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Hoover Dam Explosion Related to Tesla's Laboratory

Hoover Dam Explosion Related to Tesla's Laboratory

The explosion was attempt to access the secret Nicola Tesla's laboratory, the Global Repository reported. 

CIG Report, August 1, 2022 - by Yulian UTS

In the last reports I pointed how SYSTEM WAS CRACKED and many World Leaders resigned simultaneously after meeting Zelensky. And we saw the German Member of EU Parliament say, "This vaccine campaign will go down as biggest scandal in medical history... it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity." 

"The Monkey Pox they are talking now is just a reaction of the body trying to get this toxins from the vaccine out." Gene Decode

Now White Hat report suggested, "August is the month of draining the swamp in both the banking and market systems. In prove of that we see Catholic Church banned from Canada Wealth seized due to Papal addition of Genocide of children in Catholic Residential Schools. September comes full implementation of the QFS - Quantum Financial System." And talking about Nikola Tesla I would like to focus on the amazing upcoming technologies, our responsibility and the bright future in front of us.

"Our mind is only the receiver. We need to tune it with the universe. When someone says it can't be done, do it anyways. Money does not represent such a value as people have placed upon it." Nicola Tesla

Hoover Dam Explosion & Tesla's Laboratory

Hoover dam began construction in 1931. Deep inside the dam was a doorway to Nicola Tesla's laboratory. Morgan, who built the dam, founded both Edison and Tesla. This laboratory was not about electricity. It was about Reverse Engineering future technology; Free Energy and other super secret projects. They blew the door hoping to get access to this technology, but the laboratory was emptied years ago. Well, another failure for the Deep State. 

In 1930 Tesla made his car generate electricity with antenna. The Petrol Mafia didn't like that, so his research had continue in secrecy. In this video you can see electro-magnetic flying in 1950 that was also forbidden.

In 1931, Nikola Tesla presented and tested a new automobile. The power receiver (gravity energy converter) was installed in front of the control panel. A 1.8 meters long antenna apparently had the function as that of the moray converter (radiant energy!). "Now we have power," said Tesla? he said there was enough power in the converter to light an entire house, plus run the car's motor. The car was tested for a week, reaching a top speed of 144 km per hour effortlessly. 

I already informed you about the THE TESLA-TRUMP-MOON CONNECTION to a secret Tesla laboratory in the New Yorker Hotel, and Tesla's plan to bring the end of the Corporations blocking the technological progress. Tesla said, "The world is on the eve of an astonishing revolution... conditions will be changed... end of monopolies." Realizing their evil nature, later in his life he created a plan of how to bring their end. And he was not alone! We are talking of the secret work of the good guys who have learned how vast and powerful the Satanic grip on humanity is.

"Understand that there are higher dark forces at the power wheel of this planet who are in control. Powers that do not want the best for you and me." Situation Update

In prove of how Satanic are those who govern us I will point few newly discovered facts. (1) Michelle Obama was registered to vote as man from 1994 until 2008 show the official documents of the Illinois State Board of Elections. (2) The Aluminium in Chemtrails were found to have a direct link to Environmental Damage, Alzheimer's and Autism. (3) The Elite Globalists created Covid as the uncovered US Bio-Weapon Labs in Ukraine show. We are talking Demons in human bodies, inhuman Cabal, that wants humanity to suffer. 

Ban of the Catholic Church in Canada 

These people used Satanic Ritual abuse of children for centuries. Last week Pope Francis finally admitted the Vatican-led Satanic worshipping Genocide and torture of over half a million native Canadian children from mainly Catholic Residential Schools across Canada. This led to a disestablishment and ban of the Roman Catholic Church from operating anywhere in Canada and seizure of their properties. 

"This Catholic Child Holocaust is filled with Satan worshipping rape, torture and murder of innocent children. It has been found to be practiced worldwide by the Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult that includes prominent world leaders and Royals." Situation Update

I still remember the same things being explained to us by Archbishop Millingo. He spoke to us in Father Moon's house at East Garden. He explained the Satanic practices of Cardinals in Underground facilities of Vatican. Now we see Diplomats and indigenous groups are seeking expulsion of the Vatican from the UN for that reason. Finally the evil of the world is being exposed - a sign of it's collapse after Father Moon removed Lucifer from his position. See, LUCIFER REPENTED

Comment: Catholicism faces the same problems now in Nicaragua. People burn their churches, police is entering and arresting priests. This may well spread to other countries in the world. Once people learn what they did, they will be so enraged. 

Now you understand why This revolution is not Televised. In fact, arrests in Vatican happened during the 1st Lockdown on purpose, so that the operation can stay secret. These evil people are capable of causing unimaginable harm to humanity. They always thought they are untouchable. If you take a look, the court cases in Canada against this child abuse started in 1965. Look at the final court decisions in 2012-13. Why only now the good guys can act? 

Removed Silently - Layer by Layer

As Kimberly Goguen just reported, 229 loyalists to the Cabal program showed up on the scheduled meeting for new instructions from Lucifer. Few were smart enough to not go, because they watched everybody disappear at every other location where these meetings were taking place. So thank to the Enforcer we are now devoid of another 229 Cabal members plus 3 more that showed up this morning in London. The next meeting coming up will be the Dragon Family meeting. We will see if they show up. (1) But as of this morning we've got every single cloning stooge they had. All of the elite clones are gone. So, there is no new body they can jump in. 

"The war is over now. It's over for years now. More and more people are understanding exactly what the evil guys are up to. We can get on with the restoration once we finish cleaning up these ridiculous people that are still trying to follow a plan that is not in effect since 2013 I warned you weeks ago, it's restoration plan or die." Kim Goguen

This is the last interview Aaron Russo gave before his death. It gives you a pick into the mindset and the manipulations used by the elite. Rockefeller's friend reveals his shocking plans for the world and the war with not existing enemy, 

The Power of Money from Nothing is Over

The hot news is, now 201 countries disconnected from the Federal Reserve and moved on gold backed currencies. So Russia is definitely not alone in this war with the Satanic Rothschild money of debt. And this is central to the White Hats war for liberation of humanity. 

All the Central Banks were seized in Operation Defender Europe 20 & 21. 

The White Hat, Q Movement, is all about Dark to Light. We are talking Q-Clearance generals who dedicated to end the Satanic Sovereignty on earth. It started with MacArthur and a group of generals. Remember, Father Moon made a movie about MacArthur. From 200 Generals in JFK time, it grew up to 800 Generals, who called Trump to become President, so that they can take down this Satanic Cabal in a peaceful way. Now you see Pres. Trump, his VP and his spiritual adviser working closely with True Mother Moon. See the spiritual reason for that explained in, Rev. Moon and Lincoln's Descendants

Military Intel: Just like the elder Bush, Shinzo Abe had given all details to the White Hat Military before his death. So, did Shinzo sing? Why did so many Prime Ministers got taken down at the same time? Was he actually moved to a Witness Protection program?

Last week, at the funeral for "murdered" slave-prime minister Shinzo Abe, not a single world leader showed up. As Fulford reported, someone very close to Abe said that the real Abe died two years ago. The "assassination" was street theater designed to manipulate public opinion. And as I reported this happened simultaneously with tearing down important Satanic symbols and the simultaneous removal of many Prime Ministers worldwide. See, SYSTEM WAS CRACKed

At the same time Biden investigation came with the bombshell report alleging that FBI was involved in a giant cover up to protect the Biden family. They intentionally downplayed evidence of Hunter Biden's corrupt business deals. Instead they went with false accusations against Trump and Gen. Flynn. 

Now Christine Anderson, German Member of EU Parliament said, "This vaccine campaign will go down as biggest scandal in medical history... it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity." Obviously the plans of the Cabal are falling apart, as I explained in the LUCIFER REPENTED: He is obligated now to dismantle the evil Matrix he created. 

As Mitchell Gerber reported:

We see the total collapse of the Communist Party in China and the Cabal that was controlling them... The White Hats infiltrated the Deep State and are dismantling it from within. Meanwhile they made believe that the Cabal is winning. While the White Hats operation is fully in control. They have confiscated huge amounts of gold from the Cabal. There will come the time when they will unveil the... so the next 4-5 months we are going to see a great reveal. We will see Tribunals and executions. We will see great technologies coming. By December we will see something big. 

We Witness the Birth of a New Monetary System

What is becoming more and more obvious is that "We are witnessing the birth of a new world monetary system." This is a war with the Satanic Rothschild Fiat system of debts that have enslaved humanity. See, THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

As Fulford reported, "Nazis were a Jewish fraction (Khazarian-Jews worshiping Satan). The Holocaust was a sacrifice to their god - Baal or Satan to force the Ashkenazi Jews out of their homeland in Europe into Jerusalem. These are the people who hijacked the governments in the West. 

Now the entire world is sick and tired of these monsters and their monetary system of slavery. That's why Putin announced that they will only accept payments for gas and oil in Gold Backed Rubles. And Saudi Arabia said the same thing. So the US dollar produced by the Federal Reserve is dead. They cannot create money out of nothing anymore. 

In the old days they would have send tanks to remove that government leader who is trying to do that. "Oh, you don't accept our dollar so we are sending out the troupes." But they cannot do that anymore. So it's kind of an End Game at this point. 

"It's like taking a parasite from your body. It's gonna be painful but then you gonna be a lot healthier," Fulford remarked. These people create money out of nothing and play like they are gods. The living standard for 90% of Americans was dropping since 1972 when they took the dollar of the gold. Increasing the gup between people who had access to this magic-money-printing machine and their servants. That has to be put end to. These criminals are being cornered, they are being removed. It's happening and it's obvious.

We are towards the end of this charade. But we have to focus on what kind of world we want. What future we want for our kids. Let's make Earth a Paradise. Let's do it ourselves."

We are Watching a Movie

That's what the White Hats are reporting:

The Military Alliance behind Trump decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions were, and since then we have been watching a movie that aims to open our eyes and wake us up, so that never happens again. 

On January 20, 2021, the United States was taken over by a military government led by Military Secretary General Christopher Miller and Commander in Chief, the duly elected President Donald Trump. 

Joe Biden died three years ago and his role since has been played by three actors. His entire 'crew' is a cast selected by Trump's team. All of his Ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value. The White House, Capital and all the federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed since January 20, 2021. 

President Putin was crushing the last remnants of the New World Order and is an ally and collaborator with President Trump. While we think Russia is fighting Ukraine, in fact the military of 36 nation Alliance is fighting the Deep State bases in Ukraine. While Media is focused there, the same is happening in many other countries.  

Video: Kim Goguen updates us on the state of the World! Who made Pelosi Travel to China? Who was orchestrating all the deep state craziness? How presidents and generals were controlled by agencies. Agencies that supposedly fought each other were actually controlled by the same person. This controller was now removed. That liberates the trade of Gold. And a meeting is upcoming where the Agencies will decide how to work for a brighter future from now on. 

Cabal operations are failing

The Cabal operations are failing. And my feeling is that the Covid exposure of the evil of the Vaccines is also a movie. A scare events that made people research and learn about the the evil of the Vaccines. In fact Vaccines were always evil. In fact, vaccines caused much bigger damage and deaths in the past. For example the Spanish Flue was not only started by the Vaccines, but nearly every vaccinated died. 100 million all together. Many other vaccine campaigns had millions killed. Media and politicians always covered it all. 

The Unvaccinated are the heroes of the last 2 years as they allowed us all to have Control Group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcomings of the Covid Vaccines. We marked them for special persecution. The goas of many institutions was the make the life unlivable for them. Blaming them even for the death of the vaccinated and the ineffectiveness of this deadly experiment. 

Medical Journal: Covid Vax Compromises Immune System, Booster Shuts Should be Halted Immediately.

My observation is that this time Vaccines were used in reverse way. Not only to wake up the ignorant humanity, but to execute the millions of Cabal actors. That was their lethal injection for those involved in the use and production of Adrenochrome (Adrenalized blood from tortured and raped children). That's why we see famous actors, singers, sport players gone from the stage. Many replaced with doubles or CGI, so their elimination be not that obvious. 

VIDEO: NSA has it all on all of these people. They all had to capitulate in front of Trump. The major corporations, all the media companies and all other puppets, they show them all the documents they have on them. "You play with team-Trump or all of it will be declassed. Each one of you will be opened up to the masses as a child murderer." So they all capitulated. 

Setting a stage for what is to come

19.07.22 Multiple Fires Break Out in Greater London Area / San Francisco Airport Evacuated / Israel under attack - rocket sirens / 

We were warned that this is a Controlled Demolition. We will se governments falling and prices rising. But after this there will be no more wars. 

"After All Is Done And Told This Will Be Forever Known As The Greatest Plan In The World To Save Our Children and Humanity From The Physical Matrix Enslavement From evil demonic beings."

We are like the hamsters on the weal all they long, Goguen explained. "They are just keeping us busy. At the end of the day we are exhausted. So, you don't have time to contemplate what's really going on." 

COMMENT: "Let the agents of the devil continue with their prolonged maneuver.. if they think they know everything, God is mocking them. As for me, am serene, serene because I believe in the supreme God."

 Bright Future

"The standard argument is that "the planet will become overpopulated." This is a lie. First, right now, if we gave every person a Chinese-style subsistence farm, we could fit the entire population of the earth in the state of Texas. Also, with energy technology suppressed, we could create entirely new ecosystems in the deserts, the frozen wasteland, and underground." Fulford Report

We could live in harmony with nature, even colonize space. But someone is trying to prevent that. A powerful group is trying to alter our genes with vaccines designed to turn us into domesticated animals. Henry Kissinger boasted: "In the future it will be as impossible for ordinary people to rebel against us as it is for a sheep to rebel against its farmer."

A 1990 United Nations report revealed that poverty and environmental destruction could be halted by the year 2000 with just $200 billion a year..." Fulford Report

They were hiding the truth from us. They worked always against God. But humanity is awakening now. Until now, no one was interested in biological weapons in Ukraine, as well as abducted children, child trafficking, pedophilia, experimentation on children, murders of children, the laboratory for Adrenochrome. We were under the Satanic fogue unable to see the truth and liberate God's Heart. But now things shifted spiritually, thanks to Father Moon mobilizing the good spirit world. 

Kim Goguen:

"A lot of your questions are about what the Global Government is doing. You know, we are taking care for those people. That is our job. Lаyer by lаyer, peace by peace. I'm giving you updates, letting you know what we are doing." Kimberly Ann Goguen

"If you truly want independence, than you are going to have be not be dependent on the global government for anything," Kim said. People have to come together, create alliances and be self sufficient instead of complaining that government or someone else is not doing it. Take responsibility and be responsible ourselves. 

Than you understand what True Father was doing. Recreating the world. Starting from the family and preparing all the new organizations needed to restructure the world according to God's Ideal. Creating alliances and uniting consciences people to work together to transform the world. 

"Every single pharmaceutical company in the entire planet is owned by your Global Government. So are you participating or are you trying to look for alternative healing methodologies... things that actually work." 

The same is true for any other area of life; food, education... Until you create a different way in a different place, for the people to go, nothing will ever change. You never gonna change those people. the system. 

"You are complaining of what they are doing to you, but you're letting them do it to you." The Nanny State keep encroaching on people's lives and keep demanding things. 

They create the problem and they would give you the solution. You expect them to solve things for you, telling you to do nothing about it yourself. To get out of this vicious cycle we have to take responsibility and do it ourselves. Starting with the things around ourselves. 

Video: Building the world of true love and the Culture of Heart. Uniting world leaders to fulfill God's Ideal for humanity. 

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CIG NEWS: Behind the Cover of the Pandemic

Behind the Cover of the Pandemic

By Yulian UTS /  August 2021 /  Weekly CIG NEWS

We have to stand up and liberate God's sorrowful heart. There should be no more Satan's sovereignty. This should become God's Cosmos - CIG.

JUST IN - CDC says 75% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated. (CNBC News)

While the Medical Nazism is tightening, last few weeks were also ones of incredible worldwide military activity: Floods, dams destroyed, wild fires, buildings cut on half, hundreds of bodies of children emerging out of not known where, riots in serous numbers. So tell me it's not a war.

August 1 2021 was the date by way of Donald J Trump's Executive Order that everything on Planet Earth was supposed to be Declassified by. Are you ready for the Shit... 

Dear brothers and sisters, I was trying to regularly keep you informed of the newest providential developments happening secretly behind the cover of this Pandemic and how important is that REV. MOON PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS JUDGEMENT DAY. The future is so much brighter than people can imagine. Just remember Rev. Moon worked to establish new, truthful media, for all the media was taken by the Left:

What ever you're seeing in MSM TV, NEWS, RADIO, is all Deep State [DS] CONTROLLED fake data. Fact-Chekers funded by Vaccine manufacturers to hide the truth. (RN News) The collapse is IMMINENT. 

See Beyond the Illusion

We are witnessing how their Satanic Cabal is being exposed on all levels. Drip by drip, the tentacles of this satanic octopus will be cut off. Please be prepared to endure the pain of learning and experiencing all that. Some recent examples are Monsanto and the Vaccinations:

Washington state court: Bayer AG’s Monsanto fined $185 million on Tuesday for teachers exposed to toxic chemicals from the application of Missouri law. (1) They suffered neurological injuries due to exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.

If you don't understand what's going on, see this (video). That's how Covid is spread. Think of what this chemistry does to your langs. It's not a virus, but chemical, biological and frequency attack on humanity. They spray many public places, to insinuate pandemic. That's why I felt it in the mornings at work, because they spray in the night. 

Now it's on record in the court, all of it was a scam… the masks, lockdowns, tests, and public health response They don’t have the material evidence to even prove Covid exists! THEY NEVER ISOLATED THEIR SO-CALLED VIRUS! (3)

Vaccinated people are SUPER-SPREADERS

BREAKING:Vaccine related deaths skyrocket according to CDC. Video

35% of the hospitalizations now are of people who had 2nd shot. 100% not effective in protecting you. But the negative effects are numerous. No wonder news reported many refuse to take vaccinated people to work in their company. I wouldn't. They are experimental rabbits, no one can tell what they carry. 

CDC now admits, Vaccinated people can be SUPER-SPREADERS. Vaxxed are WALKING INCUBATORS of new variants. (2) They are THE THREAT. They are the once with no immunity now. THE ARTIFICIAL immunity is failing. People should learn, nothing is better than real Immunity. It lasts for lifetime. Coasts nothing. Free given by God and so powerful. But well, many choose to go against God and prefer believing the lies of Big-Pharma. 

After this is over many Industries and existing systems will not remain. Vaccines will be gone for good. Big-Pharma will be gone. No one will trust them. Oil & Gas Fields/Refineries etc being blown up. All nuclear plants have to be removed under GESARA. War will be no more.

How do you stop wars? By taking away the Capacity of having them.

Tunnels/Dumbs/Nuclear Reactors/Major Dams. Removing the ability to traffick. Majority of any form of Trafficking happens below the ground. Earthquakes - Rods Of God

You see the recent fires, floods and dams collapses, explosions of pharmaceutical and petrol factories happening simultaneously all over the world. It's in front of your eyes. It's the biggest global military operation. I'm just telling you why it is all happening. 

By now you should understand why you've seen many Pharmaceutical companies blown and set a light lately.

Image of the Worldwide Fires in the Last 24 Hours
In the Video above you can see how they make the fires with directed energy weapons. The floods are from washing up the underground DUMBS, or where they are dismantling Nuclear Facilities by taking dams down. 

The Bodies of 600 Children After the Flood

The water is coming from below. From Underground. Also the bodies.

In the Germany Floods 600 Bodies of Children were Found that were non of local children, not even native. And they did not die from drowning. Where from? They are believed to be from an extensive underground tunnel system where children were tortured and organs and blood were collected from them. 

Organ harvesting is not a Conspiracy!  Multiple videos started surfacing. (5) Insiders say it's all over the world. 

Underground Bases were used to traffick children and drugs. Since July 2019, the Special Forces have found piles of small corpses, babies born to teenagers and even pre-teens in a vast matrix of underground tunnels. The kids have never seen the light of day, deformed and traumatized; children, teenagers and pre-teens. who were apparently experimented and electroshocked as part of CIA mental control and genetic experiments.

More bodies of dead children removed from the water from underground tunnels were found not only in Germany but also in many areas such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and The Hague - the Netherlands, where more than 1,400 dead children surfaced, and even more in the UK.

45,000 US troops in Germany and in Hungary

286 Arrested in Global Human Trafficking by INTERPOL 430 human trafficking victims rescued, Homeland Security reported. (4) That is kind of activity that is going on every day, so that's a pretty low number. The actual activity is much bigger.

There are currently 20,000 US troops in Germany and 25,000 troops in Hungary who have rescued more than a million children from a series of DUMBs, deep underground military bases.
A soldier who was part of efforts to rescue children at a naval base on Lake China in California said: “On July 4, 2019, at 2:00 a.m., PDT surprised the staff at the naval base. We took over the base and rescued approximately 3,000 children, tortured in ways that were impossible to perceive. "

Children have been rescued or found dead in underground tunnels beneath American cities, including the White House and Central Park in New York City. Another tunnel was rumored to run from the Clinton Foundation building to New York Harbor. The extensive tunnel matrix is ​​present in the United States from California to New York, Canada to Mexico, reaches South America and throughout Europe, Italy (below the Vatican and Venice) passes to Switzerland and up to The Hague, and on the other to Israel and New Zealand. Deep underground tunnels have been discovered in the Middle East, in Lebanon, and around Australia - connecting every major capital around the world.

The Child Trafficking Rescue Squad, led by the Pentagon's anti-pedophile task force began in July 2018, when more than 10,000 U.S. Special Forces troops began training to rescue millions of children from DUMBs around the world. Since then, it is said that a total of more than 1,000 soldiers have died rescuing children. 

This Video shows how vast is the network of underground tunnels and underground cities hidden from public view and how they are used. 

We are Peeling the Onion 
The news is fake the War is real

The trafficking network includes also many organizations and agencies for child protection. It's all coming out now:

More than 700 allegations of sexual abuse against hundreds of staff spanning children’s homes. HORRENDOUS acts of cruelty and vicious sexual abuse over several decades.

And while the military is bombing all the underground DUMBS, Elon Musk is already building a new infrastructure of fast underground magneto gravitational trains in accordance with Father Moon's Heavenly direction. 

On May 23, Russian and US military special forces hijacked the Evergreen container ship at the Suez Canal. The ship was loaded with 1356 dead and about 1267 barely alive children. The CCP had loaded Evergreen and 29 surrounding ships with Adrenochrome barrels and aborted baby fetuses, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, plus chemicals designed to cause climate change and increase the number of CV-19 cases.

At present, many predict food shortages, which already started in many places with empty shelfs in the big stores. Advice is to have supplies stored at least for 3 weeks. The plan is much larger than you can imagine. A lot is going on behind the scene. The turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Members of congress and the supreme court will be removed. There will be a new beginning. 

We will make it through this. And when we are done, our world will be totally different.

The USA Corporation is NO MORE

On 2019 Feb & Nov. Stripping of Royal Powers, Seizing of Royal Assets including the Commonwealth. Australia & Pacific Brothers n Sisters & Canada are also no longer Commonwealth and are to be under the USA Republic.

The FBI building in D.C is also permanently closed too.
IRS will be permanently closed. 

Romana Didulo, Queen of Canada and Commander-in-Chief, was asked, "After EBS what happens?" She answered, "After EBS and the 8 hours long 24/7, movies...Everything will change. The, life support, attached to the old and evil systems will be pulled. Humanity, and planet Earth simultaneously move to quantum reality consciousness system (Peace and Prosperity). End of Financial and Human consciousness enslavement. Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce, etc, etc, will all be dismantled and replaced."

The whole world has been under the English Justice System. (MARITIME LAW, CROWN, GOLD FRINGE ON US FLAG) The removal/arrest of the 9 Supreme Court Justices will trigger the Event. The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD. Pray. THE TRUTH WILL SHOCK THE WORLD.

You cannot believe what kind of people are placed to govern all those institutions. For Example

Trotsky's great granddaughter is a director in charge of drug abuse. How many fentanyl deaths have we had under her watch? We are living through The Second Bolshevik Revolution. It makes you want to dig deep into the CDC (which operates as an independent entity just like the Federal Reserve). 

Why Resetting the Whole System

The Bankers/Globalists funded Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. We are fighting the same Communists today.

When it learned about 9/11 and of Rockefeller's plan to kill 90% of humanity, the Asian secret society was mobilized. They threatened to kill the Western elite and also stopped buying US government bonds. This led to the financial crisis of 2008, and the birth of the Obama administration. However, the secret war had just begun. Many new players came out of the shadows after these events.

The present war became more than serious with Trump/Vladimir Putin & King Salman standing to remove the Rockefellers and Rothchilds which lead to the merging of Treasury & Federal Reserve. Can you grasp how huge that is? Next came major arrests of the 13 families governing the world. Remember the first lockdowns? You can search bombing of 13 families in Venice, The Euro Royals getting Corona'd, Vatican etc. Under each area of Lockdowns cover there were some military operations.

Wars are made up by intelligence agencies (Controlled by the Royals). This Russia vs Turkey, USA vs Iran & NK is all bullshit. Media is operated by Mossad/CIA.. all by designed to keep people scared & in fear. It was the CIA who formed the Iranian & NK nuclear programs.. Why did Kim Jong Un ride white horses at the end of 2019? Kim was showing the World he had been freed of the New World Order.

In November 2018 the NSA & MIL Intel took control over the CIA and it's partnered intelligence agencies. CIA/Mossad etc. Every leader in the world; President, Prime Minister, King or Queen must STAND DOWN. Governments will be 10% the size of what we have now. No more Democrat vs Republican. Under GESARA we get scrubbed back to original constitutions and sitting leaders will be in power for as long as they want, til death or they do wrong. If they do wrong by the people they get removed.

700 CIA Agents were arrested last month across the world. CiA farm in Germany was raided.

Father Moon was preparing us for that

"I do know UK, Germany, Netherlands & France will no longer be powers due to the Royal & Bilderberg Deep State history. Korea's will merge too." WhipLash

We are moving from Oil, Gas & Traditional Electricity to Metals, Green Technology, Wireless Electric. We are not going to be flying around on the Airlines that we know now. New and much much faster Flying Cars & some form of Supersonic Electric Jets are on the way. (7) Flying cars will be a reality in less than 10 years. (8)

"2021 will be the beginning of the colonization of the space." (9)

Just as Rev. Moon told us; The world will be connected with the Peace Tunnels with superfast magrav trains; We will expand life both in the space and in under the water cities, once humanity is free of the chains of the satanic Cabal. 

God's providence is quickly moving towards establishing of Heavenly nations - CIG. Now we need to raise divine sons and daughters, liberating even the spirit world and completely liberating our Heavenly Parent. No more Satan's sovereignty. This should become God's Cosmos. 

How do I know that the good side is going to win in this final and decisive stage of this vicious Cultural War? 

1. I trust that God will not allow this evil to win, and I know that True Father Moon had mobilized the spirit world to expose and bring that ancient evil down. So I observe the signs of its collapse. It's like a spiritual wind moving powerfully in certain direction. 

2. The evil Free-sex / Humanist / Communist / Big-pharma / New World Order agenda goes to extreme, which is a sign of the evil side loosing. Last attempts to subjugate humanity by all means, for they are loosing all grounds.

3. For the first time so much information is coming out, exposing all their evil actions and the details of their evil ideology and inhumane way of thinking. That's a sign of their time being numbered. 

Remember Rev. Moon's Model

Why is it so important to understand the evil ideology of this Satanic Cabal and what evil they brought in history? Remember Rev. Moon's model course in ending Communism? He used education. Exposing their false teachings and evil actions. Using Washington Times and V.O.C. to educate the world leaders and the public. 

Father Moon was clearly teaching us; without ideological victory over this evil, it cannot be stopped and overcomed. 

In my last CIG Report you'll find abundant information resource about the moral attack on our youth exerted intentionally by the Cabal. I provide you with videos with detail explanations of how they use Hollywood, Education, Policies and Public institutions to take our children. I understand, the child-trafficking part may come a bit extreme to some, but that's a vast spread reality, indeed very painful not only for you, but for our Heavenly Parent too. So please think of liberating His heart and His pain first. Don't search just for your comfort. 

In the article, FROM ZIONISM TO MARXISM, I give you deeper insight in the origins of Marxism. Marx was given the mission to write this ideology by the Cabal. Communist regimes were established by the Satanic Cabal. I give you the historic link from the Canaanite satanism and how they invaded Europe, invaded Royal families, Invaded all other areas of life, even the religions.

To understand how the Satanic control overtook our society you have to know the connection between Banking, Petrol Industry, and the present Health and Education system. Here is short, but crucial info of THE HISTORY OF THE PHARMA CARTEL. 

In the article, THE END IS NEAR, I show you the link between what's happening now in the sprit world around Father Moon and how that's reflected in the work of the descendants on earth. Remember, Lincoln works with Rev. Moon in the spirit world. His descendants are now in the forefront of the external providence of liberation. 

In another important CIG Update I revealed to you info that is still kept secret about the upcoming collapse of the Communist Party in China. I mentioned several times already that North Korea is actively working now with the good side to abolish the Satanic Cabal and the Deep State. But on that I will probably expand more in the near future. 

I'm amazed by some members who do not understand the DP explanation of the providence to abolish the Satanic sovereignty. It's all in DP and Father\s words / Causa / and Dr Lee's messages. I only connect their explanations with the observations of the present reality. And I show you the SIGNS THAT GOD'S KINGDOM IS COMING.

Those who have their spirit mind developed to certain extend can feel that. To those who are still under their physical mind, I don't think any info can help. They are still under Satan's dominion. That's the Principle explanation. If your physical mind is subject, that's the evil mind in action, you are under Satan's dominion. You are multiplying satan's work even when you have the best of motivation. God works freely through you only when your spirit mind is subject. Remember, YOUR HEALTH IS THE STATE OF YOUR LOVE

Disturbing truths about the vaccines finally is making it to the mainstream media....we can only hope this trend continues. (Video)

If forced to Vax the secret is NOT to refuse it

‘In regard to the matter of potential covid vaccine and my desire to be fully informed before going ahead. I’d be most grateful if you could provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements:
1. Please advise me of the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?
2. Please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
3. Please provide the full list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?
4. Please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since it’s introduction?
5. Please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT ‘experimental mRNA gene altering therapy’?
6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?
7. Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?

Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment. My only conditions are:

1. You confirm that I will suffer no harm.
2. The offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself from these procedures.
3. In the event that I should have personal or medical reasons to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result?

Is your current church promoting the jab? It's a sure sign the are Zionist infiltrated.

Many have asked me where do I get my info. I do try to get intel from the top level, most official internal sources, who really know first hand what's going on. If you didn't notice, I often quote or explain what the top military generals explain of the situation. I hope that helps, especially since I try to present it through the providential lenses in connection to the Principle and Rev. Moon's words. 

I do keep in touch with people closer to True Mother as well as inner sources from Washington Times that I am in personal touch with. And I do have my spiritual and intuitive abilities to foresee the future, which was always correct in my past predictions. Read the previous CIG UPDATE to learn about the sexual propaganda on our children and who is behind it. 

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Share God's Heart II: Visits in the Spiritual World


Visits in the Spiritual World

By Rev. YuliUTS | Part II From the Book, "Share God's Heart"

This is the second part of the book, "Share God's Heart." In the first part I shared how God led me through revelations to understand who is the Lord of the Second Advent. His words have touched and changed the lives of millions. They cause an inner, spiritual revolution; Revolution of Conscience, Revolution of Heart and Revolution of Love and have the power to change the whole world. Through it, God reveals to us that family is the building block of society where love develops and that the whole world must unite as a universal family centered on God as our Parent.

Once I learned God's Principles, I came to the realization that God is our parent and we are created with inborn sensibility to His heart, which of course is to be developed during the course of our physical life. God is a spirit, thus, without developing our spiritual sensibility we cannot feel Him and relate with Him. But worse of all, we will suffer in the spirit world, for we will be blind and all will be darkness. Not only that, but our dull spiritual sensibility make us live dysfunctional physical life, under the control of our physical mind (animal mind). 

After finishing my thesis at UTS, on Unification Family Therapy, I deepened my practical research and studies in the area of family relationships and child development. I could see how effective it is, when I was giving lectures or helping struggling families. Meanwhile, I wrote numerous articles that became very popular in my country. Some of them dealt with painful but wide spread problems, like GAMES PEOPLE PLAY IN THE FAMILY, and GOSSIP - THE POISONOUS TRIANGLE OF MISTRUST. These painful problems led me to deeper and deeper questions, which required spiritual understanding of the underlying cause.

I have had many spiritual experiences during prayer. Received many answers. But to understand deeper I asked God sincerely to let me have experiences in my dreams. As a result I had nights when I would spend hours and hours wondering in the spirit world. I feel there are some deep meaning of why God gave them to me, so I would like to share some of them in this book. 

Sometimes, if I asked why people do some bad things, suddenly in the night I appeared in the realm where such people live. I could observe them and try to understand; Why they do such evil things? How did they become like that? My heart was not at ease if I couldn't find solution for such suffering spirits. So I asked more and more questions and received more and more spiritual guidance.

I feel it is important to understand the spirit world and how it is affecting our lives. My sincere hope is that these experiences will help you grasp the seriousness of growing spiritually and living in love while on earth. I believe these experiences were given to me not for my own sake, but for the sake of liberating God and humanity. God gave them so I can share them with you. Read the I Part...

Please help support us. We follow the truth, wherever it leads. paypal.me/worldofheart

A Prayer To God May Change Your Life

One day I prayed for God to allow an angel to come and help me with my dealings. The next day angelic forms appeared in the dust on the floor and on the window. The angelic shape on the window was only visible from the spot where I used to lie and rest. Soon things happened in a bizarre way, leading to the most dramatically changing experiences in my life. Read my first experiences with God

A week later I went working with STF. Somehow we ended in Slovenia. One morning, during the seven minutes prayer I could hear God's voice. He said, "Share God's Heart." It was indescribable feeling to feel His Heart. I asked him, "Why do you keep answering my prayers and helping me?" God took my spirit back in the time and showed me a moment from my childhood. My father's poem from the hospital bad melted my mom's heart. God told me, that this prevented gossiping and divorce in my family. I remember that. My mom took me and my brother and lovingly talked to us about her pain and thoughts of divorce, but after this poem we cried so much. We all felt guilty and never mentioned that incident again. Instead, since then my parents were always completely united and supporting each other. In the following spiritual experiences, you will understand why this was a great spiritual victory.

What are the Consequences of Sin

Before telling you the dreams God gave me, in answer to this question, try to understand the depth of what this scientist explained. Keshe, one of the greatest plasma scientists today, gave the following answer, "The position of the soul (in the spirit world) is determined by the gravitational-magnetic field, the strength of which is created by the soul during its time of existence (on Earth)".

"In doing wrong.. you are positioned as a soul in a position with less energy, which means you become a burden for other souls, who now need to elevate you to reach their level." Frequency of Growth


Keshe explains that the difference in the spiritual level between people can be measured with the light they emit; is it small like candlelight, or strong, like a light reaching to millions. The less the spirit is giving, the smaller his light, the less he can see and orient himself. My article on Heart Resonance shows a very clear diagram of the levels of our heart in the process of our spiritual growth. 

Visiting Places in Hell

God allowed me to visit three places in Hell to help me understand why people end up there. It happened in Albania, during an STF workshop. "What's the consequence of sin?" - I asked in prayer. "Heavenly Father, I don't want just intellectual answer, but to really see and understand."

After this prayer, something completely unexpected happened; The moment I fell asleep, I instantaneously appeared in the spirit world. There was not even a moment difference. As I was here, "puff", and I was there substantially in the spirit world. Everything was so real. Absolutely substantial. Only that my sensitivity was way beyond our physical ability to feel and sense

"In the spirit world you feel things more intensely than when you are alive. The senses become more acute. You feel even the pain of your body more intensely and you smell the odors more intensely." Dead and Resurrected


This repeated for 3 nights. Each night I observed different places in the low spiritual realms. I spend the whole night wandering around. I was touching and checking everything talking to people, meanwhile being fully aware that I'm in the next world:

The First night I appeared in the Gossiping realm of Hell. Twisting the truth, gossiping and making intrigues was their nature. You can imagine the hell of living in such an environment. It was violation of the First Blessing; immature character and wrong heart. The agony of the heart in this realm was unbearable. Yet, they all seemed very intelligent, humanistically very nice and heartistic. For this reason it seemed impossible to explain to them why they are in such a dark realm. It was shocking to realize that even members can end up there.

The second night was connected with violating love and sexuality. These where people totally controlled by their sexual desires. There was not even one drop of love at that place; just sexual misuse of others for personal gratification. It was so painful to observe how miserable creatures they have become. This was real hell and they have even lost their normal human form, absorbed by their animal instincts.

The third night was the easiest - the complaining realm. No one hurt me - they just kept complaining and complaining about external things, not taking ownership over the environment - failure to complete the Third Blessing (Dominion over the Creation).

Few hours was O.K., but imagine to stay at such place for eternity. Life on earth is but a moment, but our life in the spirit world is eternal. Yet, how we lived while on earth will determine our eternal state of mind and heart.

First Night: The Gossiping Realm of Hell

At each of these places, I spend the whole night observing everything and talking to the people there. The gossiping realm was the most painful place of the three. My heart was literally suffocating. I felt agonizing, not wanting to live even for one more second, feeling that horrible atmosphere their hearts were producing.

I was touching everything, the grass, the trees, the asphalt - everything was real (substantial). Externally was so much like the physical world, just a bit gloomier. But internally something was very wrong with these people. Their hearts were twisted. This was the Gossiping realm in Hell.

Gossip is toxic to any environment. It shuts down communication, it shuts down trust. DP explains it as Sharing of 'displeased feelings' that poison the hearts of others. Gossip - Triangle of Mistrust


No matter what you do, or not do, you are always accused. Whatever you say is twisted in a vicious way. My heart was agonizing, feeling the evil energy they produce. That's what these people did in their life - gossiping. For them this resonance of heart was normal. They observed externally, accused and gossiped. This was the common base for their friendships. For their victims this was agonizing, but for them that was love - to share negativity, laughing and ridiculing others. These are the poisonous Vitality Elements they nurtured themselves in their physical life - so that's what they continue doing in the spirit world.

"Those who succeed in earthly life by slandering and plotting against others will be turned upside down in the spirit world." CSG1 p.849

These is possible only in hell, but unthinkable in the higher realms. I can't imagine such evil games against each other in my own family. This will be Hell. Their very hearts were twisted. Yet, they looked clever, intelligent, heartistic, same as many humanistic members I know on earth. Read what's evil in Humanism. One has to be totally under his physical mind to do such things. Read, Liberate our Spirit Mind and you'll understand.

Do you see how this very Gossiping-Hell in the spirit world, God has shown me, is actually return-resurrecting through Sanctuary Church? Whatever Mother says or does is always accused. It goes to grotesque; She sits on one chair, they accuse; She sits on two chairs, they ridicule her. It's not what she does, it's the evil nature of their hearts, where the problem lies. Their hearts are twisted! They are feeding on poisonous 'vitality elements'.

"In the spirit world.. you can discern if a person is below.. or in a higher place than you... you can immediately see their rank in the hierarchy of love. This rank is absolute." CSG1 p.849

People living in intrigues and gossip cannot live without it. No matter the pain and hell it causes spiritually. The energy they produce is suffocating you, spreading around like a poisonous gas and allowing the realm of the evil spirits expand. But for those grown with it, it is the daily dose of the drug they absolutely need.

How to help? How to protect yourself? The only way is by helping them; praying for them; doing conditions for them. It is energy, that holds their hearts and allows evil spirits to manipulate them. But once liberated, everyone is liberated; you, they, ancestors... God himself. There is no other way out. Accusations will only bring your own heart in the same hell. Sacrificial love is the only way out.

We end in Darkness if our Spiritual Sensibility is not being Developed while on Earth

Divine Principle is clear - Without developing our spiritual sensibility on earth we cannot feel God even in the spirit world. According to DP, that Spiritual sensitivity must be developed in one's physical life. That requires mind/body unity. In fact - it's an essential part of our spiritual growth. People live in darkness in the world beyond, because their "spiritual senses never having been developed on earth made them alike insensible."

"All was so dark in this place.. due to the almost total blindness of these poor spirits, whose spiritual senses never having been developed on earth." A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS

In his book, dictated from the spirit world, Francezzo explains about the dark realms in the spirit world. The lower-undeveloped spirits live in darkens, because their spiritual senses were not developed on earth. 

You see, the Principle statement is not a joke. It concerns all of us. We will live in brighter realms only if our spiritual senses are being developed in relationship with the body. When our spirit is high, we are 'dimly discernible, even totally invisible' to the evil spirits. So they cannot harm us and we need no protection, Francezzo explains.

Furthermore, The Divine Principle explains that without developing our spiritual sensitivity we cannot feel God. “The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated through its reciprocal relationship with our physical man during physical life on earth." DP 62 So without physical body becomes impossible.

"The sensibility of our spirit man is to be cultivated.. during physical life on earth.. Only when a person reaches perfection and is totally immersed in the love of God while on earth can he fully delight in the love of God as a spirit after his death." DP Creation p.49

Next, the Divine Principle explains that this sensibility is required to be able to perfectly experience God's love. "Man was made so that after his perfection, he could breathe God’s love perfectly. If a spirit man is unable to breathe this love perfectly, because of his sinful conduct, he feels pain when standing before God..” DP 63: Principle of Creation

Perfection is not about knowledge or power. It's all about our level of heart. See the chart of Heart Resonance; What level of Resonance you breathe in? A simple example of how our heart level affects us; You feel true love, you give true love. You feel hate, you act with hate. The level of Perfection is the level where we resonate with true love. It is where we breathe God's love.

"Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness." - Father On Spiritual Help

The irony is, supposedly we all want to become 'a divine spirit'. If it was to stay just as a 'formed spirit' - just Foundation of Faith, then the Old Testament Religions should be enough. If we are to just rich to the level of 'a life spirit' (Growth Stage), then why do we need the Second Advent. Christians could always reach that stage. So did we really grow to the Completion Stage, or we were stuck on the way?

The Realm of the Lower Middle Spirit World

Recently, again I spend a night in the spirit world, observing the Middle spiritual realm (around Hyung Jin) and the brighter realm around True Mother. The first one was dark; People were afraid of each other, gathering only in groups united to accuse and persecute others. No wonder this spiritual influence makes SC do the same on earth.

Just falling asleep, suddenly I appeared in some gloomy place in the spirit world. My heart intuitively felt that Hyung Jin and Kook Jin are in that spiritual realm. Guided by my spiritual sense I find where they live.

The place looked like a small stadium, yet outside was protected like a castle. This was needed, because in this realm people easily accused each other of anything, so they were isolated there for their protection.

The atmosphere inside felt safer and brighter for this realm. Hyung Jin and Kook Jin were sitting at the center of the stadium, lovingly observing the members enjoying different pastimes. Nothing providential, but even the self-centered activities they did, like dancing, games, etc. were great lip upwards for this dark, hopeless levels of the spirit world.

The Escape from the Middle Spirit Realms

Probably the most correct way to position their spiritual realm is some Ham level of the Middle Spirit World. You know Ham was the one judging and accusing based on his self-centered sense of righteousness. Ham was the one who did not repent but felt excused to judge his Parent and multiply gossips, stirring the same displeased feelings in his brother's hearts. These are the feelings Hyung Jin has to take, overcome and liberate before being able to represent True Parents.

Trying to find my way out of this realm I started realizing what the problem was here. People were afraid to come out on the streets. Citizens of this realm were 'good', self-righteous people. Yet, they were so eager to judge and persecute if something was not in accordance with their external way of judging, so normal life was impossible. They misunderstood God's heart. Imagine if God, who sees every small mistake we do in hidden, start judging us and not forgiving us. Such a hellish world have they created for themselves. Evil Angels can easily come in these realms and mobilize these spirits to go and do harm, by manipulating them to think this is a righteous cause.

The streets here were nearly empty. I stumbled on a group accusing relentlessly a lonely girl, so I interfered and helped her. In return, she agreed to help me find my way. While talking to her we climb up on a train. I didn't know the customs so just followed her. For me everything was interesting, and the information was so much. I wondered why the train was so empty. Suddenly the conductor showed up and the girl said, "Jump". We did, but the conductor kept chasing us. We forgot to get tickets.

I soon learned that in this realm no one will forgive you. If in their view you make the smallest mistake, they will chase you to the end. That was the very thing that gave meaning to their lives - to accuse, to judge, to create unity to accuse and attack others. Only based on that common base they could feel friendship. For them, that was love, but was happy when After many incidents I finally got out.

The Realm of Trusting and Serving to Each Other

I realized that the place I came was much brighter. Soon I was surprised by the relationships here. People fixed things for me and I expected an expensive charge. When I was a bit late I expected to be accused, scolded or murmured about it. Instead, they gave me presents and had a nice, understanding and loving attitude.

I was surprised! I asked God, "What is this realm? Why are people so good here?" The answer came in the most beautiful and unexpected way. I lifted my head and saw True Mother coming towards me.

True Mother's Realm of Heart

My heart got overwhelmed with joy. I felt like with my personal mother, so pure, strong heartistic connection. As a new guy in this realm probably I reacted too naturally, intimately, without barriers. But Mother also hugged me. See: We Love True Mother

"A person who lives intoxicated by God’s love.. can move around in all directions in the spirit world. Since the spirit world is a place where the God’s ideal of love is realized in all directions, people who live enraptured in God’s love stand in a prominent position." (Rev. Moon, 1990.2.5)

Then Mother took me to the place where our members were working. It was like a big gathering place, much as places we hold our events on the earth. There were many big reception tables and lines of ancestors were coming towards each one of them. So I was curious about what are they doing. Mother said, "Go and see", so I went.

I saw ancestors of wonderful members, that I know on earth. Actually, they were all reporting, at those tables, how many other ancestors they have witnessed today and how many will come for education. It was such an exciting atmosphere, like we have on earth when holding big mobilizations around Father.

Oh, this realm was so much more alive. We were sitting on a table around Mother and sharing heartisticly. I'm sure in my curiosity and ignorance I embarrassed Mother with my questions and attitude, but she never showed it. Surely she is aware of my level. We have so many things yet to learn, to know how to relate with True Parents in the spirit world.

Praying for Hyung Jin's Realm

At the end, Mother took me outside and showed me a place where members could observe and pray for the realm of Hyung Jin and Kook Jin. In a cloud-like fog in front of us we could see what they are doing, like if they are right in front of us. Members from this higher realm were coming, sitting down like in a huge prayer hall, and praying for those in the lower realms. That was the very reason why those around Hyung Jin in the Middle Spirit World could feel joy and hope, unavailable for those dark realms. Pity, in their immaturity they cannot understand and appreciate that. Just the opposite, with their resentment and negative talks they mobilize even more evil spirits to want to destroy Mother. If only earthly SC followers could see spiritually what evil energy they are producing.

But seeing that I could understand how God is using the True Family to resurrect as many more resentful spirits from these lower realms. Now I understood why Father Moon prayed for his son to take the resentment of all ages, and how True Mother's love had to melt all that.

On the other side, in Mother's realm everyone was happy with even the smallest improvement in the state of the people in Hyung Jin's realm. God's heart is always love, but love that helps other's grow. In higher spiritual realms, where Mother is, there is only love and LFSO (Living for the sake of others).

Vibrational Universe of Love

Back in 1985, Father already explained that "research on the frequency" will "enable contact with the spirit world." As he explained, "The motions in the spirit world are all made up of vibrations.", which soon science will be able to measure and research. Now that can be measured with quantum scanners.

What is our level of heart? Scientists measured that heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies (they are poisonous vitality elements for our spirit). But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies (nurturing our spirit to grow).

"The air in the spirit world is love. Love is the essence of life. In that world, you do not just breathe through your nostrils but also through the top of your head and through all your cells." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.409

To become true individuals everything we do should vibrate in the resonance of love. If you look spiritually, every person has certain vibrational energy around himself (Aura). This energy reflects the combined informational field of all your cells; of all your past thoughts and actions. 

"The mind is invisible.. yet it exists. Does it exist in the head, or in the heart? Mind exists throughout your body, with not even one cell within your body where it is not present." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG p.1

In the spirit world you cannot hide it. Your essence is visible to everyone. Our energetic frequency affects the energetic frequencies of those around us. For example, a person operating at the level of 500 Hz, which is the resonance of Love, can lift up 750,000 other people's hearts to a resonance above 200 Hz. Meaning, people around him will become better people, experiencing resurrection.

Who is the Messiah: Peacemaker and Unifier

This is the real meaning of Tribal Messiahship. We have to actually grow up in our hearts to the highest spiritual vibrations of love. Reaching the heart vibrations of 600 Hz (Resonance of Peace) one can elevate spiritually over 10 million people around. Such a person can truly be called a Peacemaker. In his presence enemies forget their prejudices and easily create unity, experiencing God's love.

That's how we know that Rev. Moon is the Messiah - the promised Peacemaker. With his vibrations, True Father - Rev. Sun Myung Moon, could affect our lives enormously. He could bring unity where that seemed impossible; uniting people of all religions, nationalities and races. In his presence the vibrations were so high, that evil spirits could not even come close. For this reason, our original nature opens only by being close to him.

The research found that one person in the resonance of 700 Hz (Enlightenment) affects the lives of over 70 million people. In this sense, being around the Messiah has more resurrecting power than going to CP.

DNA of a Perfected Individual

"Certain genes get shot down (closed) because of lack of mother's care," Neurology research shows. As grown-ups, such children don't have motherly instincts. That underlines the importance of parental love for our spiritual development.

Research shows six levels in our DNA codes. They correspond to the level of spiritual development. The man who unlocks them all can bring peace and unity to the world. His DNA transmits info to unlock our own way to perfection.

Each group of coded in our DNA gets unlocked one after another, according to our spiritual growth. The first 3 levels correspond to the maturation of our physical mind; while the next 3 groups of DNA codes are connected to the development of our spirit - the spiritual mind. When we unlock all of them we can finally reach perfection - become capable of full unity between mind and body.

PHYSICAL LEVEL CODES (Physical Mind Development)

1 level: Survival - connected to the lowest instincts for survival; Sex and Money.
2 level: Pleasure - connected to drinking, eating and parties.
3 level: Power - put self over others; leadership and dominion.

SPIRITUAL LEVEL CODES (Spirit Mind Development)

4 level: Love - (horizontal) to serve and feel compassion - Empathy.
5 level: Truth - (vertical) sense the truth, strength to follow it / not judging, not influenced by opinion
6 level: Unification - to develop will and spirit, to feel and achieve unity with others.

Notice that people who unlocked their DNA mainly on level 1 will be dominated by their sexual instincts; on level 2 by drinking and food; on level 3 one may become a psychopath dictator, on level 4 one will be humanist (empathy with no vertical norms); on level 5 universal moral values will prevail over humanistic (self-centered values).

God's Work was to Restore the Lineage

If the Fall had not happened, each person naturally would have undergone simultaneous maturation of his mind and body, unlocking all these 6 levels until the age of 21. On this base perfected families, tribes, societies and nations will have emerged. It took hundreds of thousands of years for God to restore the pure lineage, so a perfect man could appear and unlock the way to perfection for us.

Presently we see humanity woven in the conflict between level 4 and level 5. Humanism and materialism are in a bitter cultural war against the vertical values, faith and family. Humanity lacks someone mature enough to be in the position of parent and unifier, which unlocks the level 6.

However, level 6 is the one that hasn't been unlocked ever in human history until the appearance of the True Parents. Reaching that level one becomes Unifier and Peacemaker on all levels. He will open the way for the mind and body unity, husband and wife unity, unity among religions, nations and races. Thus a new world will start growing from that one restored seed. This is the level of the Messiah (The prophesied Peacemaker). And I know of no one else on that level in human history, but Rev. Sun Myung Moon.


In 2012 there was a spiritual shift. In 2013 Rev. Moon, as the Lord of the Second Advent, stood as the center of the spiritual world. Thus, we entered the age of CIG (Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity). Why? For the first time the cosmos (physical and spiritual world) can be united. Since that's the first time in human history when a perfected individual enters the spirit world as a true mediator between both of them.

There are few changes resulting from that. First, now both worlds stand closer to each other. That's why scientists found out a quantum shift at the end of 2012. The particles of the physical world became smaller and vibrate with higher, more spiritual frequency.

How that affects our lives? The spiritual reality of the people is becoming more and more expressed in their physical life. There are visible signs for that: Members who didn't liberate all their ancestors can easily become subjugated by the low reality of their suffering ancestors in lower realms (dominated by fear, judging and antagonism).

Furthermore, Members who don't do witnessing and Tribal restoration, may also easily sink into a negative mindset and resentment (Like SC). In the new world of CIG, the old mindset is painful, because the Universe cannot leave such things to continue existing. Let's all Liberate quickly God's Heart.

Rev. Moon's Work in the Spirit World

In 2013 Rev. Moon started reorganizing the spirit world. "Many humanitarians and moral leaders here in the spiritual world are working with Rev. Moon", Mandela explained in a spiritual message and began to list; "Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, and many UN leaders who are already in the spiritual world. Many more are coming and joining every day." Mandela speaks of a number of historical figures who now support Reverend Moon's efforts for world peace continuing in the spiritual world.

"President Lincoln leads the group of US Presidents. 2014 is the year of the Spirit," he explained. Multiply 2014 and it makes 7 - the number of the spirit. In that year Rev. Moon is mobilizing all the good spirit world to prepare to descend and work with on the earth from 2015, for bringing God's Ideal as soon as possible. "This will be an opportunity for the people on earth to work in unity with us, who are on the other side. For me it is a blessing to work with this great man, Dr. Moon, who has lived his life for others," ends Mandela's message.

God Opened my Spiritual Senses for 100 Days

2014 True Father (Rev. Moon) was preparing the spirit world for working with the earth... In 2015 (3rd anniversary of CIG) it started. Something like mass Resurrection and mass education. At that time God asked me to allow Him, to open my spiritual senses for 100 days. He said, "If you don't see it spiritually you'll never understand." If I knew it's going to be so painful, I would never have accepted. Yet, in this period I've learned things that no book can ever explain.

In these 3 months, passing gradually through the realms of hell, the middle spirit world and finally the Paradise, God did show me how painful the situation around us looks spiritually. Dae Mo Nim and other Elder brothers and sisters from the spirit world came to teach me.

I had to undergo the attacks of many evil spirits and powerful angels. I had to deal with such manipulative spirits until I've learned to understand and be able to overcome their invasions. Even for a spiritually sensitive person is so difficult to subjugate them without clearly understanding how the Principle works in the spirit world. They will come, trick me into their ways and later they will explain how they did it. Imagine, how difficult it is to resist their invasions when we are spiritually blind. After few days I will learn to deal with such lying spirits and resist their evil influence. Only then I will be sent to deal with spirits on another, a bit higher level.

I didn't sleep for 2 months, not even for 10 min. I had to constantly observe the way they come and deceive people. At each level of spirits I had to learn also how to liberate them through Returning Resurrection, thus liberating people from their influence. This was a painful and slow process. It seemed like an eternity for me.

The Evil Spirits in our Bodies

It was a painful experience similar to the one Dae Mo Nim described when she saw all stuck spirits in our bodies. There is a constant spiritual influence around us. I could see how evil spirits enter and talk trough people, change their mood into negative - to provoke misunderstandings, struggles, accusations and divisions. Some of the experiences were with Hyungjin. I saw him fighting the evil angels, being invaded numerous times by them, yet standing up, again and again.

Then God showed me how tricky these evil angels were, how much they can twist a person's mind and perception, to the point where unprincipled can seem principle and vice verse. It was scary to see, how they block some parts of the memory, so reality and truth become shifted. Now, when I talk to SC members, I'm shocked, to find out, how many of those fallen angels' beliefs have entered Sanctuary Church.

Why is all this happening now? It's God's love! It's for the sake of liberating humanity from these spiritual forces. It has to come. It has to be seen and revealed. It has to end. As Edgar Cayce predicted, soon the spirits of the lower realms will be completely prevented from influencing the earth God cannot wait any longer. We live in the age of CIG. The past has to be liberated quickly. How wonderful is this chance, even though we on earth will still suffer for a while! Read more...


After the year 2012, the world entered a new age. God now has the authority and the whole spirit world is mobilized, centered on Father, for fast restoration. That's why many good things are happening, while evil is becoming more and more obvious and revealed. These are the last days of evil at the birth of a new, wonderful world. The Unification Movement is working hard for that. Read, The Power of True Love: Heal the Marriage, Unite Ministers for World Peace

If we unite our forces together, then we can make a better world, a world of peace.” Hon. Cynthia Tarrago Diaz, a member of Congress from Paraguay

NEWS: Amazing community is forming around Ceong Pyong Lake's Peace Palace in South Korea. You see a new pure, happy and creative culture rising among the thousands of second gen. children living and studying there. And this is only a glimpse into what's coming in the near future when big communities of few generations start appearing everywhere around the world.

A number of nations are already educating their citizens in the Culture of Heart. In special-chosen nations rural areas with 80 to 100 % Blessed families. The Culture of Heart spreads like fire. Read more...

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