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Hoover Dam Explosion Related to Tesla's Laboratory

Hoover Dam Explosion Related to Tesla's Laboratory

The explosion was attempt to access the secret Nicola Tesla's laboratory, the Global Repository reported. 

CIG Report, August 1, 2022 - by Yulian UTS

In the last reports I pointed how SYSTEM WAS CRACKED and many World Leaders resigned simultaneously after meeting Zelensky. And we saw the German Member of EU Parliament say, "This vaccine campaign will go down as biggest scandal in medical history... it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity." 

"The Monkey Pox they are talking now is just a reaction of the body trying to get this toxins from the vaccine out." Gene Decode

Now White Hat report suggested, "August is the month of draining the swamp in both the banking and market systems. In prove of that we see Catholic Church banned from Canada Wealth seized due to Papal addition of Genocide of children in Catholic Residential Schools. September comes full implementation of the QFS - Quantum Financial System." And talking about Nikola Tesla I would like to focus on the amazing upcoming technologies, our responsibility and the bright future in front of us.

"Our mind is only the receiver. We need to tune it with the universe. When someone says it can't be done, do it anyways. Money does not represent such a value as people have placed upon it." Nicola Tesla

Hoover Dam Explosion & Tesla's Laboratory

Hoover dam began construction in 1931. Deep inside the dam was a doorway to Nicola Tesla's laboratory. Morgan, who built the dam, founded both Edison and Tesla. This laboratory was not about electricity. It was about Reverse Engineering future technology; Free Energy and other super secret projects. They blew the door hoping to get access to this technology, but the laboratory was emptied years ago. Well, another failure for the Deep State. 

In 1930 Tesla made his car generate electricity with antenna. The Petrol Mafia didn't like that, so his research had continue in secrecy. In this video you can see electro-magnetic flying in 1950 that was also forbidden.

In 1931, Nikola Tesla presented and tested a new automobile. The power receiver (gravity energy converter) was installed in front of the control panel. A 1.8 meters long antenna apparently had the function as that of the moray converter (radiant energy!). "Now we have power," said Tesla? he said there was enough power in the converter to light an entire house, plus run the car's motor. The car was tested for a week, reaching a top speed of 144 km per hour effortlessly. 

I already informed you about the THE TESLA-TRUMP-MOON CONNECTION to a secret Tesla laboratory in the New Yorker Hotel, and Tesla's plan to bring the end of the Corporations blocking the technological progress. Tesla said, "The world is on the eve of an astonishing revolution... conditions will be changed... end of monopolies." Realizing their evil nature, later in his life he created a plan of how to bring their end. And he was not alone! We are talking of the secret work of the good guys who have learned how vast and powerful the Satanic grip on humanity is.

"Understand that there are higher dark forces at the power wheel of this planet who are in control. Powers that do not want the best for you and me." Situation Update

In prove of how Satanic are those who govern us I will point few newly discovered facts. (1) Michelle Obama was registered to vote as man from 1994 until 2008 show the official documents of the Illinois State Board of Elections. (2) The Aluminium in Chemtrails were found to have a direct link to Environmental Damage, Alzheimer's and Autism. (3) The Elite Globalists created Covid as the uncovered US Bio-Weapon Labs in Ukraine show. We are talking Demons in human bodies, inhuman Cabal, that wants humanity to suffer. 

Ban of the Catholic Church in Canada 

These people used Satanic Ritual abuse of children for centuries. Last week Pope Francis finally admitted the Vatican-led Satanic worshipping Genocide and torture of over half a million native Canadian children from mainly Catholic Residential Schools across Canada. This led to a disestablishment and ban of the Roman Catholic Church from operating anywhere in Canada and seizure of their properties. 

"This Catholic Child Holocaust is filled with Satan worshipping rape, torture and murder of innocent children. It has been found to be practiced worldwide by the Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult that includes prominent world leaders and Royals." Situation Update

I still remember the same things being explained to us by Archbishop Millingo. He spoke to us in Father Moon's house at East Garden. He explained the Satanic practices of Cardinals in Underground facilities of Vatican. Now we see Diplomats and indigenous groups are seeking expulsion of the Vatican from the UN for that reason. Finally the evil of the world is being exposed - a sign of it's collapse after Father Moon removed Lucifer from his position. See, LUCIFER REPENTED

Comment: Catholicism faces the same problems now in Nicaragua. People burn their churches, police is entering and arresting priests. This may well spread to other countries in the world. Once people learn what they did, they will be so enraged. 

Now you understand why This revolution is not Televised. In fact, arrests in Vatican happened during the 1st Lockdown on purpose, so that the operation can stay secret. These evil people are capable of causing unimaginable harm to humanity. They always thought they are untouchable. If you take a look, the court cases in Canada against this child abuse started in 1965. Look at the final court decisions in 2012-13. Why only now the good guys can act? 

Removed Silently - Layer by Layer

As Kimberly Goguen just reported, 229 loyalists to the Cabal program showed up on the scheduled meeting for new instructions from Lucifer. Few were smart enough to not go, because they watched everybody disappear at every other location where these meetings were taking place. So thank to the Enforcer we are now devoid of another 229 Cabal members plus 3 more that showed up this morning in London. The next meeting coming up will be the Dragon Family meeting. We will see if they show up. (1) But as of this morning we've got every single cloning stooge they had. All of the elite clones are gone. So, there is no new body they can jump in. 

"The war is over now. It's over for years now. More and more people are understanding exactly what the evil guys are up to. We can get on with the restoration once we finish cleaning up these ridiculous people that are still trying to follow a plan that is not in effect since 2013 I warned you weeks ago, it's restoration plan or die." Kim Goguen

This is the last interview Aaron Russo gave before his death. It gives you a pick into the mindset and the manipulations used by the elite. Rockefeller's friend reveals his shocking plans for the world and the war with not existing enemy, 

The Power of Money from Nothing is Over

The hot news is, now 201 countries disconnected from the Federal Reserve and moved on gold backed currencies. So Russia is definitely not alone in this war with the Satanic Rothschild money of debt. And this is central to the White Hats war for liberation of humanity. 

All the Central Banks were seized in Operation Defender Europe 20 & 21. 

The White Hat, Q Movement, is all about Dark to Light. We are talking Q-Clearance generals who dedicated to end the Satanic Sovereignty on earth. It started with MacArthur and a group of generals. Remember, Father Moon made a movie about MacArthur. From 200 Generals in JFK time, it grew up to 800 Generals, who called Trump to become President, so that they can take down this Satanic Cabal in a peaceful way. Now you see Pres. Trump, his VP and his spiritual adviser working closely with True Mother Moon. See the spiritual reason for that explained in, Rev. Moon and Lincoln's Descendants

Military Intel: Just like the elder Bush, Shinzo Abe had given all details to the White Hat Military before his death. So, did Shinzo sing? Why did so many Prime Ministers got taken down at the same time? Was he actually moved to a Witness Protection program?

Last week, at the funeral for "murdered" slave-prime minister Shinzo Abe, not a single world leader showed up. As Fulford reported, someone very close to Abe said that the real Abe died two years ago. The "assassination" was street theater designed to manipulate public opinion. And as I reported this happened simultaneously with tearing down important Satanic symbols and the simultaneous removal of many Prime Ministers worldwide. See, SYSTEM WAS CRACKed

At the same time Biden investigation came with the bombshell report alleging that FBI was involved in a giant cover up to protect the Biden family. They intentionally downplayed evidence of Hunter Biden's corrupt business deals. Instead they went with false accusations against Trump and Gen. Flynn. 

Now Christine Anderson, German Member of EU Parliament said, "This vaccine campaign will go down as biggest scandal in medical history... it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity." Obviously the plans of the Cabal are falling apart, as I explained in the LUCIFER REPENTED: He is obligated now to dismantle the evil Matrix he created. 

As Mitchell Gerber reported:

We see the total collapse of the Communist Party in China and the Cabal that was controlling them... The White Hats infiltrated the Deep State and are dismantling it from within. Meanwhile they made believe that the Cabal is winning. While the White Hats operation is fully in control. They have confiscated huge amounts of gold from the Cabal. There will come the time when they will unveil the... so the next 4-5 months we are going to see a great reveal. We will see Tribunals and executions. We will see great technologies coming. By December we will see something big. 

We Witness the Birth of a New Monetary System

What is becoming more and more obvious is that "We are witnessing the birth of a new world monetary system." This is a war with the Satanic Rothschild Fiat system of debts that have enslaved humanity. See, THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

As Fulford reported, "Nazis were a Jewish fraction (Khazarian-Jews worshiping Satan). The Holocaust was a sacrifice to their god - Baal or Satan to force the Ashkenazi Jews out of their homeland in Europe into Jerusalem. These are the people who hijacked the governments in the West. 

Now the entire world is sick and tired of these monsters and their monetary system of slavery. That's why Putin announced that they will only accept payments for gas and oil in Gold Backed Rubles. And Saudi Arabia said the same thing. So the US dollar produced by the Federal Reserve is dead. They cannot create money out of nothing anymore. 

In the old days they would have send tanks to remove that government leader who is trying to do that. "Oh, you don't accept our dollar so we are sending out the troupes." But they cannot do that anymore. So it's kind of an End Game at this point. 

"It's like taking a parasite from your body. It's gonna be painful but then you gonna be a lot healthier," Fulford remarked. These people create money out of nothing and play like they are gods. The living standard for 90% of Americans was dropping since 1972 when they took the dollar of the gold. Increasing the gup between people who had access to this magic-money-printing machine and their servants. That has to be put end to. These criminals are being cornered, they are being removed. It's happening and it's obvious.

We are towards the end of this charade. But we have to focus on what kind of world we want. What future we want for our kids. Let's make Earth a Paradise. Let's do it ourselves."

We are Watching a Movie

That's what the White Hats are reporting:

The Military Alliance behind Trump decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions were, and since then we have been watching a movie that aims to open our eyes and wake us up, so that never happens again. 

On January 20, 2021, the United States was taken over by a military government led by Military Secretary General Christopher Miller and Commander in Chief, the duly elected President Donald Trump. 

Joe Biden died three years ago and his role since has been played by three actors. His entire 'crew' is a cast selected by Trump's team. All of his Ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value. The White House, Capital and all the federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed since January 20, 2021. 

President Putin was crushing the last remnants of the New World Order and is an ally and collaborator with President Trump. While we think Russia is fighting Ukraine, in fact the military of 36 nation Alliance is fighting the Deep State bases in Ukraine. While Media is focused there, the same is happening in many other countries.  

Video: Kim Goguen updates us on the state of the World! Who made Pelosi Travel to China? Who was orchestrating all the deep state craziness? How presidents and generals were controlled by agencies. Agencies that supposedly fought each other were actually controlled by the same person. This controller was now removed. That liberates the trade of Gold. And a meeting is upcoming where the Agencies will decide how to work for a brighter future from now on. 

Cabal operations are failing

The Cabal operations are failing. And my feeling is that the Covid exposure of the evil of the Vaccines is also a movie. A scare events that made people research and learn about the the evil of the Vaccines. In fact Vaccines were always evil. In fact, vaccines caused much bigger damage and deaths in the past. For example the Spanish Flue was not only started by the Vaccines, but nearly every vaccinated died. 100 million all together. Many other vaccine campaigns had millions killed. Media and politicians always covered it all. 

The Unvaccinated are the heroes of the last 2 years as they allowed us all to have Control Group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcomings of the Covid Vaccines. We marked them for special persecution. The goas of many institutions was the make the life unlivable for them. Blaming them even for the death of the vaccinated and the ineffectiveness of this deadly experiment. 

Medical Journal: Covid Vax Compromises Immune System, Booster Shuts Should be Halted Immediately.

My observation is that this time Vaccines were used in reverse way. Not only to wake up the ignorant humanity, but to execute the millions of Cabal actors. That was their lethal injection for those involved in the use and production of Adrenochrome (Adrenalized blood from tortured and raped children). That's why we see famous actors, singers, sport players gone from the stage. Many replaced with doubles or CGI, so their elimination be not that obvious. 

VIDEO: NSA has it all on all of these people. They all had to capitulate in front of Trump. The major corporations, all the media companies and all other puppets, they show them all the documents they have on them. "You play with team-Trump or all of it will be declassed. Each one of you will be opened up to the masses as a child murderer." So they all capitulated. 

Setting a stage for what is to come

19.07.22 Multiple Fires Break Out in Greater London Area / San Francisco Airport Evacuated / Israel under attack - rocket sirens / 

We were warned that this is a Controlled Demolition. We will se governments falling and prices rising. But after this there will be no more wars. 

"After All Is Done And Told This Will Be Forever Known As The Greatest Plan In The World To Save Our Children and Humanity From The Physical Matrix Enslavement From evil demonic beings."

We are like the hamsters on the weal all they long, Goguen explained. "They are just keeping us busy. At the end of the day we are exhausted. So, you don't have time to contemplate what's really going on." 

COMMENT: "Let the agents of the devil continue with their prolonged maneuver.. if they think they know everything, God is mocking them. As for me, am serene, serene because I believe in the supreme God."

 Bright Future

"The standard argument is that "the planet will become overpopulated." This is a lie. First, right now, if we gave every person a Chinese-style subsistence farm, we could fit the entire population of the earth in the state of Texas. Also, with energy technology suppressed, we could create entirely new ecosystems in the deserts, the frozen wasteland, and underground." Fulford Report

We could live in harmony with nature, even colonize space. But someone is trying to prevent that. A powerful group is trying to alter our genes with vaccines designed to turn us into domesticated animals. Henry Kissinger boasted: "In the future it will be as impossible for ordinary people to rebel against us as it is for a sheep to rebel against its farmer."

A 1990 United Nations report revealed that poverty and environmental destruction could be halted by the year 2000 with just $200 billion a year..." Fulford Report

They were hiding the truth from us. They worked always against God. But humanity is awakening now. Until now, no one was interested in biological weapons in Ukraine, as well as abducted children, child trafficking, pedophilia, experimentation on children, murders of children, the laboratory for Adrenochrome. We were under the Satanic fogue unable to see the truth and liberate God's Heart. But now things shifted spiritually, thanks to Father Moon mobilizing the good spirit world. 

Kim Goguen:

"A lot of your questions are about what the Global Government is doing. You know, we are taking care for those people. That is our job. Lаyer by lаyer, peace by peace. I'm giving you updates, letting you know what we are doing." Kimberly Ann Goguen

"If you truly want independence, than you are going to have be not be dependent on the global government for anything," Kim said. People have to come together, create alliances and be self sufficient instead of complaining that government or someone else is not doing it. Take responsibility and be responsible ourselves. 

Than you understand what True Father was doing. Recreating the world. Starting from the family and preparing all the new organizations needed to restructure the world according to God's Ideal. Creating alliances and uniting consciences people to work together to transform the world. 

"Every single pharmaceutical company in the entire planet is owned by your Global Government. So are you participating or are you trying to look for alternative healing methodologies... things that actually work." 

The same is true for any other area of life; food, education... Until you create a different way in a different place, for the people to go, nothing will ever change. You never gonna change those people. the system. 

"You are complaining of what they are doing to you, but you're letting them do it to you." The Nanny State keep encroaching on people's lives and keep demanding things. 

They create the problem and they would give you the solution. You expect them to solve things for you, telling you to do nothing about it yourself. To get out of this vicious cycle we have to take responsibility and do it ourselves. Starting with the things around ourselves. 

Video: Building the world of true love and the Culture of Heart. Uniting world leaders to fulfill God's Ideal for humanity. 

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