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Depression in Homosexuals

Depression in gay, lesbian, gay, homosexuality, disease Is a homosexual orientation
Why is there a depression in

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Severe depression (also called clinical depression) is a serious underlying problem that affects homosexuals more often, than other members of society. Some of the factors for this phenomenon - for example living in homophobic society, rejection by family and deprived of adequate Social networking and entertainment.

Some symptoms of depression include: poor mood, diminished interest in life, disturbed duration of sleep, feelings of guilt and desire for death and suicide. For these reasons, homosexuals do not make efforts to prevent AIDS, nor to protect others when they are infected.

Moreover, homosexuals exhibit strong emotional instability and strong feeling that the world is to blame, which is a projection of the problems in their own family of origin. The atmosphere where they grow up - led to these psychological biases.

Statistics show that in 95% of the homosexuals, homosexual rape led to this deviation in behavior. In most cases, we talk about forced sexual assault. Such is the case with a recently cought homosexual gang in Bulgaria. Over 2500 children were lured by the group to homosexual relations from this single gang. And what happens later with these kids ... Statistics show that many of them will also be corrupted and do the same with others in the future. Enticement to homosexual relationships at an early age is one of the main reasons for the change of orientation - 95% of cases.

There are other reasons too. Often subconscious motive for the change of orientation is deeply suppressed feeling that the boy does not want to be like his father, in other words, does not want to be a man.

In many cases this subliminal unpleasant feelings toward his father were transmitted by a highly emotional mother sharing her own problems with the husband with the child. Of course all this leads to internal mental abnormalities, which are later expressed in change of the sexual orientation.

Treatment of depression is impossible until these internal problems are resolved.

What are effective treatments for depression? Problem with homosexuals is that they have not experienced a proper father-son relationship. Only deep and strong relationship with a mature man can replace and fill this gap. This connection should be free of sexual interest, as in the father-son relationship, in order to bring the required healing effect.

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Депресията при хомосексуалистите, гейове, гей, хомосексуалност, болест ли е хомосексуалната ориентация Depression in gay, lesbian, gay, homosexuality, disease Is a homosexual

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