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Various faiths, religious allies gather in Las Vegas

Launch a Boat and Proclaim their Mission

Rev. Moon's gathering of clergy of various faiths, religious allies in Las Vegas
2011.08.26 TONGIL NEWS

The 27-foot Won Mo boat, above, signifies "Universal Parent," according to the inventor, Father Moon.

Mother Moon gave the keynote address for Father Moon, who sat patiently behind her. Women's leadership was a key theme of the day.

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon told the crowd that the heart and soul of his father's mission has been to establish an ideal family as intended by God from the beginning.

"Our True Father is a scientist, " according to the Reverend In Jin Moon, President of HSA UWC.

A warm breeze blew over Lake Mead as Father Moon, Mother Moon, and grandchildren tested the Won Mo.

Oil painting of the Grand Canyon presented to True Parents by Unificationist John Modesitt of San Diego.

The unveiling ceremony of the new 27-foot boat in Las Vegas, August 18, 2011, has positive implications for the Nevada economy.

This gathering of clergy of various faiths, religious allies, and 500 faithful followers was attended by reporters for Korean Radio, the Asia Pacific Times, elected officials of the city government, and the Nevada governor’s office. It was a public statement to the city’s establishment: “the Unification Church has arrived in Las Vegas, and it means business.”

The Ocean Hope Marine executive, Mr. Chan Yoon Koh, explained the unique construction method for it. The new vessel is a game changer for small-boat construction and could lead to a breakthrough in sales of leisure craft. Like everything Rev. Sun Myung Moon have done in the United States for 40 years, the unveiling event was far bigger and more significant than that.

That would be very welcome business. It will employ local citizens, educate the public with moral suasion, empowers women, and upgrades the self-understanding of the citizenry.

Rev. Moon moved to Las Vegas three years ago. His’ children gave important speeches before the keynote speech delivered by Rev. Moon's wife, and each message gave an important contribution to the vision of the Unification movement.

Today’s Era Needs Women’s Leadership

A group of about 200 Japanese, including local VIP’s met at the “Peace Palace,” to hear this important proclamation. Mrs. Heather Thalheimer, Direction of the Unification Church Education Department, lectured on “the Role of Women in the New Pacific Rim Era."

“If we, as women... who aspire to be the compassionate leaders that the world so desperately needs,” she told the audience. She remained that a year ago Rev. Moon's daughter, Rev. In Jin Moon, was interviewed by National Public Radio correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty.

She was asked: ‘A hundred years from now, what will your father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, be best remembered for?’ Without hesitation she replied: ‘The liberation of women.’ The reporter was surprised at this unexpected answer, but as Rev. In Jin Moon went on to explain, a respectful aura permeated the room.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon has indeed come to liberate women but his understanding of what liberation means transcends the more limited horizons of many of today’s women’s organizations.”

The boat dedication ceremony began with opening remarks by Mr. Michael Faris, president of U.S. Marine Corporation, who served as Master of Ceremonies. Mr. Faris pointed out that since Rev. Moon established his residence and a growing church in Las Vegas, he has brought thousands of his friends and church members to study his teachings there, bringing with them purchases of goods and services that helped the local economy. At the same time, however, Mr. Faris reminded the audience of the spiritual import of the proceedings:

“It is good to remind ourselves that the vessel that you see here today is not just the invention of a fellow who enjoys tinkering with boats, but that there is a much deeper meaning here that is connected to God, God’s Providence, to God’s Will and to the salvation of humanity.”

City Officials Hear of Rev. Moon’s Commission

Mr. Faris introduced Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the President of Master Marine, LLC, who spoke of True Father’s commission by Jesus when he was 16 years old. He explained that Sun Myung Moon believed from his teen years that the oceans had vast untapped resources that resolve the problem of world hunger. He then informed the city officials and others in the audience that Rev. Moon had acted on his conviction by creating fleets of fishing boats on both coasts of the United States, fish farms and a national fresh-fish distribution company that is unmatched. “Father Moon’s foundation of seafood distribution and his Sushi restaurants are the best in America,” he said.

“Father Moon received revelations in recent years, while in Hawaii, that Las Vegas would be the hub of a new cultural and economic revival in America,” Dr. Yang explained. He added that the cultural revival would be supported by expanded recreational opportunities on Lake Mead and at nearby national parks. “The Won Mo boat is dedicated to promoting family fishing, and family-leisure activities,” he said, adding that the meaning of the name, Won Mo, in Rev. Moon’s mind means “Universal Parents.”

The audience then heard from Mr. Tom Morse, Project Director for the newly acquired Peace Palace. “The building is very large, 800 feet long and 150 feet wide, allowing 135, 000 square feet of coverage,” he explained. Mr. Morse, a former executive with Bechtel Corporation, reported that by June, 2012 the Peace Palace plans to have a state-of-the art training facility for education and worship, and alongside that, a large bay for manufacturing that could produce several of the Won Mo boats similar to the prototype on display. The manufacturing phase could employ between 25 and 50 people, he explained.

Mr. Morse said: “I congratulate Father and Mother Moon for creating a marriage and family-friendly culture here in Las Vegas and now for encouraging a vibrant leisure fishing industry.”

County Commissioner Thanks True Father

County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, the Clark County commissioner for the area encompassing the Peace Palace, told the crowd: “Thank you for the jobs that you are going to be able to create through the work that you are bringing to our valley. Not a week goes by that some family members come to me and say that they’re not looking for welfare or food stamps but that they’re looking for a job, an opportunity to support their family and provide for their spouses, their children. And through God’s Will, Father Moon, you are making that opportunity available for people. On behalf of all the citizens in Clark County, I thank you very, very much for everything you do for all the citizens and the people that don’t know you. You are definitely making an impact on their lives. You’ve made their lives and the lives of their families much better through your sacrifice and generosity.”

Later in the Program, Mrs. Gayle Anderson, chief of protocol at Gov. Sandoval’s office, gave congratulatory remarks as well. “I thank Father and Mother Moon for all they have done for the welfare of our people in the State of Nevada and for spurring economic development. I congratulate Master Marine for the launch of the Won Mo Boat.”

The audience heard a detailed explanation of the new construction method of the Won Mo Boat by Mr. Chan Yoon Koh, president of Ocean Hope Marine Corporation. Mr. Koh explained that the Dr. Sun Myung Moon had invented the resin plaster mold process after supervising construction of light, strong, fast fishing boats for more than 30 years. Mr. Koh explained that the new production method greatly reduced the usual production period for fiberglass boats of this class and that the process of installing refillable helium-gas compartments in the hull makes the boat virtually unsinkable.

Typical of every public event under the administration of Rev. In Jin Moon, there was musical entertainment. The gathering heard a stirring performance by several members of Sonic Cult, including Ben Lorentzen, Victor Lorentzen, Joe Young , and Mitseru Hunter, who performed “Sailing Ships,” by David Coverdale, and the song, “I Shall Be Released,” by Bob Dylan. The performance was noticeably enjoyed by the crowd.

Won Mo Symbolizes Universality of True Parents

Rev. In Jin Moon, president of the Unification Church USA gave congratulatory remarks.

She said: “Our True Father is a scientist in that he is always looking for ways to innovate the pre-existing ways of doing things. I remember when I was a high-school student and my father invited me to come in fish with him in Gloucester, my father was instrumental in developing hand-line fishing, which fisherman use to this day in Gloucester. Our True Father has continually been the scientist in terms of designing incredible boats that are lighter, faster, and more efficient on fuel.

“This Won Mo boat symbolizes the beauty of the universality of our True Parents, emphasizing the importance of the Pacific Rim Era, when women must take the forefront in waking up the world to realize that our True Parents are here, that the Lord of the Second Advent is here, that the messiah has come in better form with a beautiful wife by his side.

“In the name Won Mo, Won means ‘circle,’ or ‘circular,’ and Mo means ‘mother.’ When Jesus came two thousand years ago, he never had the chance to fulfill his destiny and become the true parents of mankind because he lacked a beautiful wife sitting by his side. But fast-forward two thousand years and we have our True Father and our beautiful True Mother with us. Just the fact that the name of the boat is harping on the feminine signifies that the universality of the True Parents becomes complete when we have our beautiful True Mother with us, standing together with our True Father. Our True Father has always been a great leader, a great prophet, but with the compassionate and loving heart of a mother, this is truly a time when we should stand in the position to reap in all the harvests of the sea. This is a time to end world hunger and to look for different ways to utilize the natural resources that our Heavenly Parent has prepared for humankind to make the world a better place for His children.

“When I think about Jesus two thousand years ago and how he had to go the way of the cross, I often visualize what it must have been like for him to be without his disciples, his people, his beautiful wife and children. He must have felt as if all his hopes of completing the divine mission given to him by our Heavenly Parent were a distant sailing ship in the horizon slowly, slowly going away from him. But with our True Parents, it’s time for the ship to come in, brothers and sisters. Our True Parents are turning Las Vegas from a city of sinning to a city of giving and, at the same time, encouraging all of us to rethink how we spend out time with families. So the Won Mo boat is actually a gift for all the families to enjoy their time together, to re-invent leisure for the sake of others, and to include God in our lives.”

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Introduces True Parents

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon introduced his mother, the keynote speaker: “It is a great honor for me to introduce our True Mother, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who will be our Keynote Speaker and who has been asked by True Father to deliver his message.

“The heart and soul of Father and Mother Moon’s life-long ministry has been the reestablishment of God’s idea of a family as a foundation for harmonious societies and a cornerstone of world peace. They are best known for their international Blessing of Marriage, in which couples affirm their marriage based on faith in God, fidelity and faithfulness to one another, and a commitment to never divorce, to live eternally together as spouses. Starting in 1960 with three couples, the Blessing of Marriage has expanded to include over 360 million couples of all faiths.

“In 2007, Father Moon declared that we have entered the Pacific Rim Era, in which women will take the lead and in which the ocean will be the key to solving the hunger of the world. It is for that reason that Father Moon asks that Mother Moon gives his message concerning the vision that God gave him for Las Vegas, a vision that Las Vegas can become the family education center of the world. If there is a God-centered family culture in Las Vegas, all the industries can blossom in a way that strengthens the moral fabric of our society. As they put it, Father and Mother Moon wish to change ‘sin’ city into ‘sun’ city, where the word ‘sin’ has ‘I’ at the center, and the word ‘sun’ has ‘you’ at the center, living for you, living for us.

“Because Las Vegas is blessed with the most breathtaking aspects of God’s beautiful creation, this is an area in which families from all over the world can come and have an experience with God in the beauty of nature from the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam. Father and Mother Moon shared the vision that Las Vegas can be transformed into a premiere center of family education and family tourism. As you know, Father and Mother Moon are both world-class fisherman – and woman. In having explored fish extensively in Lake Mead, they are choosing this area for the launching of the Won Mo fishing boat and its breakthrough technology in safety and family boating. However, the most important dimension of Mother Moon is that she is a devoted wife, the mother of 14 children, and the grandmother of more than 50 grandchildren. She is known for her extraordinary compassion, capability, grace, charm, profound love, and above all she is exemplary as a woman, who together with Father Moon created a God-centered marriage and a family of now four generations. In addition to all this, she is also our loving mother.”

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon gave the dedication speech in 16 minutes, after which Unificationist John Modesitt of San Diego presented to True Parents a painting of the Grand Canyon that drew sighs from the audience. The ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony took place with a spray of balloons from the ceiling and musical fanfare.

The party of boat engineers and well-wishers drove to Lake Mead to put the boat in the water and take pictures. True Parents motored onto the lake for about 20 minutes, and returned to cheers of Og Mansei from the crowd.

Contributed by Douglas Burton and Ariana Moon

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