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Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth

Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth

Secrets of the Holy Family Revealed

Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth. Who is Jesus' father was known for centuries but kept secret until today.

Source, Secrets of the Holy Family

Secrets of the Holy Family unfolds, the collective denial, delusion, and manipulation of our ancestors. The book of Mark Gibbs unravels what for two thousand years was kept secret. For the first time ever the mystique surrounding Jesus' birth is unraveled, and the long suppressed truth of his parentage is told openly.

Medium Foretold his Mission

One evening in the spring of 1980, a skeptical Mark Gibbs went along with two friends to Waterloo Spiritualist Church where a visiting medium was due to speak. On his way out, Mark was pulled by the medium who told Mark that his mission was to write “whatever it is you discover.” Mark Gibbs went home suitably baffled, and quickly forgot the whole thing.

Educated as a computer scientist, and employed by the British government, in 1988 Mark turned his back on a life of relative security to travel the world. His passion were unsolved mysteries. He traveled around European galleries and museums deciphering the cryptic imagery of Renaissance art. What he had uncovered was astonishing, but he kept it confidential and went to America to study Religious Education in 1994.

One day reading the Da Vinci Code sparked a recollection of what the medium in Liverpool had told him twenty seven years earlier. Finally, then, he began to write.

Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth
Mystique surrounding Jesus' birth is unraveled

For two thousand years was kept secret who is the father of Jesus. The collective denial, delusion, and manipulation of our ancestors is systematically dismantled, by the evidence presented in the Secrets of the Holy Family. For the first time ever the mystique surrounding Jesus' birth is unraveled, and the long suppressed truth of his parentage is told openly. This is the book of Mark Gibbs unravels that mystery leaving no room whatever for reasonable doubt.
Personal testimony: Jesus guided me
Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today
Jesus sent Message from Spirit World

Ambiguous biblical texts and undecipherable Renaissance masterpieces are elucidated to prove how an unmistakable fingerprint of Essene wisdom managed to escape the censors. Knowledge, so pivotal to the human condition, authorities down the ages have sought to eradicate it from the public domain behind a series of different pretexts.

According to Secrets of the Holy Family, certain ancients had a profound understanding of human genetics that is manifested in the unimaginable story of the Holy Family. The synchronous lives of Jesus, John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene, representing a rare opportunity for mankind, not explained by Church teaching or conventional history, but understood and preserved within secret societies.

The book rises an unequivocal question: Shall we maintain the pretence? Or are we going to have the strength to recognize and admit the truth when we see it?

Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth

Who is Jesus' Father

It will be surprising to know that Luke wrote precisely where and how Jesus was conceived. It was no where else but in the house of Zachariah. There is one more shocking fact in the Bible. It is not that Mary got pregnant by the Holy Spirit, but the Angel told her that the Holy Spirit will enlighten her of how to get pregnant. The next morning she jumped and went straight into the house of Zachariah. He and his wife already had revelations about her coming and that she will have to conceive the Messiah. She stayed three months there and came out pregnant with Jesus. Her only excuse, in order not to be killed, was that she to claim like in pagan mythology, that god's must have impregnated her. She could never reveal the truth to those around. And yet this truth was clearly written in the Gospel of Luke and was kept as a secret in the centuries until today.

When Jesus appeared to Rev. Moon in 1935, he told him his story and his pain that no one knew the truth about him. Jesus did not come to die, but to create the first true and sinless family. The failure of Zachariah family led to his difficult life and finally to his Crucifixion. Thus Jesus was unable to establish God's pure lineage on the earth. So the providence of restoration had to continue until another, The Lord of the Second Advent, comes and completes the mission of establishing true and sinless families on the earth.

Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth

The Mystery of the Big Wedding

This is the very reason why Bible connects the Second Advent with a Big Wedding where everyone will be invited. Bible even foretells that the invited ones (the Christians) may have difficulties to accept, so God will have to invite people from all religions. Bible (Revelation 12:5) is clear that the birth of the Second Advent will happen in the East immediately after the arrival of the Red Dragon (Communism 1917). The Red Dragon will tray to kill this sinless child but will not succeed. Jesus foretold in Revelation 2:26-28 that he will appear to this child and hive him his mission, as he received it from his Father. Later this child will grow up, pass through enormous persecution and rejection and bring the end of Communism. At the end the whole world will recognize his victory and accept him. The whole world will become one united family and God's law will dwell in our hearts.

The Table of Contents of the online edition of Mark Gibbs: Secrets of the Holy Family

Cover, Contents, Preface, and Introduction (pdf)

Chapter 1. Supremacy of Blood (pdf)

Chapter 2. The Family of the New Abraham (pdf)

Chapter 3. Zacharias and Mary (pdf)

Chapter 4. Angel of the Lord (pdf)

Chapter 5. The Kingmakers (pdf)

Chapter 6. Sibling Rivalry (pdf)

Chapter 7. Dead Sea Scrolls (pdf)

Chapter 8. Legacy of Messianic Conflict (pdf)

Chapter 9. Conclusion (pdf)

Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth

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Secrets of the Holy Family: Mark Gibbs unravels mystique of Jesus' birth

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  1. dragonflyinflight says

    I enjoy the speculations here because it broadens the imagination, and in many ways, proves to be a refreshing counterpoint to the often worn theologies of Christian dogma. The age we live in is defined by consciousness as all ages are, and there is an obvious shift in consciousness defined in philosophy and psychology as a move to the integral or holistic age. This simply means new complexities demand new answers, strategies, and ultimately new behaviors. The old ways struggle because they no longer addresses the current stages of growth now presented to us. There are redundancies in many areas of traditional thinking and for a good reason.

    The theories posted in Gibbs book are not entirely new. Often glimpses of his conclusions are evident in various Gnostic Gospels. From Jung and other students of the interior of man much of Gnosticism is regarded as the internal version of Christianity which was left behind when the patriarchal and hierarchical Latin church got underway. As a vehicle of God and Christ's teachings it has always been remiss in terms of the feminine. We have no true image of woman only various ethereal interpretations of the Spirit. The early church, the discipleship, was after all masculine and marriage was introduced as a less than perfect institution mostly because of the sexual pressures brought upon this male domain lest they sin. Such a philosophy does not bode well for the female nor does it point happily to family as an institution in a positive way yet we find in God's creation and in the Bible the idea that creation holds to a simple law of creativity by dual characteristics male and female, positive and negative stamen and pistil, and so on. A complimentary "Holy Spirit" might be discussed until the end of time but in terms of a fecund universe, that unfolds in scientific and biological models in real time. So whatever we say about the Holy Spirit, the transcendent realm, is a moot point open to speculation. Archaic language is not much help either.

    The question of John's raised finger is another issue. The painting of John the Baptist is homoerotic and quite likely a paean to Salai, Leonardo's beloved 'studio boy.' Additionally there is substantial argument regarding the thinking of the Renaissance period where finger signs like the one shown might just as easily relate to heaven above, or esoteric and secret societies where signs like these are extracted from esoteric literature and practices. I refer here to the Hermeticum broadly in circulation in Florence of Leonardo's time and holding to the 'magic' of finger pointing and gestures related to the elements of creation: earth, air, fire, and water. In these gestures each finger relates to different elements and the index finger probably holds to an iconography relating to fire, or as we might say purification; as in Baptism. I have no complaint with Gibbs research but the questions and interpretations might not be a closed proposition yet.

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