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End of the Earth: Predictions for the end of the Age of Evil 2012

End of the Earth, third world war 3: Predictions for the end of the Age of Evil 2012
Predictions for the end of the Age of Evil 2012
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"The End of the World "and" self-destruction of humankind" should be avoided through spiritual awakening and the coming revolution of heart, love and conscience," which should happen at the end of 2012

The world is going to a dead end.
Because of selfishness, growing immorality, hatred and wars humanity is about to reach eventual self destruction. This could be the reality long ago if not for the efforts of many conscientious, moral people and God himself, working hard to prevent it. Heaven will not tolerate anymore this culture of selfishness and all good spiritual forces are mobilized for our spiritual awakening in the next two years.

Signs of the End of the World "
This is exactly the time proclaimed in the prophecies: "How do you know when the Second Coming has come?" "When you see everywhere mothers kill their children before they are born, know that He (Messiah) has arrived."

The Bible and all other prophets predict that in the last time:

Love will grow cold - many will not marry, argue, divorce, not want children and even abandon them...

2. Before the age of true families appear, sexual immorality will threaten to destroy all moral values. People will sink into complete madness to promote homosexuality in the schools, threatening to kill spiritually their own children. At the same time the rates of fertility will drop and the white race will be in danger to disappear.

3. In the 20-th century the forces of atheism, materialism and selfishness will lead to unprecedented wars. Each one of them is started by the Antichrist but is prevailed upon by the side of goodness. The third, "Cold War", is the most dangerous, killing over 150 million people in peaceful time. Yet, people will be blind and not see the danger except for the Messiah and those who follow his guidance...

If a new religious leader does not appear, which according to predictions will stop this process, the world is doomed to self-destruction.
Nature and Cosmos will not tolerate such parasites. Selfishness is in conflict with the cosmic order.

Prophecies of 2012
Most prophets with clairvoyant abilities predict that year 2012 will be crucial for the world. The talk about the possibility of atomic war, but at the same time they clearly depict a Messianic figure, a peacemaker, who will prevent this dark destiny. For example: Vanga predicts a possibility of Third World War, but also the possibility of peace. So, will there be an end of the world or that refers only to the end of the world of evil. If you carefully read all the prophecies and predictions, we find that it is a spiritual change for the better, for spiritual awakening of humanity and an end to evil, immorality, corruption and wars.

Rev. Moon received his calling from Jesus Christ
Church destiny of success: Moon followers and operations
The End of the World comes in 2012. On December 21, 2012 will come the end of the world. But this means that by 2013 the New World begins; a New World refined from evil, egoism and the barriers of the past.

This change will not happen by itself. The whole spiritual world, all the power of God, are concentrated in support of this Messianic figure that will lead to that transition to peace. All prophets speak of this peacemaker, a new religious leader, born in the East, bringing together religious and signing the Lasting Peace. Many of them named as concrete signs of his recognition that hardly a man searching with an open heart can be mistaken not to recognize him.

He w
ill be born in the East - the Orient (From the yellow race)

2. Will bring together religious and The Complete Truth

3. He will fight against atheism and amorality, rising the family values and blessing thousands of families in "huge weddings."

4. He will lead a powerful movement for peace in all areas of life. (Vanga mentions a project for World Highway and unity of all religions)

5. He will make spiritual and moral revolution bringing "Culture of Heart, Love and Conscience "

6. He will remove all barriers and hatred between religions, races, nations and unite humanity as "One family under God"

These are general characteristics of this peacemaker given by Vanga , Nostradamus , Bible , Tamara Globa , Korean prophecy and many others.

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End of the Earth, third world war 3: Predictions for the end of the Age of Evil 2012


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