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What is Humanism: Product of the Physical Mind - Expression of the Four Fallen Natures

What is Humanism: Secular Humanism, Humanist Manifesto, Relativism, The most dangerous religious sect today
What is Humanism:

Humanist Philosophy is a Product of the Physical Mind - Expression of the Four Fallen Natures
By Y.Marianov | Unification Family Therapy

Surely Humanism that is supporting and centered on the vertical moral standards will be good Humanism. Vertical and horizontal have to stand united with one center as subject and object. Humanist philosophy, however, have tended to deny the vertical, absolute standards and brought about enormous moral degradation in today's society. 

Read: The most dangerous religious sect: HUMANISM

As we read in, "Sound the Alarm: The Goals of Humanism": "A society built on humanistic principles is a society which will destroy itself. Our society is now rapidly deteriorating. Much of this deterioration is because people have turned away from Christian principles and seek guidance from humanistic values."

"Humanism... has already done much damage. It has already eaten far into the structures of our society. It kills unborn babies. It hurts youth with drugs. It dirties minds with profanity. It turns children against their parents. It robs families of their wealth."

David Treybig writes in "Secular Humanism: Dangerous Modern Philosophy With an Ancient Origin", "Secular Humanism is an outgrowth of 18th century enlightenment rationalism and 19th... This insidious philosophy is at the heart and core of the cultural war.

The origins of humanism are well explained in the Divine Principle: "The Cain-type... revival of Hellenism... gave birth to the humanism of the Renaissance. As this movement developed further, moving in Satan's direction, it gave birth to the Enlightenment, which... further matured in the satanic direction, giving birth to historical materialism, which is the core of communist ideology."

Religion of selfishness, more dangerous than any other

Secular Humanism caries values contrary to any moral and conscientious man. Now our countries are almost destroyed morally, educationally, and spiritually by this most dangerous religion (sect, cult) in the World today - Humanism. The Humanistic way of thinking is having a profound influence upon modern nations and peoples. This philosophy is at the heart and core of the cultural war taking place within the world today. Humanism's selfishness, free sex and anti-family agenda brought more degradation in the last 60 year, than one could even imagine possible.

Homar Dankan warned, "Humanism is not only the biggest evil in the world, but it is also the most deceptive of all religious philosophies." Look at the reality, look at the society. Humanism is a suicide way! This is a fact obvious just by looking at the moral destruction secular humanism brought in the last 60 years. Yet a humanists, without shame, will claim believers are the problem.

Why Humanists so bluntly reverse right and wrong?

Humanism originates from the physical mind reversing dominion over our spirit mind. Thus Humanism naturally leads to complete reversal of subject and object on all levels. 

Today's youth problems and increasing family breakdown is direct consequence of these humanistic reversals. It sounds good to give rights to children and allow them to do what they want, but the result is youth disregarding all moral and social values; youth enraged in disrespect and rebellion.  

It sounds good that everyone can decide his own truth and indulge in his own selfish desires with no harm to society as a whole. Yet the reality of this humanistic strategy was no other than sinking into extreme self destructive behaviors; ending in the suicidal way of drugs and alcohol. And surely selfishness cannot bring more love, but brought only misuse, distrust, harm and antagonism.

Humanism is the origin of the 4 fallen natures:

Humanism is the Ideological expression of the Four Fallen Natures. Here is the reason; Physical Mind can never see from God's view point, no matter how much it tries -- only Spiritual Mind can do that. Thus people led by their Physical Mind naturally go against God's will even when they want to follow it. 

The Physical Mind left it's position as an object to the Spiritual Mind and reversed dominion over it, which is the root of the Second and Third Fallen Natures; Leaving ones position and reversing dominion. Physical Mind constantly suppresses the Spirit Mind desires and rejects them as evil by multiplying evil thoughts and philosophy instead. Humanism is the philosophical expression of these fallen natures.

1. Humanism denies any center. It's led by the physical mind which cannot see from God's view point. In fact it is called "Relativism" because it pushes us to deny God's absolute viewpoint and accept every other viewpoint as equally true.

2. Humanism elevates the extreme egoism as the highest good. Thus it leads us to leave our position of responsibility. Same like our physical mind dominates the spirit, it leads children to leave their position of filial piety, wife to leave her position and responsibility and so on. Humanists automatically put external, material needs and values over the internal and the spiritual ones, thus allowing evil spirit world to dominate in our daily lives.

3. Humanism accuses any statement of what is good as the highest evil. Thus Humanism leads us to revers dominion. Good becomes evil and evil triumphs as good. Culmination of the humanist philosophy was Communism reversing dominion through bloody revolution. Reversing the dominion in the family is also the logic of the Humanist Manifesto. Thus all God's ideals and principles will be destroyed.

4. Humanism claims that any sexual behavior is normal while family is to be extinct. It multiplies evil by spreading immorality and moral degradation. At the same time violently attacking anyone who tries to protect any moral standard about sexuality and family.

The Origin and Nature of Humanism

From Principle viewpoint Humanism is the reversal of all God's principles. It sounds nice and has seemingly good aims for a better world, but it puts Object over Subject (Wife over Husband; Children before Parent; Students over Teachers); humanism sets the external and horizontal over the internal and vertical. Why humanists does that? Remember, Humanism is a product of the Physical Mind; same as the Physical Mind reversed the dominion over the Spiritual Mind, Humanism puts Materialism, Individualism (individual human interests) above Spirituality and God (purpose of the whole). Thus humanism violates all Principle laws. Humanism always considers these reversals as good and attacks any attempt to restore the correct principle priorities.

Here we come to understand why even members who are lead by their Physical Mind end up to be Humanistic; put External values over the Internal ones; aggressively reject spirituality though believing in the Principle. We should understand that this is only natural consequence of being lead by the Physical Mind. So members should quickly develop their Spiritual Mind. Only than God can work through us. When Physical Mind is subject, Divine Principle says that we are channel for Evil spiritual world, no matter of our good motivation and desires.

Now we understand why, the most dangerous ideology that actually destroys the foundations of faith is the sect of secular Humanism. This ideology of relativism bombards us from everywhere and enters into our minds, our lives, our family and in the minds of our children. This godless religion, a cult of selfishness, immorality and free sex, needs to be stopped. Let's start with recognizing those humanistic tendencies in our selves.

What is Humanism: Secular Humanism, Humanist Manifesto, Relativism, The most dangerous religious sect today
Secular Humanism: Dangerous Philosophy With an Ancient Origin
The most dangerous religious sect: HUMANISM
What is Humanism: Secular Humanism, Humanist Manifesto, Relativism, The most dangerous religious sect today

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    What secular Humanism infiltrates in the minds of people

    This becomes obvious when we check their main philosophical base expressed in the Humanist Manifesto:

    1. Absolutely rejects traditional moral values -- anyone who mentions what's wrong is considered evil and amoral.

    2. They deny obedience to any authority, including parental, or belief in the authority of God.

    3. Humanism promotes selfish-individualism -- extreme individualism, as the highest good: It propagates that everyone can do what he wants to satisfy his momentary desires.

    4. Humanism directly attacks marriage and the family.

    The conclusion of the "humanist manifesto" is that the freedom of any kind of sexuality should be allowed: Including same sex relations, sex outside marriage, sex with many partners, or sex with small children and animals. At the same time Humanism's aim is that "the family" should be denied as an outdated and unnecessary unit.

    Anonymous says

    Excellent post however , I was wondering if you
    could write a litte more on this topic? I'd be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit
    more. Many thanks!

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