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Five Curious Facts about the Unification Church and Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Just recently I found few curious facts that I would like to share, about the Unification Church and it's founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Five Curious Facts
About the Unification Church and Rev. Moon

In this link you can see some of the sources of what happen to amaze me. If you read the following article, you'll find what sparked my curiosity. It made me search if what it says about Rev. Moon is true. Sun Myung Moon: Revolutionary man of Peace

I ended up finding the following 5 facts about him that you probably didn't know either:

1. You should definitely read this speech of Rev. Moon: Peace Messages

2. What peacemakers like Gandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Dalai Lama said or did is in fact very similar to Dr. Moon's words and vision.

3. Watch these Videos -
my idea about him was totally different from the reality until now.

4. Did you know what Nastradamus said about Moon? Did you know that he wrote 60 quatrians about him? Well, see this!

Just see the titles of these people. They share what they know about this Korean from personal experience: 144 essays about Moon

Dream of Peace: Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Dr. Moon

My friend just wrote me:

She is amazing person and I can definitely trust her judgment. Same like me, she was searching for the truth everywhere. Tried many religious texts, but nothing made her feel complete. Than, one morning, she happened to find an article on Dr. Moon's page. She started reading and couldn't stop. She read hundreds of articles about his ideas and history, than she read this amazing book online: True Love and Forbidden Love.

Amazingly, for a first time she felt with all her heart and mind that she found the truth. She felt overwhelming sense of joy that she never felt before. Now I can definitely see why. For the first time spiritual teaching made her feel love towards all the people and all the creation. No other church, religion or organization teaches such a good things about everybody else.

Without ever meeting Unification Church members she was studying by herself articles in Internet about the Principles that God had revealed to Sun Myung Moon. She was so inspired; she felt like flying and watched twice the video lectures. Only than she got in touch with me and shared her inspiration. Guess what, at first I couldn't believe her, but not now. Now I know why!

Please contact me: worldofheart@gmail.com for more interesting links!

Articles Testifying about Rev. Moon

Bering Strait Project
Moon and Washington Times: THE ROLE IN ENDING COMMUNISM
Church destiny of success: Moon followers and operations

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    Facts: Dr. Moon informally dissolved The Unification Church in a speech to members, several years ago, stating that the activities of The Unification Church would now fall under a New organization called The Family Federation For World Peace And Unification. There is nothing substantially different about this new organization, and in fact, most moonies understand clearly that all of Moon's projects are aiming World Peace.

    The main objectives for achieving peace is to have strong and moral families that raise children with good character. The next key factor is to reach interreligious, international and interracial cooperation, harmony and understanding. Rev. Dr. Moon is doing both very successfully. In fact no one else knows how to solve these essential problems of our age.


    "Unification Church. ... "Facts and information about Unification Church" Unification Church, Unification Church Quick Facts

    Many compare him to Martin Luther King, Gandhi and others. He went through no less persecution and misunderstanding of them. His role was crucial in bringing the collapse of Communism and he is the founder of the Washington Times and the soccer championship - Peace King Cup as well as dozens of other organizations for peace, most of which are with special status in the United Nations. Dr. Moon, also plays a very central role in the peace talks with North Korea and in Israel and Gaza.

    The Unification Church, of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity ReligionFacts: Just the facts on the world's religions ... Unification Church Symbol Unification Church Facebook Page about Unification Church facts Is the Unification Church a cult? facts about Unification Church · When was Unification Church founded? More interesting facts on Moonie (Unification Church) ... Question: In 2010 reported that young members of the Unification Church Members of the Unification Church have stated that they currently prefer the ...

    Margaret Thatcher recognized the contribution of Dr. Moon on the 25 anniversary of Washington Taims, with the following words: "I was not easy for Dr. Moon when he started Washington Times ... I mean the firm standing of the newspaper against the Soviet communism and the support he gave to President Reagan and me for ending the Cold War. ... More

    One of the thousands of world known people supporting San Myung Moon is the Brazilian soccer player, Pele. "The King of Soccer" supports Rev. Moon in recent Sports for Peace initiatives. According to them, football is a natural bridge between cultures, religions, races, ethnic groups and nations. Because of this vision for football, as a powerful unifying and peacemaking force, Dr. Moon founded in 2002 the World Cup football for peace - King Peace Cap. ... More

    Pioneer in the fight for human rights and tenfold congressman, Lecturer Walter Fauntroy notes: "I fully uphold Rev Dr. San Myung Moon, because he invests all of his finances and full potential of his organizations for two main purposes; peace and families."

    Senator Larry Preslar added: "My admiration of Dr. Moon and his wife grew enormously. His energy, vision and dedication to the cause of peace are unprecedented in the history of mankind. "

    facts, had been fair in their dealings with the Unification Church and had ... noted that the word “Moonie“ was being used Facts about Blessing: Unification church

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