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The Angelic World After the Fall of Lucifer

Spiritual Guidance: Message from the Spirit World

The Angelic World  
After the Fall of Lucifer

From the book of Dr. Lee, 
"Messages From the Spirit World". 
  Collection of spiritual messages dictated from the spirit world.

Lucifer, Archangel Lucifer, Satan, Angel, Fall, Hell, Evil spirit, Demon
Lucifer was created before human beings as an angel, but he deserted his position, mimicked God and God's position and lived like that. During this time, Lucifer used many methods to bring other angels to his side. As this happened, God reasoned with Lucifer but Lucifer despised God's words and began to avoid God and created his own hideout...

Just as human beings could not immediately fulfill their allocated responsibilities in the growing period, the angels were to go through a period of growth. So they paid great attention when Lucifer tempted them. Not only human beings but also angels have desired to realize the purpose of creation.

Therefore, Lucifer could tempt angels. Some angels could not stand on God's side. They followed Lucifer's temptations and his orders. It means that the angels that God created ended up splitting into two sides. Lucifer's clique followed him everywhere; they tempted human beings and harmed them.

Lucifer formed power that could stand on the opposite side of God and fight. Then why did God abandon the angels who were following Lucifer? Could He not have called them and yelled at them not to follow Lucifer? As you well know, it is because of the responsibility assigned to the growing human beings themselves.

Angels are the object of human supervision. ... As we clearly explain in the Principle, God could not directly interfere with Lucifer and Eve, who ended up outside the Principle.

During this period, Lucifer put all his effort to propagate his word. The angelic world divided into two even though this was not the will of God... This means there are two different worlds whithin the angelic realm: one is the good angelic world on God's side and the other one is the evil angelic world on Satan's side. (Spiritual Message, Oct. 5, 2000)

The Evil Angelic World

Some of the original angels that God created ended up living with Lucifer. Their life essentials and other essentials that only God can supply were virtually cut off. They inherited fallen characteristics such as envy, jealousy, arrogance, avarice and so on from Lucifer.

The angels who are led by Lucifer came under Satan's influence. This led them to lose most of their original beauty and bright luster that God created. They look as if they are wrapped up in dark cloth.

Lucifer deserted his own position and continually acted in God's position. But he lived with fear and anxiety because he was afraid that his true character would reveal itself someday.

Since Lucifer is uneasy, not only Lucifer but also the angels and other existences loyal to Lucifer came to live in constant fear and anxiety. Lucifer and his clique have been afraid that God-fearing people will start a clean up operation someday. Nevertheless, Lucifer came up with the incredible idea that God cannot control him if he and his clique secure numerical power. Thus, they drove humankind into darkness, deceived God, and have constantly attacked humankind.

All these sad stories will become clear at this present age, as the new millennium and new history begins. God, who created angels for humankind, controlled Himself even though He had to give angels to Lucifer. Because of the advent of True Parents, God's sad historical experience has become clear. We human beings have to realize that we have to... (1) make Lucifer surrender and (2) to restore the angelic world into its original form. Satan's mind has to return to its original state. Earth and Heaven have to be returned to God.

The day will come soon when all the existence in the universe who received God's creative touch, will display their unique and special beauty. For the first time, all the creation including human beings will respond in joy and welcome happy days.... (Spiritual Message: Oct. 9, 2000)

The True Character of the Evil Spirit

.. Some of the angels were tempted by Lucifer and followed him. That is why they became satanic. They and Lucifer carried on the sinful history by attacking human beings and giving them pain.

Did God create the creatures called evil spirits? No, He did not. The evil spirits were created when some humans offended the will of God and followed Lucifer's will... People end up evil when they do unforgivable evil acts on Earth and then come to the Spirit World. That is the Hell of Heaven.

Not all such people became evil spirits during their stay in Hell... When evil angels exercise their power, sometimes they visit people in Hell and tempt them. The evil angels might interfere with a man making a decision by lying to him, telling him "We will send you to a far better place." They induce him continuously, leading him to complain about his present surroundings and leave.

Because the people in Hell live in a place of pain and misery, they have a deep desire to move to better surroundings. The evil angels induce the people in Hell who are in serious pain by telling them that they will cure their pain. Then the evil angels make the descendants of these people in Hell sick, or interrupt their business.

They extend their evil minds everywhere and strive mightily to secure their power. They help the people in Hell in order to bring them to their side. So the people in Hell who are in difficult surroundings will be interested in the sweet words of evil angels and follow them.

Then such people in Hell will become partners with Satan and they will harm the people on Earth. The easiest targets that they can attack on Earth are their descendants, so they look for them. The evil angels and the spirits from Hell .. work together to harm people on Earth.

That is why some people on Earth get sick and end up in the hospital or sometimes die of unknown causes. The people who die at that time end up in Hell as spirit people and stay in Satan's hideout. This increases the power of evil. ..The spirit people who got into non-principled situations because of the seduction of evil angels (Satan) will become evil spirits.

Fortunately, there is a fair amount of people on Earth who can judge clearly about Satan and recognize the characteristics of evil spirits, so they repulse their temptations and gain victory by their firm practice of religion.

I hope that you make a clear judgment of reality and conduct yourself well so taht Satan or evil spirits cannot influence you. Most religious people can overcome the temptations of Satan and evil spirits.

If you do not have a clear picture of Satan and the characteristics of evil spirits, seek help by discussing with people who have a firm religion, better personality, great ability and deep life experience... In this era, True Parents give us various real visions that we need in order to make our way through. .. In this time.. since the characteristics of Lucifer and his clique are exposed to everyone, we don't have to worry.
Lucifer, Archangel Lucifer, Satan, Angel, Fall, Hell, Evil spirit, Demon
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Lucifer, Archangel Lucifer, Satan, Angel, Fall, Hell, Evil spirit, Demon 

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    Dr. Sang Hun Lee, who passed into spirit world at age 84 in 1997, is known for his work in philosophy and social theory. He sent numerous messages from the World of Spirits, describing its reality and how famous historic figures live there.

    Dr. Lee's first works dealt with Marxism-Leninism. He compiled the Unification Thought - Unification Philosophy, based on the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

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