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Moon and the Washington Times: THE ROLE IN ENDING THE COLD WAR

Washington Times and Moon, Sun Myung Moon and the conservative Washington Times
The paper founded in 1982 by the Korean religious leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, had key role in ending the cold war and bringing the collapse of Marxist-Communism.

Sun Myung Moon and his Paper: 

Testimony by Mr. Oeyamada
I want you to understand the crucial role of the "Washington Times" in the opening up of Russia and the Eastern European nations towards democracy. There are many media in the Western world and America, but they didn't know which way to go. Therefore the media and many intelligent people as well were linked towards liberalism and were easily influenced by communism. They were leading the free world towards its own destruction. Therefore Rev. Sun Myung Moon founded the "Washington Times".

If Rev. Moon had not established the Washington Times in 1982, many more problems would have occurred in the Western world. There were about 1700 newspapers in the US, but not even one of them was conservative. All the liberal media were silent about the Soviet strategies of infiltrating the West. They covered up all the problems of Communist countries but criticized everything in the free world.

Only after the Washington Times was established were the Soviet infiltration strategies in the Western world exposed. Then those people like the CIA and others, who had never had a chance to publish their information about the activities of the Soviets in England, France, Italy and other Western nations, came to the Washington Times. These facts were finally made known to the public.

With the publication of the Washington Times a new confrontation began in the United States. All the criminal and violent activities of the communists which had been covered up by the liberal press began to be investigated and exposed. This new trend was greatly influenced by the Washington Times.

Winning the Ideological War
Based on information published by the Washington Times, the western radio stations that broadcast for the Eastern European countries (like Voice of America and Free Europe) began to report about the Soviet evil activities all over the world. This encouraged the Eastern European Satellite countries of the Soviet Union to recognize the Soviets for what they are and they became increasingly critical towards Moscow.

I think every city square in America should have a statue of Sun Myung Moon for his having created The Washington Times.
Ralph Smead
Political Activist
Boise, Idah

Who Played Key Roles in the Collapse of Communism?
Marx and Lenin appeared to be on the verge of political and ideological vindication by the end of the 1970s; the feeble international response to the Soviet Union's outright takeover of Afghanistan did not bode well for the democratic cause.
Who could have imagined that one decade later the Soviets' dreams of world dominance would have dissipated? It is naïve to assume that the demise of Soviet communism was pure chance. The Reagan presidency complemented by a "peace through strength" foreign policy played a key role in getting the United States "back on track" and facilitating the emergence of glasnost inside the former Soviet Union.
A change in Americans' perception of Soviet political and military designs, undoubtedly fostered by the experience of the Carter years and by reports in conservative publications such as Reverend Moon's Washington Times, played a key role in allowing the United States to abandon its anti-military posture of the late 1970s and commit to achieving military superiority over the Soviets in the 1980s.

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Washington Times and Moon, Sun Myung Moon and the conservative Washington Times

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