is the "Most successful religion of the 20-th century".

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"The ideal of the family is at the core of Reverend Moon's vision and teaching", wrote the Chairman of the Interreligious Federation for Peace, Dr. C.H.Kwak. His main teaching is that humankind was separated from our Parent, God because of the unprinciple sexual love. 

To solve all social problems and build a world of peace we have to establish true families. The family is the school of love for the next generations. Without resolving this fundamental root problem we can never get rid of the social consequences and we can never come in peace with God. 

Once he discovered this truth, Rev. Moon determined to create foundation, big enough to bring the Revolution of Conscience, Revolution of Heart that will restore this world back to God.

Persecuted for few centuries he did not give up the vision for peace that Jesus asked him to achieve. He went through prisons and death, but today millions consider him to be a Prophet, the Returned Christ. Curiously even Christian leaders who persecuted Rev. Moon for centuries now proclaim openly that without a doubt, the Rev.Sun Myung Moon is the Lord of the Second Coming. There is only one reason why they got convinced. His own life and achievement firmly stands as the testimony of his sacrifice and love for God and for Mankind. A distinguished Professor in Political Science, Dr. Kaplan, wrote about him:

He [Rev. Moon] is a man with an immense heart, a heart with room to love all human beings... It is this great heart that drives him 21 hours each day to build activities for a better world

- Dr. Morton A. Kaplan.
Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science, Emeritus, The University of Chicago.

Why wonder that his Autobiography, "A Peace-Loving Global Citizen," became a best-seller in his native Korea a week after being published. Well, we have to admit this is all very curious and we actually don't know much about him. But now we can learn more. What are Rev. Moon's deeds? What are his goals? Why were we told bad things about him? And why are now so prominent world leaders admiring his work?

The Words of Prominent Leaders about Rev. Moon:

Real world peace must be built on the basis of values that transcend the perspective of an individual or group. Jaja Moon [Rev. Moon] appeals to all humans to pursue peace at all costs under God and proceed to guide their societies to genuine peace.
- Dr. A.B.T Byaruhanga-Akiiki.
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
... the tolerance of Reverend Moon to all shades of public opinion has indeed been phenomenal... tolerance promotes dialogue, dialogue promotes understanding, and understanding promotes peace.
- Dr. M. Shamsher Ali.
Professor of Physics at Dhaka University. Former President of Bangladesh Open University
His [Rev. Moon] characteristic vitality and total commitment to transforming each and every day into deeds filled with love, humanity, charity, and peace for the benefit of the family, society and all humankind serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and example for solving the world’s problems and creating the culture of peace and a better life on earth.
- H.E. Robert Harencár, MSc.
Vice President of the Alexander Dubcek Society, Former Ambassador of Slovakia to Ukraine, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia

Dr. Moon is known also for investing into new and moral media. He founded the Washington Times in 1982 and use it to destroy the false Communist propaganda. With this he achieve social awakening that even presidents could not rich. Analysts have estimated that Moon had subsidized the Times by at least $3 billion since it was launched and that the paper played key role in ending peacefully the Cold War.

The Korean Prophecy, Chung Gam Rok
World Future: The Culture of Heart
Moon: The most successful religious leader
The role of Rev. Moon is crucial also in the peace talks with North Korea and in the Middle East. He is considered the only man on earth who can so successfully bring Religious leaders of all faith and denominations to embrace each other and jointly work for peace. 

One might even wander, what else the Messiah, a man who knows the heart of God, should be? Definitely he should be able to practically solve unsolvable historic problems and resentments. Definitely he should be able to bring love where there were divisions and barriers. Definitely he should be able to establish the highway for humanity to be able to live in peace for the thousands and thousands of years. And one thing is sure. That is precisely what the Korean Rev. Dr. Moon is doing.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart, Revolution of Conscience

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    The Dark Side of Rev. Moon and the Bright Side of Rev. Moon. Who is Reverend Moon? - HSA-UWC: Unification Church?

    Why people talk negative about Reverend Sun Myung Moon, calling them Moonies, Moon Sect, Moon Cult, Unification Church?


    I read about the Unification Church founder and the Moonie groups being favored by George W. Bush and hundreds of famous leaders from around the world. That sounds like contradiction to me. I found that famous religious leaders also respect and support him, so what is a Moonie, who are the Moonies, who is Rev. Moon? Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church are probably best known in America for their huge weddings, where hundreds or thousands of couples are married in Mass Weddings.

    Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart

    I think Rev. Moon's role IN ENDING THE COLD WAR is one of the reasons, but the rest is all from Ignorance about Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church. Read: Rev. Moon: THE ROLE IN ENDING THE COLD WAR Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart, Revolution of Conscience

    HELP A FAMILY says

    Zakir Naik (born 18 October 1965) is an Indian Islamic preacher, and the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). He is also the founder of the "comparative religion" Peace TV channel through which he reaches a reported 100 million viewers.
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