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Messiah’s Message: Daughter of the Lord of the Second Advent

Messiah’s Message: Daughter of the Lord of the Second Advent - personal testimony to the Messiah, Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moonies, Unification Church

Daughter of the Lord of the Second Advent shares personal testimony to the Messiah (The True Parents of Humankind, Rev. and Mrs. Moon)

In Jin Moon, Daughter of Rev. Sun Myung Moon testifies

Rev. Moon is recognized all over the world, but he still so humble, he cannot forget where he came from. He can show love to the presidents of nations, and he can show the same love to a homeless man.

Jesus called him at the age of 16

--“Sun Myung Moon was 16-years-old when he met Jesus while praying on a mountain side in Korea. He was a dedicated Christian who was always praying to know God and to know his will.
Jesus appeared to him and asked the young man to fulfill his mission. The young Rev, Moon said, ‘Why me?’ Jesus told him I need you to stand up and fulfill my work on earth and the young man said ‘Can’t you find someone more capable, someone more powerful?’ He finally accepted Jesus request and has never looked back or waivered since that moment.

-- “He asked Jesus, ‘What do you want me to do?’ And Jesus told him, ‘I did not come to this world to die. God prepared the people of Israel for over 2000 years to accept the savior, the messiah and the rulers of my age did not know who I was. I came to establish God’s family on the earth. I came to take a bride and with that woman establish the True Family that Adam and Eve were not able to achieve. I came to establish True Parents on the earth, God’s True family. God originally wanted us to experience his parental heart by becoming True Parents.’

-- “Men have had the example of a True man with Jesus. However, as women we have only had the experience of the Holy Spirit -- never a True woman in the flesh. In the four-position foundation -- with God, man, woman and children-- men and women would be different but equal. True Parents would encourage others to become true parents seeking to break down national barriers, racial and cultural barriers through marriage. My Father has given his life for this great cause.

--“What if Jesus walked in the room right now? How would you feel? What would you do to have just a few minutes with him? However, 2000 years ago people didn’t think like that. When the Messiah came, they wanted to see how they could do away with him.

The Chance He is the Messiah

-- “Rev. Moon comes today not to make us feel comfortable, but to make us think. If it might be true that he is the one to usher in God’s kingdom, that he might be the Messiah, the second coming of Christ; what should we do? Should we be like Jesus’ disciples or should we be like the ones who turned their backs on him, or the ones who denied him or worse yet, the ones who tried to do away with him. You may not like him or you may not like the words he speaks but if there is even .0001% of a chance that he is the One, shouldn’t you at least keep an open mind and an open heart?

Nostradamus Prophecies on Rev Moon

--“Rev. Moon invested more than $2 billion just in the Washington Times to win the ideological battle, to protect our world and stop communism. Because of that investment we entered the age of Glasnost and Perestroika, and the Berlin Wall came down. Rev. Moon saw that day coming and in the 1970’s he gave all of his daughters Russian names knowing that one day they would be going to Russia and Russian names would open doors for his daughters in that country.

--“I asked my father ‘Why are you giving me the name Tatiana, and he said ‘In Jin, one day communism will collapse, and you will go to Russia, and the name will warm people to you. It was hard for me or anyone to believe, in the 1970’s, that the Soviet empire would ever crumble, but it happened. One day I went to Russia, after the days of the Soviet Union were over, with two of my children who were classical music prodigies who came to Russia for a piano competition. The head of the competition heard my name was Tatiana, and he called me the affectionate name for Tatiana, ‘Tanishka’ and we became close to each other right away. My father knew that day would come. I am a scientific woman and when I look at Rev. Moon’s track record; it is hard to deny that he is a very special man of God.

--“How do we become a member of another family? Of course, we do that through marriage. My oldest son was recently blessed, and I experienced this first hand. I was born in Korea and my son was born in America and his wife is half-Japanese and half-Finnish. When my son and Krista received the marriage blessing, I understood what it means to become one family under God. I saw an eternal son and daughter commit themselves to God, humanity and one another and become engrafted to the true olive branch to become one family under God.

--“Jesus gave us a spiritual family but the true lineage of God has eluded us for the past 2000 years. Now that we have True Parents we have a model for not only a True man but also a True woman. In the past women were looked at as the root of sin, the temptress of Adam. Now, because of True Mother we can be proud as women. We can be proud to gaze on our husbands, our sons and our brothers and care for them, nurture them and love them with God’s love with a mother’s heart.

--“The breaking news is that True Parents are here, and we can graft on to them through the Holy Blessing ceremony. We have the responsibility to have sons and daughters and raise families with God’s True Love. We and our families have a duty to live for the sake of others. Here in Buenos Aires we need to ride the fair winds into the world of God’s heart and His kingdom.

Proclamation of the word of God

Rev. Moon’s keynote address was read with great passion and conviction by Argentina’s Unification Church president, Rev. Carlos Varga.

In Jin Nim received flowers and gifts from the people of Buenos Aires and then she was surrounded by well wishers. People just wanted to shake her hand, thank her for her words, embrace her, give her their card, tell her what they felt or just take a picture. It was an evening that everyone will long remember.

In Jin Nim introduced her daughter Shin Sun (Ariana) and spoke about the value and beauty of ballroom dancing and how it is a healthy and respectful way for young and old to socialize. She said, “Fathers can dance with daughters, mothers can dance with sons and brothers, sisters and friends can dance with one another.” Ariana was assisted by three members from STF: Jan, Kay and Mickey. We practiced steps for the waltz, and after two hours most people could waltz to the music, and everyone had a wonderful afternoon creating a culture of grace, dignity and beauty.

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After the ballroom dancing members gathered together and group by group took pictures with In Jin Nim and Shin Sun Nim.

We had seven wonderful days where North America and South America came together to create a bond of heart with our True Parents and True Family.
By all accounts, the members in the three countries In Jin Nim visited were enthralled by her investment of time and her bold, unapologetic witness to the True Parents to government officials and opinion leaders. Every hearer of her telling of the breaking news of True Parents felt her deep heart of concern for our youth. As one of the young people said; “When In Jin Nim opens her mouth, God can’t help but speak through her.”

When it came time to say goodbye everyone felt a deep bond of heart. True Parents and God were represented very well when In Jin Nim came to South America for one week in August.

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