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Personal testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon



The sky opened, I experienced God's light come upon me 

(This personal story, got very popular and was read by thousands. It sparked interest in area of spiritual experience that many of us were afraid to explore)

By Y.UTS / 2007

I was not a believer. One night, just out of curiosity, I prayed if God exists, to reveal himself to me. Miracle happened. An amazing light filled up the room and I felt God's incredible presence and love. 

Why did Jesus come
"The light descended upon me and entered into my chests. I felt amazing power and uplifting joy and couldn't sleep the whole night."

The light descended upon me and entered into my chests. I felt amazing power and uplifting joy and couldn't sleep the whole night. From this first encounter, I could sense all His pain from my mistakes and all the insults our Heavenly Parent received from us. I cried in repentance overwhelmed by the warmth and the fear that seized my soul with this amazing experience. Yes, I encountered God, and I did not even know who He is. 

I began to look and search, visiting many churches and other places. Every day I prayed, even though with simple request, "Please, Heavenly Father, show me what you want me to do?" 

Soon I began to experience amazing spiritual guidance. The weather changed according to my requests, pain and sickness were gone when I prayed, revelations came when I asked for answers. The words of Jesus became a reality for me, "Seek and ye shall find, ask and you will be given!" The answer came in unexpected way.

The first meeting

A friend of mine was invited in an educational center. Hearing these words the Spirit filled me up and again I felt the incredible presence of God. Trembling, I heard the Heavenly voice saying, "This is the answer to your prayers". And again I was filled with an incredible light and love; the same that I experienced in my first encounter with God.

The next day we went. This was the witnessing center of the Unification Church. From the very door I felt the blow of love dashing unto me like a wind. Such amazing spiritual power of love was present among these people. I could sense the overwhelming presence of the Holly Spirit. 

I had no idea that they were followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I had no idea that the famous Bulgarian prophetess, Vanga, as well as Nostradamus and The Bible had prophesied about him. But I could see the people. I could not even believe such wonderful families could exist. Never before did I meat such open, natural and sincere group.

True Bible Story: 
The Bible: How Angels taught free sex to Adam and Eve
Experience with God: 
I looked to the sky and I read: "The Messiah is on the Earth
I visited all kinds of churches before, but everywhere I heard negative criticism and teachings against others. I could not believe when I found out that the followers of the Teacher Moon are open to all people and religions. I could not believe that there are millions of such families around the world, working to substantiate God's Ideal

With our Conscience we feel the truth within our heart. Many Churches always tried to scare me that others were Satans. And I knew it is not true. My heart could not accept this negativity as coming from God. I could feel how much God loves all his children and yearns for the whole world to be united into His love. 

Then I encountered negative articles about Rev. Moon, but they only convinced me that these are good people, who are doing something really good. All this negativity was complete nonsense, absolute reverse of the reality. I told to myself, 'they should be very good people if they are so falsely attacked." How could they be criticized for doing such good? " This further convinced me, I should personally get to know these amazing people and decide for myself.

Jesus told me "The New Name"

I started reading the Bible and getting further convinced that Reverend Moon has to be the Messiah. It is clearly written that Jesus will give his mission to another, who will be born pure like him. Why we Christians neglect this passages from the Book of Revelation. The Bible clearly says that this child will be born in the East (Orient). It specifies that this will happen immediately after the onset of communism (1917). And when that child grows bigger, the world will stand and fight against him; all that generation will reject him. Only to those who are awake, who pray sincerely and have a pure heart; God will reveal 'the new name' of the Messiah (Moon = 'God's Word' given to men).  

Reading these things in the Bible, I had sometimes direct revelations from God. I wondered why other Christians read but don't understand, listen and do not hear, look and do not see. But even in my case, It took many sincere prayers, many false concepts to overcome, many powerful experiences given By God and the Holly Spirit. 

One day Jesus took me to heaven. He showed me spiritually the last 70 yrs of his life and said, "Yes this is true. This is the Messiah." My legs were shaking. But same like John the Baptist I could not believe it, even though I knew it was true and I could not deny it. "Oh God, Oh God. Show me more evidence if You want me to believe this." The responsibility is ours! God can not make us believe or understand by force. Only if we pray sincerely He will guide us to understand! God gave me many more revelations, but what really made my mind was the experience with Rev. Moon's life, teachings and work. His fruits I could not deny. Undoubtedly God's hand was behind all this

Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Five Curious Facts about the Unification Church and Rev. Moon
News: In two years will shine a new era of peace
Now I know. If John the Baptist had followed Jesus, then he would have understood. But he didn't follow. Today the Messiah is here on the earth and the parable that Jesus told of that day is being fulfilled. Jesus warned us, "If the invited ones (the Christians) would not come to the wedding of the Son of God", than God "will gather people from the street" (belonging to any faith). 

I was wondering how much this situation brings pain to God. How much it hurts Jesus, that his own followers, the Christians, are unwilling to follow Rev. Moon, whom he himself has called for this mission. Is that why Jesus warns, that many Christians will not have enough oil in the candlestick to see and accept the Second Advent? Is that why Jesus asked concerning the Lord of the Second Coming, "And when he comes will he find faith?" Oh Lord, oh Lord, why is it so hard for us to recognize those whom you are sending to lead us towards your ideal!

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    My Visit from Jesus Christ about Rev Moon How HE will UNIT This World!

    by Dawn Bacchus-Horan, April 5, 2010

    One moonlight night in 1989 I was sitting on my balcony looking at the full moon and wondering about the world and God's creation, then I looked to my right, there was Jesus Christ, looking into my eyes, He said " A man will come from the East, He will unite the world, America will reject Him, BUT HE will SUCCEED in His Mission." The face of an oriental man with a big head was next to Jesus

    "Lord, how could this be?" I responded, "because The Messiah is coming on the cloud?" Jesus said to me through his beautiful clear eyes and His heart, into my heart " STUDY HISTORY" and he was gone. I wondered where would I find a book to teach me the history about the coming of the Lord, and what on earth could HISTORY have to do with the coming of the Lord???... I was living in St Vincent & Grenadines then.

    7 (Seven) years later 1996 I personally met Rev Moon at a conference in Uruguay, The FACE of the Oriental man from my visit from Jesus Christ returned as clear as it was first time,I was utterly spellbound!! I shouted among the crowd at the conference... Rev Moon is the Messiah... I had no knowledge about anything, BUT MY HEART AND SPIRIT KNEW and I BELIEVED!... Everyone looked at me strangely... I had no idea what I just said or how it could be true... The Spirit of God was upon me. Rev Moon was teaching about the meaning of History in reference to The return of the messiah, political, economic, and religious history.


    It's time of the Second Coming! Video named - The Second Coming | Revelation 17 Reveals It is Only a Few Years Away! But it is mistaken.

    The Second Coming has happened in 1920, when the Lord of the Second Coming was born in the East. A year before that there was revelation and many signs of his birth. When he grow it was obvious that he is a different type of child. He could see the destiny of the people; their past, present and future - so he could foretell which marriage will work, which not.

    At the age of 15 he was speaking freely with God and Jesus in the spirit world. He could communicate with all the saint of the spirit world and uncover all the Heavenly secrets, hidden for ages. Thus he could open the new Golden Age, but those prepared with numerous revelations about his Coming, had failed him.

    Revelations among Buddhists about the Second Coming

    So by the age of 30 he started building his own foundation to bring God's peace on the Earth. Jesus had appeared to many world religious leaders, giving them revelations that strange and persecuted man from the Oriental East is the Messiah and the Second Coming. Many of them failed, but still thousands are today proclaiming that this Messiah is non other, then the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of Korea.

    Honor Thy God says

    If Sun Myung Moon was not the returning Messiah, I am not Ali and I haven't been born. As you can tell from my name, Ali, I was raised Muslim and by the power and glory of God, 38 years ago I was delivered to Sun Myung Moon''s Unification church through a chain of dreams and mysterious coincidences. I published an autographical account of my story in my book Honor Thy God. www.honorthygod.com
    Even after I heard the truth taught by Rev. Moon, God was there helping me and inspiring me to join the church.

    Unknown says

    exceptionally wonderful

    Unknown says

    Wooow what an amazing revelations..i hope and pray i could see God too..
    Thank you so much for sharing this us..even me myself and I..i meet Jesus when i was high school and starting knwing True Parents that time.
    All my friends couldn't beleive that to me.. but i dont care of what they say that time...as long as i can talked to Jesus..I can touch him..i can smells him..Jesus is really real..😍😍😍😍
    I dont afraid to die..because Jesus promise me that..he will protect me no matter what...as long as i could do my mission to him..and that mission is to follow the Path of Rev. Sun Myung Moon no matter what happened...

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