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Ex-Uganda leader weds by satellite
Unification Church mass wedding blessing in South Korea
Often Moonie couples meet for the first time on their wedding day
Former Ugandan President Godfrey Binaisa has married his Japanese bride without meeting her.

The 84-year-old exchanged vows with Ms Yamamoto by satellite link in front of followers of the Unification Church, also known as Moonies.

"Not only does she like me, she loves me - and I love her too," Mr Binaisa told Uganda's

Former Ugandan President Godfrey Binaisa holding a picture of his new wife (Picture from The Monitor)
I am sharp. I am smart. And I move very fast
Godfrey Binaisa
Former Ugandan president
According to the paper, Mr Binaisa could not remember his wife's first name, but said they had spoken a great deal on the phone.

Mr Binaisa, whose first wife died last year, was deposed as president in a military coup in 1980.

He lived in exile, mostly in New York, until his return to Uganda in 2001.

The movement of the Unification Church was founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in 1954 and is dedicated to building world peace through loving families.

Here’s a portion of the piece that shows the range of belief in practice among second generation Unificationists:


Then there’s Moffitt, who represents the new, somewhat more moderate face of Unificationism. He didn’t marry a stranger — he and his wife, Kaeleigh, have known each other since they were children — and their marriage wasn’t arranged by Moon. The two sat together in ...

Rev. Moon is famous for his role in ending the power of the Marxist-Communist Totalitarian Regimes. As the famous theologian Richard Rubenstein wrote, "I especially appreciated Rev. Moon’s commitment to the fight against Communism. From his own first-hand, personal experience and out of his religious convictions, he understood how tragic a political and social blight that movement had been. I had been in East and West Berlin the week the Berlin Wall was erected in August 1961 and had visited communist Poland in 1965. Unfortunately, many of my liberal academic colleagues did not understand the full nature of the threat as did Rev. Moon. I was impressed with the sophistication of Rev. Moon’s anti-communism. He understood communism’s evil, but he also stood ready to meet with communist leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung in the hope of changing or moderating their views."

Cotter wrote: "Rev. Moon has inspired many activities and projects with the goal of promoting world peace. He and our Unification Church members in America and worldwide continue to pray for the success of these projects."

Dr. Moon is known also for investing into new and moral media. His News World Communications owns the Washington Times, the United Press International wire service and the Atlantic Video TV production facility.

Analysts have estimated that Moon had subsidized the Times by at least $3 billion since it was launched in 1982; yet the paper played key role in ending the Cold War. The role of Rev. Moon was crucial also in the peace talks with North Korea and in the Middle East. He is definitely a unique man, that invests billions in the effort of bringing World Peace. No wonder world presidents write with admiration about him:

"Rev. Moon is a teacher. But not only an ordinary teacher. Rev. Moon is a messenger. But not an ordinary messenger. The truth is that the Rev. Moon is a prophet of our time", says President Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia (1964-1991).

Founding President, James Mancham, Seychelles (1976-77), wrote: "Father Moon has created a global alliance of religious, academic, political, civic and business leaders to work together to promote global peace and create what he calls a unified world in which people live together in harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity."

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