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Rev. Moon is the Messiah sent by God and Jesus Christ himesf!

Rev.Moon says his mission as the Messiah will be complete worldwide by January 2013 when most world political and religious leaders will recognize Rev.Moon as the Messiah, King of Kings, leader of leaders.

Of course this statement brought him only persecution and misunderstanding. But he had no choice - Jesus himself called him for this mission at the age of 15. In 40 years, despite the immense persecution, he fulfilled his promise and could build a world wide foundation capable to transform the world towards God's original ideal. Today, personal testimonies, spiritual experiences and direct encounters with Rev. Moon's work and teachings, convince Christians, Ministers and people of all faith, that Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah - the expected Lord of the Second Advent.

In a proclamation to the world Rev. Moon announced that in two years will shine a new era of peace and prosperity, spiritual and physical world will be linked as never before. The immoral secular traditions will go to extinction, and all of humanity will become one family through inter-cultural marriages .

I took the time to make up my own mind on who Rev. Moon is

"I don’t know other movements that are able to assemble hundreds and thousands of people of all categories, ranging from heads of state to humble, unemployed persons, all driven by the same ideals and objectives of loving harmony in the family, neighborhood, nation and world," writes Dr. Raphael T. Keita:

I took the time to make up my own mind on who Rev. Moon is and what his objectives are. I concluded that Rev. Moon and his movement have three main characteristics to which I thoroughly adhere: ... true faith... recognize one God... dedicated to serving God and serving others, including their family, neighbors, nation and the world. How could one accuse a true and submissive worshiper who accepted all kinds of humiliations and sufferings?

Dr. Raphael T. Keita

Inspector of Diplomatic Consular Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mali

How the young Moon was called by Jesus
He was just 15 years old when Jesus personally appeared to him. Jesus revealed to the young Sun Myung Moon that the “end of the age” was fast approaching and in order for the world to be made ready, Christians everywhere had to enter a new dimension of understanding, commitment and unity.

What did Jesus reveal to Sun Myung Moon
Jesus revealed to him “God’s three main headaches” - three key obstacles standing in the way of the successful fulfillment of the Christian era that plague the modern world:

1. Believers disunion: The division of Christians along doctrinal, racial and political matters. Jesus revealed his pain to watch his children fight. He described this as a direct violation of his desire and prayer as recorded in John 17:21, “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”

Growing Atheism: The rise of God-denying ideologies such as Marxism-Leninism and the selfish, materialistic body-centered life styles void of spiritual values.

Immorality of youth: The decline of the family and moral foundations that lead society and youth towards self-destruction. Especially Jesus was concerned with the impact on the youth led by free sex directly towards Hell.

It was this vision that transformed the young Korean boy's life. It was this call from Jesus that inspired the founding, in 1954, of The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity by Rev. Moon. It was not his own aim or desire, it was Jesus Christ, whom Christians so fervently believe in, that asked Moon Sun Myung to unite Christianity and stop the force of atheism and immorality so that God's Kingdom can come.

Christianity however failed to recognize that Jesus is working behind Rev. Moon. For centuries they invested their energy to destroy him. Yet, God was on his side and today we see hundreds and thousands of Christin ministers who finally started recognizing that fact.

Rev.Moon will re-educate the leaders of the world

We live in a world that is moved by invisible forces, governed by invisible laws, and ultimately made of invisible energy. Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, who just reached his 90th birthday, brings a new paradigm that millions testified, opened their hearts to love God, love people and love the creation.

"Today our world needs drastic change in order to become God-centered. I came to call for that change"
- Sun Myung Moon

In less than 50 years he created a worldwide spread organization able to transform any area of human life, that will bring a spiritual revolution of Heart and Conscience. According to the Institute for Studying the New Religions the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Moon is the "Most successful religion of the 20-th century".

The Original Palace is a temple in honor of God where Rev. Moon gathers and educates the world leaders, so they may change their direction and lead the world towards God's will. As the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace and the horizontal True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and all humanity, Rev. and Mrs. Moon dedicated the temple on June 13, 2006. The Original Palace serves as a meeting place for leaders from around the world.

In 1992 Rev.Moon publicly announced that he is the Messiah and he and his wife are the perfected Adam and Eve and True Parents of humankind.

Messiah is the leader of all leaders and is in direct communication with God so the Messiah unites the physical and spiritual leaders directly linked up to God to more
effectively restore the world to a perfect place and will end all wars, poverty, disease, starvation, etc. Rev.Moon is uniting political and spiritual leaders and says his
palace in Korea will be the HQ for a political and spiritual world government from january 2013, http://www.trueloveking.net click on,"ENTRANCE CEREMONY".

US Senate Party Crowns Moonie Leader Messiah! - 24 May 2006 Crowned by US Congressmen As part of an Ambassadors for Peace ceremony, Rev. Moon was one of several dozen honorees at a ceremony at the Dirksen Senate Office. http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-5858563460160204776

Failure of Christianity to receive the Messiah after WWII,1945. Rev.Moon says if
religious and political leaders had recognized him as the Messiah or the person who knew all the answers to the worlds problems then Heaven on Earth would of been built within 7 years by 1952,we are now back in a re-run of that time period and Rev.Moon says he has to accomplish his worldwide mission as the Messiah by 2012-January 2013.

Peace Queen Cup: Rev.Moon Makes Sport History

On October 28, 2006, the "Peace Queen Cup 2006" became the 3rd largest international women's sport tournament after the Olympics & Women's World Cup Football.


Reverend & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

Over one million people turned out in support for The Universal Peace Federation "Rallies for the Restoration of the Homeland" held from March 25 to April 3, 2006 in major cities throughout Korea.



120-City 2005 World Tour

Reverend & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

In the final 3 1/2 months of 2005, Rev. & Mrs. Moon conducted a historic 120-City world tour to inaugurate the Universal Peace Federation. Watch the video "Man of Peace" which depicts Rev. Moon and his life of dedication and service to God and humanity.

120-City World Tour Highlights

News article from the Philippines of Rev. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon during their 120-City World Tour

PLEASE JOIN U.P.F. to end war in the middle east, I'm sure Tony Blair has joined Rev.Moons Ambassadors for Peace (Colonel Kadhafy has joined) and Tony Blair
possibly became a Roman Catholic to influence the Pope to follow Rev.Moon to utilize the Vaticans power and wealth which is not being used to full capacity,READ 3 QUARTERS WAY DOWN THIS EMAIL about the Roman Catholic priests who are following Rev.Moon.

http://www.upf.org UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION, now part of the United Nations.

Hon. Alexander M. Haig, Jr. U.S. Secretary of State (1981-82), Supreme Allied Commander, NATO (1975-79)

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