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WORDS OF POWER: Why the Truth will set you free?

WORDS OF POWER: Why the Truth will set you free?
By Y.Marianov |  Based on Divine Principle

We are to "attain goodness by following the desire of the original mind only" (DP p.2). But how to achieve that, if we are unable to distinguish between the desires of our physical and those of our spiritual mind

Due to that inner contradiction, man is always near the point of destruction. Here is why, "it is necessary to overcome ignorance and be able to distinguish between good and evil" (DP p.3). This is the reason, "men have constantly and earnestly searched for the truth with which to overcome this ignorance" (DP p.4). 

What will be the mission of the new truth? Its mission will be to present the internal truth that religion has pursued and the external truth searched for by science under one unified theme. It should also seek to overcome both the internal and external ignorance of man and offer him internal and external knowledge. It must eliminate the contradiction within man, who is receptive to good and evil, by helping fallen man resist the way of evil and attain the purpose of goodness. For fallen man, knowledge is the light of life and holds the power of revival; ignorance is the shadow of death and the cause of ruin. No feeling or emotion can be derived from ignorance, no act of will can arise from ignorance. Thus, when knowledge, emotion and will do not function properly in man, life is no longer worth living.
  Divine Principle - General Introduction
In other words, if we are unable to distinguished in ourselves the desires of our physical mind from those of our spiritual mind we cannot live properly; we cannot recognize good and evil. Only our spiritual mind can connect to God. The physical mind (the brain and physical instincts) cannot do that. 

If man is created to be unable to live apart from God, how miserable life must be when he is ignorant of God. Yet, can man know God clearly, even though he may diligently consult the Bible? Furthermore, how can man ever know God's heart? The new truth should enable us to know God as a reality. It should also be able to reveal His heart and feeling of joy at the time of creation, and His broken heart and feeling of grief as He struggles to save fallen man who rebels against Him.
  Divine Principle - General Introduction
Our mission is Education - transform the world through the power of the Word; Bring the Revolution of Heart and Conscience. People lead wrong life and make wrong choices because their understanding of right and wrong is incorrect. As Divine Principle clarifies, we have to first learn the truth, than believe it and than practice it in order to be transformed as true people (DP p.8). 

 Only know the Truth is not enough. We have understand how to and apply it in life!

From the Fall our Conscience does not work properly. The Truth is reveled today to correct that. But how to educate the whole world with the Truth? We cannot expect them to change without having the true knowledge.

The good news is that the Internet is bringing us closer than we ever thought possible to make learning— of all kinds, at all levels, any time, any place, any pace—a practical reality for every man, woman, and child." - Web-Based Education Commission
Testimony of the Word liberating power

She was searching for the truth everywhere. Tried many religious texts, but nothing made her feel complete. Than, one morning, she happened to find my pages in Bulgarian. She started reading. She read hundreds of articles about our ideas and history. For a first time she felt with all her heart and mind that she found the truth. She felt overwhelming sense of joy that she never felt before. For the first time spiritual teaching made her feel love towards all the people and all the creation. She was studying by herself reading my articles in Internet. Only then she got in touch with me.

The power of internet is that it makes possible to bring that education directly to the homes of the people from around the world. Only the truth can transform people's lives. Only the truth can liberate their Original Minds. Only the Truth can align us with God - making the Revolution of Conscience. Only than Revolution of Heart will be possible.


Internet and the Overcoming of Human Ignorance 

Divine Principle states, "the human Fall represents humanity's descent into ignorance." "From the dawn of history until today, human beings have ceaselessly searched for the truth with which to overcome both types of ignorance and attain knowledge." The Truth will set us free. But where is the first place people today go to find information? Internet. The just type in Google and they find everything.

The study of the Commission found that those who "cannot access the Internet and... harness the global web of knowledge. They do not know how to deal in information... They do not know how to find information, how to handle it... how to invest it for their future... These individuals, already at risk, will become increasingly marginal in the emerging knowledge". 

In the past it was easy to know only what you are told in the school, or in your church. It was easy to have prejudices about others. Yet today information is free in the Web, so it becomes easier for the young generation to go beyond the narrow-minded limitations of these prejudices and see the complete truth from all perspectives. 

Thus people's original mind gets liberated to love, understand and appreciate each other in their differences. The barriers and resentments from the past are now easier to transcend. As Divine Principle explains, the quality of teaching and extend of giving the truth did vary according to each age based on people's spiritual and intellectual levels. This explains the appearance of different religions and philosophies. 

Only the Truth will set you free

Only the Truth will set us free: Naturally, overcoming the ignorance will lead to unification, peace and unity. As Divine Principle explains:

If all men will thus meet as brothers and sisters at one destination through this one truth, what would the world founded on this basis be like? It would be a world in which all men form one big family under God. The purpose of truth is to pursue and to achieve goodness, and the origin of goodness is God Himself. Therefore, the world attained through this truth would be one in which all men would live together in wonderful brotherly love under God as our Parent. When man realizes that if he makes his neighbor a victim for his own benefit, he suffers more from the pangs of conscience than he profits from unrighteous gain, he will find it impossible to harm his neighbor. Therefore, when real brotherly love arises from the bottom of man's heart, he cannot do anything to cause his neighbor to suffer. How much more would this be true of men who live in a society in which they experience the actual feeling that God is their own Parent, transcendent of time and space, who watches their every action, and that this Parent wants us to love one another every moment? The new world, which will be established by the new truth, will usher in a new age when the sinful history of mankind has been liquidated. It must be a world in which no sin is possible. So far in human history, even those who have believed in God have committed sins. Their faith in God has taken the form of a concept rather than the form of living experience. If man could feel the presence of God and know the heavenly law that sinners are sent to hell, who then would dare to commit sin?
Divine Principle - General Introduction

The Fall brought humanity in ignorance. Because of ignorance our physical (animal) minds have dominated our feelings, desires, passions and actions. Because of ignorance the world was filled with distrust, corruption, misuse and selfishness. Because of ignorance after this life people ended deformed in the spirit world, as it is depicted in the book, "A Wanderer in the Spirit Land". And because of ignorance, even there they continued with their evil, self-destructive deeds. 

We live in the age when humanity has to understand the complete truth. This truth must appear as a revelation from God Himself. This new truth has already appeared! This truth will set us free:

With the fullness of time, God has sent His messenger to resolve the fundamental questions of life and the universe. His name is Sun Myung Moon. For many decades, he wandered in a vast spiritual world in search of the ultimate truth. On this path, he endured suffering unimagined by anyone in human history. God alone will remember it. Knowing that no one can find the ultimate truth to save mankind without going through the bitterest of trials, he fought alone against myriads of Satanic forces, both in the spiritual and physical worlds, and finally triumphed over them all. In this way, he came in contact with many saints in Paradise and with Jesus, and thus brought into light all the heavenly secrets through his communion with God.
The Divine Principle revealed in this book is only part of the new truth. We have recorded here what Sun Myung Moon's disciples have hitherto heard and witnessed. We believe with happy expectation that, as time goes on, deeper parts of the truth will be continually revealed. It is our earnest prayer that the light of truth will quickly fill the earth. 
 Divine Principle - General Introduction

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WORDS OF POWER: Why the Truth will set you free? Divine Principle, Sun Myung Moon's teaching

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