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Relationship Blogging: method of blog marketing

Relationship Blogging

Being polite is always helpful in building a healthy relationship. No relationship works if it is only one way.

The state of blog-o-sphere has been changed drastically due to the advent of social media websites like twitter and facebook. Now being a blogger and just writing and promoting articles will not work. Relationship blogging is the new trend in the blogging realm, and to become an influential blogger in the present blog-o-sphere, a blogger should be very good at building relationships. Haven’t heard of the concept, I will clear the air.

Relationship Blogging is a method of blog marketing, which is done by creating really good relationships with people. Relationship building is the requirement of this time where social media is at it’s peak. By Building good relationships you increase trust and build credibility for your website. As you build a good reputation, people start recognizing your blog as a brand and also start sharing your content with others. If you build good relationships with social media hotshots, then it can help in bringing lots of traffic to your website.

As a Relationship Blogger I have learned a lot in the past year, I have built relationships with a lot of social media enthusiasts and according to me a good relationship blogger should follow these 5 Golden Rules of Relationship Blogging:

1. Start a Conversation

Everything starts with a simple conversation. When you are in a coffee shop and you meet a stranger, then what is your next step? Starting a conversation. Similarly, the beginning of every relationship starts with a conversation. It doesn’t matter what the conversation topic is or whether conversation is meaningful, but where the conversation is headed? An engaging conversation will be a stepping stone to a new friendship.

2. Be Polite

The reason why this quality is stressed upon a lot because it is a key element of every conversation and hence it is a key element of building a relationship. If instead of being polite, you start being blunt and rude, then you can’t expect any relationship to be formed. Being polite is always helpful in building a healthy relationship.

3. Random Acts of Kindness

I have learned this concept from twitter. It basically means that instead of promoting your articles first, you show an act of kindness and help a person randomly. The effect of this gesture would be that the person would be taken aback, in a good way and will start liking you and then he will be happy to help you. So, you will get an upper hand in the relationship as being the one who is very kind and generous.

4. Give and Take

No relationship works if it is only one way. It should not be all about mine, it should be about the person too i.e shameless self promotion will not work in these type of relationships. It should be a give and take relationship, where there is a mutual sharing.

5. Thank People

It is very important to thank people even if there is a give and take relationship. It just shows that you are obliged to be part of the relationship and for getting their help .

These Golden Rules are must follow and along with that bloggers need to strike a balance between blogging and social media.

What is your opinion on Relationship Blogging?

A Picture is Worth Thousand Words

Start Bloging With Photos

Photo blogging for most individuals is the most exiting type of blogging Building and maintaining a photo weblog is no more tough than creating and updating a text-based weblog. But a lot of individuals think the Internet’s speed and full-color features are its true attraction for transmitting images. A picture is worth a thousand words, and posting photographs to your weblog from time to time will allow you to reach other people in a powerful way. Besides this, surfing photographic blogs can help you to get a whole new way to look at the world in which we live.


A majority of image blogs are run by professional photographers, but photo blogging is a popular hobby with amateurs and others who just like taking pictures. The photographic blogs that have gathered a copious amount of notoriety is because those artists were from prestigious art schools. There are some well know photo weblogs that are as popular for their concepts as they are for their images. Some photo blogs, for instance “cute Overload”, features numerous images of attractive animals, but they focus more concerning the theme of the pictures than the style of the images.

The fact that photo weblogs range from meeting places to display the work of highly skilled craftsmen to playful collections of curiosities shows that photo blogging is a truly diverse form. Visual communication is very common because photo blogs are very simple to build and update. It permits anyone, no matter of their ability level, to join the global conversation about photography.

Photo blogs can be great places to learn concerning other parts of the globe and great experiences whether you are an artist or just interested in how other individuals live. Photographs of remote lands and the past can take you away to another place or time. It only takes one time of viewing a professional photo of your town to have a whole new respect for your community. Photo blogging permits people to communicate all of these things and more, which makes it a very exciting part of the modern blogosphere. Photo blogs are considered to be the best way web technology permits individuals to be personal from across the globe if you believe that they are good.

How To Get Instant Traffic to Your Blog

by Rajesh Kanuri on October 7, 2009

GetFreeInstantTraffic thumb How To Get Instant Traffic to Your Blog Lack of traffic is one of the major problem for any new blogger or website owner sometimes makes them feel desperate and even makes them left blogging in the initial stages. Even if your blog is new you can have a decent amount of traffic just by following some activities that can generate you good amount of visitors. Just as a side note I want any new blogger to know that every 3 months Google updates page rank for any website on the internet so you should be dropping your link everywhere to get a hand full of back links because more back links (quality of links matters i’ll write some other day about this) more page rank.

Here are some quick methods where you can generate instant traffic from referring sites.

Social Bookmarking Websites

These days Social bookmark websites are owning the web everyone out there is stumbling, digging, mixing or whatever you name it and if you are webmaster and already saw the traffic effects from these websites then you must be aware of fact how much beneficial these websites can be in sense of diverting visitors to your website and give exposure to your content. All you have to do is to register on many famous social bookmark websites and submit your pages there but this is not enough make a lot of friends (probably the one’s already have blogs) where you will have the opportunity of social networking.

Link & Thumb Exchanges

This is also another effective way of making your blog famous and gets permanent readers. By link exchanging or thumb exchanging you link to other’s blog and they link yours two common ways of doing link exchange are in content link change or in blog roll. While link or thumb exchanging you should consider that the other blog should be the same genre of your blog like you can’t thumb exchange with food blog if you write about technology there is less chance of getting benefit. Want thumb or link exchange with TechCats? go to Contact Me Page and give me a message.

Guest Posting

Make blogger friends contact them from their website contact form and ask that you want to do a guest post on their blog when they accept your proposal put your website url and your feed url in the beginning or at the end of the post this way you can have a quality back link plus you’ll get some RSS readers too and the best of all some visitors.

Commenting on blogs

The key to success is ‘leave trackbacks where ever you go’ this is possible when you comment on other’s blog. Leaving comments on every blog you visit will help spreading your links over the web there is chance you’ll get visitors, the main benefit of doing this is the author of blogs you visit will also comment on your blog which is the only way to know what people think about your content. A tip from my side, make a folder in your bookmarks and then bookmark your favourite blogs in it and then comment on these blogs regularly.

Post your content to forums

When you write something sizzling or too new then you should write about it in forums with a back link of your blog post. But you have to be sure the post is worth posting in forums because you can’t post your blog links daily on forums doing this everyday will end up with a banned account because the moderators will consider it as spam.

Start a contest, give prizes

This is really an effective and quick way of gaining popularity and traffic, the game is simple here choose a prize which you think really is useful and your readers need, it can be a domain, a rapid share account or a hosting package (but you shouldn’t spend too much a reasonable prize will do the job) make rules ask them, to take part in the contest a back link is required, a comment on this post and subscribe to out RSS or E-mail feeds and believe me they’ll do it. To give it real hype you can ask some of your popular bloggers friends to write about your contest in their blog.

Top 10 Blogspot Hacks Which You May Dont Know About

by James on March 30, 2010

This is a guest post was written by James Adams, a blogger and designer from the UK who works with an online store offering toner and other print media supplies. If you are interested in posting at TechCats check out our Guest Blogging guidelines.

Blogspot (also commonly referred to as Blogger.com) is a well known platform for bloggers around the nation and the world. While the Web site features a lot of great tools and user features, did you know that there are ways to make it even better? Here Blogspot Hacks (That You Didn’t Know About) that can make your Blogspot experience even better.

Blogspot features Bloging guide Blogger blogspot hacks How to hack blogger how to hack blogs blogspot Best blogging tips top blogging tips Top 10 Blogspot Hacks Which You May Dont Know About<Image Credit>

1. Add Inline Advertisements

Let’s face it, most people don’t like ads, but if it’s a source of livelihood for you, you want to make sure as many people see your ads as possible. You can add advertising inside your blog posts to get more people looking at them (theoretically, the more people see your ads, the more they will click them).

Ordinarily, bloggers can only place ads in the header or footer, above or below the post body, between posts or in the sidebar. To avoid errors when placing AdSense and other java based advertising inside your blog texts, you can edit the AdSense code to change characters that are misinterpreted by the Blogger template to make this work.

2. Use a Top Level Domain

You thought you were stuck with one of the free sounding URLs for your blog, but you’re not. Google will now let you forward your blogspot domain to a real domain that you register yourself. Once your domain name is registered, you can use the “Settings”, “Publishing” tab on the admin interface to have your blog redirected to it.

3. Use a Randomizer to Add Content

If you like to have some fresh quotes, facts, or even ads displayed on your blog, try out Random Quote. Install this on your blog and you can have randomized content that can help intrigue your visitors. Follow the instructions and you’ll have something new for visitors to see every time they stop by.

4. Show / Hide Comments

By placing a link that will show or hide comments on your main page, you can save space while adding convenience. Just a few changes to the code and you have your hack complete.

5. Modify the Menu Bar

You can add a menu bar that makes your blogspot site easier to navigate. With just a little change to your page layout and a CSS mod, you’ll have a basic horizontal link list that makes your blog useable and unique.

6. Chronological Order

If you don’t like it that your blog posts are ordered in reverse (with the latest blog post on top), you can change it to show that your content is chronologically ordered. Just insert a script in your blog’s template and you have the job done.

7. Stop Spam

To address the problems of spam in your blog’s comment section, go into your blog’s admin section and enable word verification. This requires a commenter to enter a word before the system will accept a comment. Since the majority of spam is automated and unable to enter the word verification, most of your spam will stop.

8. Use Blogger to Sell Stuff

You may not have thought it possible to use Blogspot as an e-commerce platform, but you probably should. You don’t have to set up a whole separate Web site because you can use the one you have now! You will need a Blogger account directed to a custom URL, Picasa, a Hello account, and a PayPal merchant account and you’re in business!

9. Enhanced Comments

You can replace Blogspot’s boring Blogger comments feature with something a bit more social and lively like Intense Debate.you even get RSS feeds! All you have to do is sign up at intensedebate.com and You’re on your way.

10. Always Update Your Blog

This really isn’t a hack, but if you browse around some blogspot blogs you will see that it might as well be. Who wants to visit a blog that hasn’t been updated for days, weeks, months or years? If you want to be a blogger, do yourself a favor and blog! Old and obsolete content is a turn off to visitors, so keep fresh updates on your blog all the time.

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