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Church destiny of success: Moon followers and operations

Rev. Moon Unifiation Church followers and operations Washington Times. Sun Myung Moon, cult, sect, religion

Church destiny of success: Moon followers and operations, a hope for peace

Moon is the theological center of the movement he founded in 1954, as well as a global business magnate who despite the fierce attacks could win recognition from political leaders in Washington and around the globe. His work and teaching had enormous impact on shaping our century. It is curious fact that not only followers of the church believe that Moon is a messiah sent by God to complete Jesus's unfinished work of creating heaven on Earth. Many famous religious leaders from other denomination also support this view. And that is really a phenomenal historic precedent.

Here is what an Anglican Priest, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Rev. David A. Hart wrote: "Thank you, Rev. Moon, for your life of self-sacrifice and vision. In some sense, even we who are outside your membership as Ambassadors for Peace can salute you also as our "True Father," for you have contributed to the global vision of the earlier messiahs, and we salute your noble path and commit ourselves to follow in the future!" And he is only one of hundreds of thousands of priests and religious scholars who share that admiration of Rev. Moon's work and teachings.

Throughout the years numerous, so called 'experts', have predicted his demise and decline. Yet Rev. Moon's organizations and foundation grew to an unprecedented world level in less than 50 years. Some say that the ranks of the church's U.S. followers have thinned since the movement's heyday in the 1970s, but in fact today their children are more than the parents. In recent articles 'The New Moons: The Second Generation' where described as bringing a new life in the Organization's work. It is Unificationist original believe that parents, not just leaders, can match their children to take part in the movement's International mass weddings. And now we see even their grandchildren participating willingly in it. Worldwide, the core members of the church may be about 200,000 or 300,000, but the with the associates of their Peace organizations membership figures go way over millions. Those who received the Marriage Blessing around the world are close to 400 million families. They might not be core members of Rev. Moon's organizations, but they support the main vision for "World Peace through Ideal Families".

"Today our world needs drastic change in order to become God-centered. I came to call for that change. The Divine Principle will bring about a revolution of man. The power of this truth is touching millions of human lives and igniting hundreds of thousands of them. It will bring about the true, lasting unification of the family of man and the world." - Rev. Sun Myung Moon

In response to a list of Washington Post questions about the church and Moon-linked businesses, Cotter wrote: "Rev. Moon has inspired many activities and projects with the goal of promoting world peace. He and our Unification Church members in America and worldwide continue to pray for the success of these projects."

Dr. Moon is known also for investing into new and moral media. His News World Communications owns the Washington Times, the United Press International wire service and the Atlantic Video TV production facility.

Analysts have estimated that Moon had subsidized the Times by at least $3 billion since it was launched in 1982; yet the paper played key role in ending the Cold War. The role of Rev. Moon was crucial also in the peace talks with North Korea and in the Middle East. He is definitely a unique man, that invests billions in the effort of bringing World Peace. No wonder world presidents write with admiration about him:

"Rev. Moon is a teacher. But not only an ordinary teacher. Rev. Moon is a messenger. But not an ordinary messenger. The truth is that the Rev. Moon is a prophet of our time", says President Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia (1964-1991).

Founding President, James Mancham, Seychelles (1976-77), wrote: "Father Moon has created a global alliance of religious, academic, political, civic and business leaders to work together to promote global peace and create what he calls a unified world in which people live together in harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity."

How He Does It
How could a single man accomplishes so much in so short of a time. Reverend Moon says that the most important thing is prayer. Before initiating a new area of work, Reverend Moon first invests many hours of study, research and reflection. Hes communication with God is the source of his power and success. Only through God's protection and guidance he could survive and strive in the worst of persecution and obstacles. Central to his vision, for establishing God's Peaceful World, is the core universal principle of living for the sake of others - the principle of true love. Yet, his ability to inspire others to dedicate with him to worthy causes is legendary. Working side by side with them from early morning until late at night, he challenges people to give their best by showing his own example. With this foundation, the work moves forward, builds momentum, and gains professionalism.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and the Family Federation for World Peace
(FFWP) are the two most central organizations founded by Reverend Moon.

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March to Moscow: The Role of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in the Collapse of Communism by Thomas J. Ward

"The Moscow News called Mr. Moon ‘the most brilliant anti-communist and the Number 1 enemy of the state’— and then added, please, that it was ‘time to reconcile.’"

—Georgie Anne Geyer, American journalist, April, 1990

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    Rev. Sun Myung Moon passes the torch

    Rev. Moon, in 1935, had a vision of Jesus Christ who ordered him to fulfill the unfinished task of establishing God’s kingdom on earth.

    “To us, the messiah is the one who re-creates the original ideal on earth, which is passing on the tradition of loving families,” Mr. Schanker said. “Hyung Jin is not replacing his parents. The parents will remain our honored model, but the kids will take the traditions and values to a new level.”

    Hyung Jin one of several offspring who have roles in the religious movement, which entered the United States in the late 1950s.

    Elder brothers Kook Jin Moon, 39, is in charge of business ventures in South Korea, while Hyun Jin “Preston” Moon, 40, is chairman of News World Communications, the parent company of The Washington Times, United Press International and other media properties. In addition, he leads The Washington Times Foundation.

    Rev. Moon’s second daughter, In Jin Moon, 44, is in charge of the U.S. church.

    The church has expanded its operations far beyond the religious sphere to hundreds of ventures, in more than a half-dozen countries, ranging from hospitals to universities.

    A list assembled by the Associated Press includes a ballet company, a professional soccer team, the New Yorker Hotel near Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, a South Korean ad agency and ski resort, and a seafood distribution firm that supplies sushi to Japanese restaurants in the United States.

    Rev. Moon became the "Champion of Inter-religious reconciliation" by one simple method, that no one used in the past. He simply brought representatives from all faith to work heart to heart for a common cause. Rev. Moon's teachings really bring a revolution in understanding and a "Revolution of Heart and Conscience".


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