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Sun Myung Moon: The Essence of True Love

The essence of Rev. Moon's teachings, Sun Myung Moon essential teaching


The Essence of True Love, True Family and World Peace

The essence of Rev. Moon's teachings, By Y.Marianov

What is the essence in Rev. Moon's teaching? We know that all he is teaching is how to reach True Love, create True Families and thus achieve World Peace - God's original ideal - The World of Peace centered on the Culture of Heart.

Here I will try to systematize the special collection of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Completed Testament speeches; "True Family and World Peace". It contains twenty-six speeches that can connect us directly with True Parents’ spirit. These words are too important to be ignored either by me or anyone else trying to crate a good family. “I don’t think I delivered the messages by myself”, Rev. Moon says, “God was with me.”[1] Thus, even when reading those speeches for the hundredth time, we can gain a new inspiration and insight. Thus, I believe that the following essential content is of utmost importance in our attempt to restore our families.

The Sexual Organ is the Essence

The essential power in the universe is true love. Yet, we learn that God lost his lineage, and the whole history was to restore the one true lineage back to Him. The lineage was lost by misuse of the sexual organ, and is to be re-establishment by the sexual organ. It could create God’s ideal, could destroy it, and now is needed to restore everything.

Therefore, to become God’s son or daughter, Rev. Moon says, “we first need to connect with God’s love, life and lineage.”[2] Husband and wife unite in love with each other with their Sexual Organs! They create the new life with the Sexual Organ, of course, and the blood lineage is continued trough the Sexual Organ. Because our love organs are the main sanctuary of love, life, and lineage, this organ has such a crucial role. In fact everything depends on the way we use that love organ.

Dividing Line between Heaven and Hell

The direction of use of this crucial love organ in God’s and Satan’s standards are 180 degrees opposite. Free sex is based on self-centered gratification, whereas, true love is for the sake of others. Thus, the result of each of these standards is completely different. Rev. Moon says:

“When a sexual organ is used in the same way a blind person wanders aimlessly and without direction, it will, undoubtedly, lead you as its owner to Hell. By the same token, one will be led high up into Heaven when he or she uses the sexual organ according to the standard of God’s absolute love.”[3]

The dividing line between Heaven and Hell is nowhere else but our sexual organ. It is the most serious matter, Rev. Moon warns, because “this has turned Heaven and Earth upside down.”[4] Furthermore, even the future of the world depends on how do we value the sexual organs. Is it going to be good or bad, to prosper or perish, all depends on that. The fruits of one’s sexual organ are not a personal matter but have universal impact that no one can neglect. Therefore we cannot be casual and ignorant in the use of our love organs.

The Origin of the Individualism or Altruism

Consequently, the individualism or altruism both come in existence based on the way we regard the sexual organ. Men think their sexual organ belongs to themselves, while women think their sexual organ is their own. This self-centered concept originates from the fall of man and “is the root of free sex as well as the origin of individualism.”[5] However the sexual organ exists for the sake of the partner, and therefore is owned by the opposite sex. This is a universal law, and therefore, God will judge us as righteous or unrighteous according to this immutable law.

We should think: “My spouse is the owner of my sexual organ, not me”. If we think like that “the world will not remain in its present condition.”[6] Instead it will flourish with unselfish true love and earn the welcoming applause of God. Understanding that, we would humbly bow our heads when receiving our spouse’s love, because love comes to us only from our partner, not from ourselves alone. Therefore the false love or true love both have their origin from the sexual organ, only the motivation of use is different.

God’s Love Partner

Human beings are God’s love partner, and God absolutely needs His love partner. Nothing else matters to Him, neither wealth, nor knowledge or authority. However, we understand that “centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us.” (61) Thus, the place where the horizontal love of husband and wife is perfected and they become completely united is the place where God’s vertical love descends and meets them. At that very point the vertical and horizontal love come together, thus establishing a base for happiness for God and the husband and wife as His love partners.

The Essence of the Ideal

What then was the ideal for the first human ancestors and all of humanity? God expected from Adam and Eve to practice absolute sex. It was for them to live in accordance with this universal law, and thus center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ, and eternal sexual organ, using this as the foundation to rich God. This practice of absolute sex should have become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. The Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven was to begin only on that foundation.

God’s Kingdom Starts from the Sexual Organs

Why the Kingdom of Heaven starts from the sexual organ? Because the place where man and woman have the absolute desire to become one with each other is the place where they will become one with God. Of course they unite totally with their love organs. The sexual organs exist for love and must resemble God, the owner of love, who is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Therefore we are to have only one partner for eternity. The marriage, then, is pre-condition for us to come in union with God. The marriage thus is of essential importance for us to find love, create life, and combine our lineages. From there history emerges, nations appear, and the ideal world can begin. Therefore where there is absolute sex, absolute couples will emerge automatically, and the world of false love will naturally disappear. That is how from the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sexual organs God’s Ideal World will merge.

The Essence of the Human Fall

Fall was caused by fornication, and now we are witnessing the truth, “You will reap what you have sown,” being proven. Today’s serious youth problems are result of the free sex Adam and Eve planted at the beginning of human history. It was result of the misuse of the sexual organ that we inherited satanic love, life and lineage. Now entire world is pushed in the direction of death by free sex, like blind people not knowing what they are doing. Everyone see the result of family destruction, loss of any moral standards, rampant crime and corruption. Yet society is blind of the cause, which is the self-centered use of the sexual organ only for self-gratification. Now Rev. Moon is clearly teaching us that: “Because of their (Adam and Eve’s) mistake with the original point of love, they could not be acknowledged anywhere in the universe”.

The Essence of God’s Providence

Therefore, the Providence of Salvation is the re-creation of the seed of the original child. A son is to be born on earth with this seed of God’s love and life.[7] To give the origin of the true love, true life and the true lineage of God, he comes to find a bride, establish a True Family, and complete the ideal of True Parents. Thus, the restoration history was to restore a true pence and a true vagina, where the new love, life and lineage can start. Then, through the blessing of new marriages True Parents can pass on God’s original blood lineage and thus save all of humanity.

Therefore, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as a True Parent of Heaven and Earth, invites all humankind to receive this blessing and is asking us, “please pledge that you will live your life with gratitude and in eternal service to your spouse” (66). In such families, he says, “God will dwell eternally and, centering upon them, the world-level family will begin to multiply”, and thus the Kingdom of God on Earth will be formed.


Therefore it is not a surprise that God invested His greatest creative efforts nowhere else but in the sexual organs. These love organs, are our ‘Most Holy of Holiest Sanctuary’ where only with our spouse we are to come in unity and meet our eternal Parent, God himself. We should understand, therefore, that through practicing absolute sex in our families we can eliminate all false love and bring our mind and body in unity[8], family in unity and the world in unity.

Absolute Sex

In the whole creation the most precious are the human beings, man and woman. Yet, the most precious part in the bodies of our partners is not the eyes, hands or brain but the sexual organ; the main organ of love. This is because everything in the universe can be recreated by this organ. On the other side, if man and woman do not unite into one centered on these organs of love, there will be no descendants.

God's dueling place is the sexual organ

We cherish wedding ceremonies, Rev. Moon explains, “because that is the time when God is supposed to come down to join with the man and woman, according to the original ideal.” Men and women want to come together, above all other desires, because only in that way they can bring God down with them. Only when we experience the absolute oneness of the two beings, we can come to know the highest level of love. The place where the spouses are becoming completely one, is the place where the true couple is created and God comes to dwell in them. Thus, the organs of our love are the ‘holy of holiest’ of our life. The love, life, lineage, even history is created by them.

Sexual organs of man and woman are most holy places and the place of Sabbath. If you love your husband (wife), you are in heaven.

The Starting Point of Mind and Body, Husband and Wife, Heaven and Earth Unity

The symbol of man and woman’s love, which is the culmination of their love, is the sexual organ. These love organs allow the man and woman to become one, and this opens the way their minds and bodies to unite. The sexual organs of man and woman are that center where all physical and spiritual elements meet. This differences between man and woman, of their sexual organs, convexity and concavity, are eternally necessary for each other.

Freedom to Enjoy Sexual Love

God gave us the freedom to enjoy sexual love on the condition of our responsible assistance; to develop self-control and faithfulness to our partner.

Originally, man and woman had to love and be pleased, showing themselves to each other. This place we are to share only with one partner in our life and for eternity. Otherwise, our love will be no way to be “true” love, instead it will be “false”, only temporal love.

Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal Sexual Organ

God does not want divorce and free sex. Through the love relationship husband and wife become one body, therefore, they cannot divorce. As God is unique, absolute, unchanging, and eternal, man's sexual organ should be also unique, absolute, unchanging, and eternal. Woman's sexual organ is the same too. Man and woman should unite into one without complaint but in gratefulness to each other and to God. Heavenly fortune protects such couple, God protects that couple, and they stand as the lords who have happiness of heaven and earth. God created human beings and all things with an ideal of love, so God becomes lord when the purpose of Creation is attained.[9] Human beings should have stood in the position of prince and princess of love as substitute of God. God expected from Adam and Eve to practice absolute sex. It was for them to live in accordance with this universal law, and thus center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ, and eternal sexual organ, using this as the foundation to reach God. This practice of absolute sex should have become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. The Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven was to begin only on that foundation. [10]

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