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Terminator vs Jesus: If Jesus had not been crucified

Terminator vs Jesus, Christ, Crucified, Crucifixion, Bible, Second Coming, Video
Terminator vs Jesus: If Jesus had not been crucified

Jesus' death on the cross was not the Will of God, but rather due to the disbelief of the people. Jesus came as the Messiah for nothing less than the complete salvation of humanity and yet, 2000 years after his death we still live in wars, corruption and fornication. If Jesus didn't die, these vices would have been long gone.

Was Salvation Completed through the Cross?

Did Jesus' crucifixion, which brought us redemption from our sins, fulfill the purpose of the providence of restoration? If so, we would expect that faithful believers in Jesus would have restored their original nature and built the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Yet in the entire history of Christianity, there has been no one, no matter how devout, who lived his life in inseparable oneness with God. Not one person has ever experienced God's Heart in its full intensity or possessed a divine nature. There has never been a believer who had no need of redemption or a life of ardent prayer and devotion.

Was Jesus' death on the cross the most desired Will of God?

If God had originally predestined Jesus to die on the cross, Jesus would have expected to go that path as his due course. Why, then, did he pray three times, "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt"?14(Matt. 26:39)

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Since God's Will was thus to have the Jewish people of that time believe that Jesus was their Messiah, the Jewish people, who were trained to live by God's Will, should have believed in him. Had they believed in him as God desired, would they have even entertained the thought of sending him to the cross? Would they have wanted any harm to come to the Messiah whom they had so long and eagerly awaited? However, because they went against God's Will and did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, he was delivered to be crucified. We must understand, therefore, that Jesus did not come to die on the cross.

In truth, Jesus offered those desperate prayers because he knew well that his death would shatter the hope of attaining the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This would be a tragic disappointment to God, who had worked so laboriously to realize this hope through the long ages since the Fall. Furthermore, Jesus knew that humanity's afflictions would continue unrelieved until the time of his Second Coming.

If Jesus had not been crucified?

What would have happened if Jesus had not been crucified? Jesus would have accomplished both the spiritual and physical aspects of salvation. He surely would have established the everlasting and indestructible Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This, after all, had been foretold by the prophet Isaiah, announced by the angel who appeared to Mary, and expressed by Jesus himself when he announced that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand.18(Isa. 9:6-7); (Luke 1:31-33); (Matt. 4:17)

DIVINE PRINCIPLE - 4 - The Messiah

Salvation through the Cross

1.1 The Purpose of Jesus' Coming as the Messiah 112
1.2 Was Salvation Completed through the Cross? 113
1.3 Jesus' Death on the Cross 114
1.4 The Limit of Salvation through Redemption by the Cross and the Purpose of Jesus' Second Advent 118
1.5 Two Kinds of Prophecies Concerning the Cross 119
1.6 Gospel Passages in Which Jesus Spoke of His Crucifixion as if It Were Necessary 121

SECTION 2 - The Second Coming of Elijah and John the Baptist 122

2.1 The Jewish Belief in the Return of Elijah 123
2.2 The Direction the Jewish People Would Choose 124
2.3 The Faithlessness of John the Baptist 126
2.4 The Sense in Which John the Baptist Was Elijah 130
2.5 Our Attitude toward the Bible 130

Terminator vs Jesus Terminator vs Jesus, Christ, Crucified, Crucifixion, Bible, Second Coming, Video

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