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Moon and Nostradamus: The Daughter of Rev. Moon Astonished

Nostradamus prophesied of Moon: In Jin Nim, Daughter of Rev. Moon, Astonished

Rev. Moon and Nostradamus

The daughter of Rev. Moon in awe to find out that Nostradamus prophesied about her father 500 years ago

From Rev. In Jin Moon speech

Anybody who reads the Divine Principle will come to realize, after studying human history and especially providential history, that our True Father is the Second Coming; together with his beloved wife, they stand as the first True Parents of humankind. But we’re not the only ones who have this understanding. Throughout the centuries before us, different prophets, seers, and believers have talked about an incredible time to come when we can experience a thousand years of peace.

One of the key figures that I revisit from time to time is named Nostradamus. I read a book written by a gentleman named John Hogue titled Nostradamus: The New Millennium. I read it about 20 years ago, but recently I came across it again. In reading it I was astounded at the fulfillments of prophecies of Nostradamus that have taken place and are taking place, even as I speak. He was a phenomenal doctor, thinker, and philosopher. He was an herbalist and also considered a celestial scientist because he was so well versed in astrology. But he was really seen as somebody who was like a gift from God in the 16th century.

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He was born on December 14, 1503. Throughout the course of his life he was able to help many people; he even helped cities that were plagued by the Black Death. He came to be known as an incredible son of God, a healer, somebody whom everyone wanted to meet and greet so they could better understand themselves and their own destinies.

He wrote volumes of predictions called The Centuries. What I find so incredible about his quatrains when I’m rereading them is that he’s talking about a man who will appear in the East and find his home in the West. He’s saying that this man will be like the Prince of Peace, will be the one who will usher in a thousand years of peace that we will enjoy here on earth. He gives us ten clues.

John Hogue, in researching and interpreting these sixty or so quatrains that pertain to this incredible man who will usher in this new millennium of peace, tried his best to solve the riddles of the words in the quatrains and created a grid of ten possible candidates who might fit the model of who this man is supposed to be. He looks at various teachers and even includes Ron Hubbard, the father of Scientology. But he says that Ron Hubbard doesn’t quite fit the fact that this man will appear in the East and come to rest and call the West his home.

He names my father as one of the ten candidates in his grid. He goes through the eight clues that Nostradamus gives as to who this man might be. He checks off most of the squares, but there are a couple that he cannot check off. But when I reread the quatrains and reread what Nostradamus was really saying, I felt an urge to write Mr. Hogue a letter because if he truly understood our church better than he did at that time he wrote the book, he would realize that our True Father and our movement are truly the fulfillment of the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus talks first of all about how this man will be from the East, appearing and taking residence in the West. Then he goes on to say that he will fly through the skies and strike everybody with the rod of Hermes. In philosophy and in religion, the rod of Hermes can be understood as a new stream of consciousness or enlightenment, if you will. The rod has the power to transform and liberate one to experience the truth. So understanding the rod of Hermes in a philosophical and religious sense means that it’s a time when this new awakening will come and hit everybody like a rod of lightning.

For those of us who understand mythology, Hermes was the god representing also commerce and science. This Mr. Hogue did not point out, but I feel that it’s very interesting that my father was studying to be a scientist, an electrical engineer. Many times my father has been seen almost as a god of commerce, not as a religious figure. Many people have seen him as a businessman. Although we may look at this as something perhaps strange, and even if the world wants to persecute my father as a businessman, these are the clues that Nostradamus is pointing out as to how to find who this man is supposed to be. He comes with a new conscience; he comes from the East. He has the reputation of being a god of commerce, a businessman, and he comes from the area of science.

Nostradamus goes on to say that he will be seen as an outlaw. The quatrains talk about how he will be charged with the destruction of temples and religions. The quatrains specifically say that this man comes to harm the rock but not the living. What are the rocks of society? They are the established organizations, the established religions, the established dogmas that have kept our societies in check. But truly this man comes to usher in a new understanding, a new time.

The quatrains are amazing, going on and on. Mr. Hogue forgot to check off the square regarding the color red. Now anybody who knows the Unification Church and understands the symbol that represents the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity knows that our symbol is the color red. Nostradamus also goes on to say that the rose will appear in the middle of the world’s scene, in reference to this group that will be symbolized by the color red.

I thought it was extremely interesting that my father has professed to a group of scientists that his favorite color is pink. At the same time this is a new religion that puts women in the forefront because of the success and completion of our True Mother in restoring the position of Eve so that we are no longer standing behind our men but standing together, and maybe even forward, encouraging our brothers to understand this incredible time.

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Many times the rose, or the flower, represents the feminine touch. This is a new religion that will be symbolized by the color red but will carry forth into the world’s scene the feminine touch, this sense of a beautiful flower blossoming. Our church symbol can be seen as almost like a rose, almost like a flower.

Then Nostradamus continues, saying that this man will be under the protection of Mars. The planet Mars symbolizes the passions, the outward manifestation of things. When Nostradamus says that this man will be under the protection of Mars, he is basically saying that this man will be embraced and loved by the people who have had a new awakening of their passions, in knowing who they are, in knowing they are the sons and daughters of God, in understanding that God is our Heavenly Parent. The people with those passions are us, brothers and sisters. It is under our protection that our True Parents will be embraced, comforted, and loved.

The quatrains talk about how this new man coming from the East will have somewhere in his name the word Moon. How more obvious can you get than Reverend Moon? I don’t think I need to expound on that clue, do I?

Then it also talks about how this man will travel through the skies. When we read the Bible, we see many references to the Second Coming arriving on the clouds of heaven. Daniel 7:13 says that, and we hear the same words repeated in Matthew 24 about the Second Coming coming on the clouds. We know that this figure has something to do with the sky, flying through the sky. I’m sure a lot of us have wondered, Is this guy going to be like a superhero, coming the world stage with the letter S and a cape like Superman, saving all of us from our sins and our evil ways?

But if you really think about it, imagine living in the time when the book of Daniel was written, or imagine living 2,000 years ago when the biblical writer said the Second Coming would come on the clouds. Just imagine being one of the people who lived in the time of Nostradamus, trying to explain something called an airplane. Would you not think it was something coming on the clouds?

One of the clues is that this man will travel far and wide, igniting the world with his words as well as igniting a lot of anger and resentment because people don’t understand what he’s all about: again, the reference that this man will be misunderstood, as the Bible tells us in Luke 7:24–25; again, this feeling that he will suffer, be mistreated, be maligned, be blamed for harming the rocks.

As a daughter, I watched my father travel all around the world, keeping an insane schedule, flying from Korea to America, to Europe. He is an incredible man who is traveling and flying through the skies to deliver this new and breaking message that our True Parents are here and that God is our Heavenly Parent.

Mr. Hogue forgot to check another box, which includes the quatrain that talks about rare birds that will give a clue as to who this man is. It’s interesting that when the prophets and various teachers talked about the Second Coming, they spoke about a male figure. But we know that our Heavenly Parent’s desire in creating the world was not just to have a first son but to also experience the beauty of a first daughter. In our True Parents we see God’s reasons why he created the world and all of us.

The interesting thing about Nostradamus’s predictions is that although he talks about a man, the more he talks about the religion, he very much references the feminine touch; for us, that comes in the form of the Holy Spirit manifested physically in the body of our True Mother. It’s interesting to note that her name means “heavenly crane.” Is she not a rare and exquisite bird? Nostradamus goes on in his quatrains to say that these rare birds—it’s a plural—will fly through the skies, proclaiming to the world, “Now, now, now is the time.” Now is the time of breaking news.

If you really think about it, isn’t it our True Mother who is leading the way at the dawn of the new millennium, to challenge and inspire the sisters of the world to say, “Let’s bring the message forward, let’s empower our families, let’s raise decent children. Let us be the guardians of peace and love.” Our True Mother is the one bringing this spirit, bringing the feminine touch, the mother’s touch, to the world.

Just as throughout the Bible the dove symbolizes peace, when Nostradamus is talking about these rare and exquisite birds flying through the skies, chirping, singing, “Now, now,” what he is envisioning is a time when these birds, our children, understanding themselves to be a generation of peace, will be the ones flying through the skies and sharing the message of true love with our brothers and sisters all around the world that our True Parents are here and that it’s high time to graft onto the true olive branch.

The Bible teaches us in Philippians 2:3–5 that we must be of one mind; in verse 4 it beseeches the children of God to live a life thinking about the interest of others more than the interest of themselves. What the Bible is pointing to is this new stream of consciousness that Nostradamus predicts will come at the end of 1970 and will peak during the 1990s.

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If you look at the history of our movement, our Father and Mother arrived here in December 1970. There was a lot of excitement, and Father was given the key to cities in each state. It was an incredible time when he was emerging on the world scene in the West, which he would call his home for the next three decades. What Father and Mother are reminding us of is that not only are we here just to share in the good news, but we are here to live the breaking news. This is not a call just to believe; it’s a call to apply, to realize, and to substantiate.

The best way to start on a life of faith and a life of applying this wonderful thing called true love is with understanding who we are and believing in ourselves, just the way the band sang. We need only to look around us and realize that the one thing we need to change is our heart. That’s something that we all need to learn sometime in our lives, brothers and sisters. If we can do that, we will fly through the skies, not with the speed of sound but with the spirit and on the wings of true love. In that way we will come together as one family under God, our Heavenly Parent.

Nostradamus prophesied of Moon: In Jin Nim, Daughter of Rev. Moon, Astonished

In Jin Moon

FFWPU-USA President and CEO

Rev. In Jin Moon is the third of 13 children of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. She was born in South Korea and moved with her family to the United States in 1973. She was blessed in marriage to Dr. Jin Sung Park in 1984 and went on to study political science and philosophy at Columbia University and pursued her graduate studies at Harvard Divinity School. During this time she also raised and home schooled her four sons and one daughter.

Two of her children, Rexton and Ariana, are now attending Harvard University and have been identified as musical prodigies. They have toured the world to perform at concerts and international competitions. It was during this period that Rev. Moon, through her love for music, was inspired to create the Youth Concerts for World Peace and Ideal Families in Japan. Now in its 10th year, they have begun to raise money for academic, sports and performing arts scholarships to award to deserving students.

She assumed the position of CEO at New York City’s Manhattan Center in April 2008, and implemented a highly successful restructuring. She was appointed President and CEO of HSA-UWC America in August 2008 and since then has created an exciting ministry called Lovin’ Life that encourages people to inherit the True Love of God. She continues to serve as the senior pastor of the Unification congregation nationwide and as the chief executive of HSA-UWC and its many subsidiaries.

Nostradamus prophesied of Moon: In Jin Nim, Daughter of Rev. Moon, Astonished

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