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Problem of Today's Humanism

Problem of Today's Humanism

Humanism is supposed to be concerned with the well-being of the other people. At list it sounds like that. Yet it's not. Humanism makes people concerned mostly with their own selfish desires and personal well-being. This contradicts many times with the purpose and the well-being of the whole society. Their top goal is to abolish all moral values, by lifting up their humanistic immoral values as a banner:

What Humanist Manifesto declares?

1. Absolutely rejects traditional moral values - anyone who mentions what's wrong is considered evil and amoral.

2. They deny obedience to any authority, including parental, or belief in the authority of God.

3. Humanism promotes selfish-individualism - extreme individualism, as the highest good. Everyone can do what he wants to satisfy their momentary desires.

4. The conclusion to "humanist manifesto" that should be allowed freedom of any kind of sexuality, of the same sex outside marriage, with many partners, including small children and animals, and "family" should be denied as outdated and unnecessary unit.

As Tim La Hay wrote in his book, Battle for the mind, "Most of the evil in the world today can be traced to humanism, which took over governments, United Nations, education, television and other most influential fields in life."

The first Humanist Manifesto was written in 1933 and directly denies the moral values.
Second Humanist Manifesto criticizes this approach and calls for mass propagation of humanist values and immorality by any means; even through books about God and faith. Only in the 90's forthcoming book revealed the scale of the propaganda activities drawn by Hollywood productions. This happened after some of the founders themselves have begun to realize the negative result of its influence. This article reflects the views of the Unification movement of Dr. Moon. The main motive for the persecution and criticism towards him is because of the strong Korean influence in its fight against immoral Atheistic Humanism and Communism (during the Cold War).

Today Humanism controls the society by a network of organizations - humanistic associations, the education, trade unions, pro-sex programs, universities, porn magazines, even the hospitals and the textbooks of our children.

According to Unification Thought, each individual purpose is good only when it supports the purpose of the whole, while the purpose of the whole guaranties the fulfillment of the individual purpose. For example to seek power, wealth and happiness on behalf of the society is not only wrong, but it also hinders the complete fulfillment of those very purposes. We cannot be happy when we live in unhappy corrupted society. Only when everyone is out of poverty, everyone is healthy and happy, than we can live in complete happiness ourselves.

Humanists often protests against some moral norms, yet this is only a form of alliance of some people with "immoral" views, against other people with more moral views. Thus today's humanism gives the power to all immoral forces to rule. It makes impossible to distinguish right from wrong. In fact, evil is now accepted as good, while good is considered evil.

Let's give more examples: People who are concerned only about their own quiet, peaceful time will join to accuse people who like more children, friends and parties. Today's humanism gives those selfish, self absorbed and unable to enjoy others, people to triumph over, supers and dominate over the rest of us. So we end up in less freedom, instead of the promised happiness and liberation that Humanism was supposed to bring.

Therefore, the society of Humanistic individualism is not free. People end up more confined, limited, isolated from each other. Such humanistic way of life is contrary to the purpose of growing our hearts and ability to receive joy by living for the sake of others. Instead, humanism makes people start observing externally and accusing others based on their own self-centered individualistic perspectives.

Humanism (Relativism) is a godless religion - a cult of selfishness, immorality and free sex.
It works secretly and invisibly, like Satan himself, as quickly and permanently captured the minds and lives. Representatives of one of the most - dangerous sects in the world that is not registered in our - humanity are all around us.

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