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Sun Myung Moon resting after 80 years investing for God's liberation

Sun Myung Moon resting after 80 years investing for God's liberation

Within the 40 years in the movement, I've never seen Rev. Sun Myung Moon rest. Since the young Moon received the revelation from Jesus at the age of 16 he never spend more than 3 hours to sleep. This is a precious picture, catching a moment of his rest. 

As a member commented on it, "You were a super human being here on earth, but You were human. And because of Your love and sacrifice, I want to be just like You... Thank you for rescueing Our Heavenly Father and bringing Him into my heart."

Rev. Moon invested all his life to open the way to peace, the way for opening the Culture of Heart, Peace and True Families. There was no one on Earth who did more for the unity and cooperation among religions, scientists and politicians for the sake of opening the way to lasting peace for generations to come. 

Rev. Moon ascended to the Spirit World

At the age of 92 (Korean counting 93), Rev. Moon finally could rest and transcend to the Spirit World. He left the physical reality after 21 days of comma. Yet, before he went to hospital, he visited beloved places, touched the trees in saying "good bye" with the words "I finished all". 

Rev. Moon's final prayer was, "Heavenly Father now I'm coming to you after I have achieved on Earth everything you asked me." 

Tens of thousands of tearful mourners attended the funeral of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church

As a confirmation for his great victory of love, the North Korean government awarded him with it's highest award for peace. Sri Lanka Daily News reported on Rev. Moon's funeral, "Dr. Sun Myung Moon had been playing a significant role in promoting peace building, good governance, family values and interfaith harmony and reconciliation.

Milingo: Rev. Moon’s legacy is in religious unity

South Korea — Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s work on behalf of harmony among the world’s great faiths will be among his most lasting achievements, Emmanuel Milingo, the Zambian Catholic archbishop said in an interview Thursday. Milingo was asked directly by Jesus to take a wife in a ceremony presided over by Rev. Moon in 2001. Reed More

Rev. Moon was the Messiah the world was awaiting

John 6:44, Jesus said that unless God reveals it to you, you cannot know who "MESSIAH" is.I take this opportunity to thank God for opening my spiritual senses to enable me to know and attend the Messiah. Its a privijage and great honor to have been blessed by the TRUE PARENTS OF HEAVEN EARTH & HUMANKIND.

I therefore celebrate the life of Messiah who lived his entire life of 92 yrs fulfilling the Heavenly mandate of world peace. "The hope of all ages is a unified world of peace
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