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The Period of the Reformation to the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity

The Period of Reformation 

to the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity

In this age we have to overcome the prevailing Secular culture and elevate Godism until we assimilate the whole world, spreading the Culture of Heart worldwide. 

Let us look in the Principle, to understand the trends in the recent providence. For this purpose I will replace some of the words in DP, p. 453 (the old translation):

“The trends of Hebraism and Hellenism had formed long ago and …had created a Cain-type Hellenic civilization, whose guiding ideology was humanism.” And now, in the East, the Abel-type Hebraic civilization is being born, with (True Parents’ Unificationism) as its guiding ideology. “This started with the period of the united kingdom” (In our case 2000-2012, after which start building CIG in the midst of the Satanic culture).

Then DP continues, “Had the kings (H1, H2) in that period laid the foundation for the Messiah and received (True Parents), this flourishing (Unificationist) civilization could have assimilated the (declining Humanistic) civilization to form one worldwide civilization.”

“However, when the kings failed to fulfill the Will of God, this dispensation was not accomplished. Instead (they) were taken into exile in Babylon (H2 exiled to US).. Thus, during the centuries leading up (they) was placed under the dominion of Hellenism (Western Humanistic Culture).”

Then DP explains that if people honored the Christ (TP) and united under them, the Roman Empire (US) would have become the messianic kingdom under the reign of Christ. (Unificationism) then would have assimilated Humanism to form one worldwide (Peaceful) civilization.

“Instead, when Christ was rejected (1945) and this providence was frustrated, Hebraism remained under subjection to Hellenism. In 313 A.D., Emperor Constantine officially recognized Christianity.. From that time on, Hebraism gradually began to overcome Hellenism.” Which we are about to achieve soon in some of the 13 special prepared nations.

“Had the popes and emperors who were responsible for restoring the foundation of faith in the Carolingian period not become faithless, the foundation for the Second Advent of the Messiah would have been established at that time. Hebraism would have completely assimilated Hellenism to form one worldwide civilization.” Meaning Educators and kings in US, should not become faithless in TP, as H2 did, thus restoring these past failures.

“Instead, their faithlessness and immorality allowed Satan to corrupt the guiding ideology, which was founded upon (the Unificationism). As a consequence, God had to conduct a new dispensation for the separation of Satan. Just as God had divided fallen Adam into Cain and Abel to separate Satan, God divided the prevailing ideology… into two trends of thought: the movements to revive Cain-type Hellenism and Abel-type Hebraism.” Thus, we see mistakes of Christianity, Patriarchate even rebellious Communism, being expressed in H2's theological deviation.

“The Hellenic trend of thought, revived by the humanism… soon took a dominant position over the Hebraic trend. This period was thus to restore through parallel indemnity conditions (therefore) people were under the dominion of the (Western Culture) and (Unificationism) was under subjection to (Secular Humanism).

“We recall that only by Cain submitting to Abel could Satan be separated from Adam, thereby laying the foundation of substance... Likewise, only by Cain-type Hellenism submitting to Abel-type Hebraism could Satan be separated from the prevailing spirit of the age. Then the foundation of substance necessary for receiving Christ at the Second Advent could be established worldwide.”

What we understand from all this is that we have to overcome the prevailing Secular culture and elevate Godism until we assimilate the whole world. And as DP explains that will start happening in full scale after we have been accepted on national level.

In addition we understand that the failure of the kings (H1 and H2) led to their exile in the very midst of the Secular Culture. The consequent Ideological Schism is obviously also a parallel with past providential struggles that need to be restored.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Jacob's Course and Our Life in Faith, SMM, May 27, 1973

    "In Adam's family, Adam and Eve deceived their Father, God, for an evil purpose; in Jacob's course of restoration, Jacob and Leah deceived their satanic-side father, which was right in God's sight. If Leah had become one with Laban against God's will, all could have been nullified. Not only his possessions, but also his children could have become questionable as whole offerings to God. If Jacob and his wife had been separated, where would the children have gone? Surely, there would have been division among the children, too, some wanting to follow their father while others, their mother. If so, could the restoration of Cain and Abel have been completed on the family level at that time? No! Their possessions also, being not solely on God's side, could not have been acceptable to God. Therefore, the fact that Jacob and Leah had become one with each other was an historical event in the providence of God. By their becoming one, parents, children, and all things naturally became one, all three in complete unity before God. At this point, Jacob was able to offer the three great offerings, all in unity and harmony, making them acceptable to God."

    By not revealing where Laban's stolen idols were hidden, Leah was rejecting her father's lineage and religion, and siding with Jacob. This illustrates how, in the course of restoration, it's important for the wife to reject her satanic lineage and become one with her husband.

    SMM was the Messiah. After the Holy Wedding of 1960, SMM raised HJH up by putting her through a 21-year course. By uniting with her mother, HJH is claiming that her ancestry is superior to SMM's ancestry. This has caused True Children to become disunited, just as the above speech quote illustrates would happen if the Leah (HJH) disunites with Jacob (SMM).

    This is a serious matter. By HJH lifting up her mother, and claiming only-begotten-daughter status, the entire foundation SMM created is becoming hopelessly compromised and powerless.

    Who is HJH's father? Who was he? What role did he play in producing an "only-begotten-daughter" from birth? What role did HJH's mother play in disrupting the role Won Pak Choi (WPC) had in True Family? Why did HJH kick WPC out of the family? Why has Daemo-nim (Hyo-nam Kim) conspire behind SMM's back and perform a secret wedding ceremony between HJH and God? Why has HJH adopted HNK's son (Hyun-su Han)? Did they have sex together?

    HJH loyalists need to wake up and realize the damage this "only-begotten-daughter" business is causing. HNK has committed treason and instigated a coup against SMM, H1, H2, and the entire future lineage of TC. Satan has invaded not only the Vatican, but the UC. HNK is pure evil incarnate!!


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