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New ethnology narrows the line between physical and spiritual reality

Microsoft "Surface" - The Possibilities - interactive cameras, glasses, cell phones, cards.This system really Narrows the line between physical and spiritual reality

New Technology - The Possibilities

Narrowing the line between physical and spiritual reality

By Y.Marianov
| Unification Family Therapy

The new Internet technology will boost education; overcome "ignorance"; help us go beyond barriers and limitations in our minds, and makes the world into "One Global Village" - One Family Under God.

The possibilities seem endless
, as the line between the virtual world and the physical world becomes increasingly thin. Communications and sharing with friends can one day be done with the greatest of ease. Our world is starting to experience some of the possibilities in the Spiritual World.

In the spirit world we can communicate with our thoughts and influence the reality around. At them moment we think of someone we can actually appear there and talk to him, play together, share our stories. Now this is becoming reality even in the physical world. The Internet and the new computer technologies are making that possible.

The Microsoft Surface PC which would be a real revolution in the computers industry because you would be able to not only run some commands but activate different functions physically like making bills payments using your physical hands instead of using keyboard & mouse for inputting your requests.

One question:
Is that technology damaging our spirit or bringing us to spiritual growth? It makes us grow; It opens our limitations; Helps us transcend our boundaries. Even socially it helps make the world into "One Big Family Under God", which is the original ideal.

But let's us look at one more interesting benefit. This technology helps us narrow the gap between our mind and body. The more visual and effective virtual games become, the more they open the way to learning. Virtual games make us fascinated in overcoming obstacles and challenges. They make us visualize physical performance, which opens the way for our spirit mind to grow. And once this visualizations are brought to practice, let say skateboard, surfing, bicycles) we can see what young people can achieve today. Some of their techniques are unbelievable. This is definitely the power of their mind. Their spirit can totally control not only their body, but also physical subjects around, like the skateboard, for example.

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For those who don't understand the power of visualization, let me shortly explain. It's used in sports psychology. Once you visualize some action with all the details you can perform it better. Formula one pilots for example, visualize how they take the run better and faster. The next they their performance is improved immensely. Why it works this way? Because our spiritual mind can actually prepare and perform it spiritually while we visualize. That opens the way the spiritual mind to stand as a subject of our body. This mind and body unity makes such incredible performance possible.

Let me conclude. How it helps creating the ideal world? The new Internet technology will boost education, which helps see all perspectives and put the puzzle of information right. So eventually eradicate all "ignorance". It helps visualize, love challenges, go beyond barriers and limitations in our minds, helping us put our spiritual mind subject over our body. And undoubtedly makes the world into "One Global Village", "One Family Under God".
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Here I add short description of the spiritual world as conveyed by a person who lives there, Dr. Sun Hun Lee. His messages were published in the book, Life in the Spirit World and on Earth.

Spirit World

Even though the spirit world appears to be the same as the visible phenomenal world, the scale of the spirit world cannot be compared with the scale of the physical world. For instance, in the phenomenal world, materiality and space limit a car, but in the spirit world, a car's form can be changed at will. Its direction of movement is also free. The car moves with a driver's thought and can even pass through a mountain in a moment. It can move as freely as in fantasy movies or science fiction travel, which children like very much. Even though the motion of the car may look chaotic, because they are keeping spiritual law, there are no accidents at all.

Life in the Spirit World

Earthly people wake up in the morning and sleep at night, and spirit persons behave the same way. However, in the spirit world, morning and night do not follow a regular order. Morning and night can be changed according to one's thinking.

I do not know who first described the spirit world as containing hell, Paradise, and the kingdom of heaven respectively, but the distinctions are proper. Huge gaps exist in these levels of life. For one thing, hell is very bizarre. We can never see comparable sights in the physical world.

For instance, I saw one woman standing nude, and beside her, a man touched the lower part of her body. Beside them, another woman fought with her, arguing that the man's lower part was her own. Despite their grotesque nature, they did not feel ashamed.

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Once, when a Japanese woman ran wearing wooden shoes and fell down, another woman came and hid the shoes as if they were her own. The woman who lost her shoes then tried to find them, while the woman who hid the shoes feigned ignorance. Then, others who saw all that had occurred shouted out that the woman was a thief, and attacked her, striking and kicking. These things happen very often.

When an old man cannot eat food because he injured his finger, a young man comes and takes the elder's food, stuffing it into his mouth. These things always happen in hell. Another woman, who was forced to cut off her hair, felt ashamed, and hid her head with a towel. But people passing by her, took her towel and cleaned their hands and faces with it. When the owner of the towel took it again from the people and covered her head, people forcibly grabbed it back, cut it in half with scissors and returned the other half to her. Then, because she could not hide her shame, she withdrew to a dark place.

The place where your mind is always filled with peace

In heaven, the environment abounds with many bright jewels. Because of the surrounding brightness and luster, you cannot hide any difficulties between each other. Everything can be seen and known with the eyes and mind. If I am filled with light and my hair dazzles golden, it is due to a golden light that is filled with a radiant ecstasy. This is the place where your mind is always filled with peace and serenity, where difficulty, discomfort and hunger do not exist. Heaven is the place where you will find no difficulty to express or explain anything.

Hell Is the Place You Cannot Imagine in Heaven

In hell you endure hunger and suffering; hell swims in jealousy and discomfort. Due to such suffering, fighting cannot be avoided. Everyone feels uncomfortable. In heaven you have the freedom to follow your mind, but in hell you can't do a single thing according to your own will. In hell, you take others' possessions by force and eat by stealth. People on earth cannot imagine how bad hell really is.

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