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Moon: The Man Called Messiah

New Monies: Young Generation
Source: Young Generation Breathing Life into Forgotten Cult

Here’s the article from the SUN newspaper today (readership of 7.6 million):

What is to be matched by Unification Church founder the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Why hundreds of thousands of young people decide to be matched by a Korean who is considered to be the Messiah? Why so many prophecies point at him as being the Messianic figure - the New Religious leader - that will bring the lasting peace on this earth?

From Cult of Christianity Became the Most Successful New Religion of the Last Century

Theologically, the Unification Church came as a sect of the cult of Christianity, yet it soon started to emerge as the most successful and influential new religion. Adding it's fast growth, it's influence and how new and unknown it is, it soon steered lots of controversy and misunderstanding. The rage, jealousy and narrow-minded fear contributed to decades of fierce persecution. The lies and fabrications piled up. They were again and again used in numerous attempts to discredit and destroy this new religions leader, considered by millions to be the Messiah.

Their Children are More than the Parents

The children of his followers, the “blessed children”, are now millions. Not only that. Many of them are already Blessed in Moon-arranged mass weddings doing something revolutionary: going mainstream.

“Our parents’ generation were much more all-out. . . . You could say they were fighting a war,” said Moffitt, a 24-year-old University of Maryland junior who works part time as a personal trainer. “Our generation is more focused on happiness and prosperity, going to college, getting jobs. It’s important to be part of the culture. If you’re above the culture, you can’t change the world.”

Their quest for a less-radical version of their faith comes in a period of great recognition for Rev. Moon's contribution to the world peace. Thousands of dignitaries, politicians, recognized religious leaders are now testifying to their own experience and amazement with Rev. Moon's work and teachings. Many of them too, now openly testify that he must be the Messiah - A man of God bringing Peace.

Moon’s own children are already inherited the vision for achieving peace and creating one united world, as "One Family under God". They seem to run the church’s business empire even more successfully than before.

Dr. Moon obviously did not achieve that for his own fame or enrichment. He made it with enormous self sacrifice always being ready to lose money for the benefit of the world. One example for that is the newspaper, Washington Times, which played key role in ending the Cold War - putting Communism down to it's knees ideologically, by revealing it's false and evil doings.

Moon is the Messiah, The new Messiah, Young Generation Breathing Life into Forgotten Cult

“It was a nice coincidence when I met Emma Cox the journalist that we found out we both studied English Lit. at Newcastle, just I finished two years before she arrived there. I think she has done a good job of creating a narrative through simply telling the story of two couples.

There is so much incredible content to share from The Divine Principle and True Parents life, so we should keep on working on how to communicate it.” (Simon Cooper)

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