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Historic film of UK Unificationists: A New Tomorow

Your Friday Night Special: A New Tomorrow »

by Simon Cooper, Family Fireplace

This film made by the pioneers of the British Unification Movement is just that: a historical record of what happened in the early days of our church community and how they definitely set the standard in terms of enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to God.

"Members working together to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth. Rev. Sun Myung Moon brings that foundation to bring the world into unity."

Why not take time to use these 3 short videos as a starting point to share as a family about how it was back in the day, how things have developed and how each of you see the future.


Rev. Moon and his Wife, watching a private show. "We sing with the greatest joy in our hearts", "Sing a happy song"... Unification members own several businesses. One of them is farming - the Unification farm. Galloping across the field in the shear joy of living. Our policy is to restore the world community, bringing forth beauty, goodness and productivity for mankind. We are a working family. The beautiful presence of God... a feeling of peace and great joy in our hearts. Unification Church attracts people who have a deep love for God and a deep love for all people. It attracts people who are sacrificial and want to see a restored country and restored world.

Rev. Moon's talk to the 500 members of the farm:

"We have 5 senses. What do they want to feel? True love. When you senses catch the power of love, your entire body follows.... We have to become the source of love."

That's a historic footage of Father, Rev. Moon, speaking in Lancaster Gate:

What it is that makes these young people work so hard and with so much joy. Because they are hoping to restore the Kingdom of God on Earth.. To unite in love, in a unity of heart. That is the reason the members of Unification Church work tireless in this country and wherever we go.

Please feel free to leave comments below, and have a great weekend. Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Simon Cooper Written by Simon Cooper in In the UK
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