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Christian pastors and religious leaders of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism visit Unification Church

Christian pastors and religious leaders of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism visit Unification Church


Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and other Unification Church leaders unveiled the statues of Confucius, Buddha and Jesus at the Interfaith Worship Center.


Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his wife pose for a picture with Pastor T. L. Barrett of Chicago.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang (center) and Pastor T. L. Barrett (right) join an interfaith ritual in Seoul.

| September 21 2011

Christian pastors and religious leaders of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism in the United States shed tears and received visions as they visited the sacred sites of The Unification Church in Korea. As one minister expressed it, “To see all religious faiths join together was so amazing. I could see and experience the unity of all religious leaders there as they prayed. It was the most moving experience of my lifetime. I never dreamed I would experience such a profound oneness of all religions – Buddhist, Confucian, Muslim and Christian.”

“I felt the gigantic umbrella of God’s unity forming over all religions the moment this ceremony began," continued another prominent Christian leader, "I felt all faith leaders could come together as one. I felt that somehow everyone could start from their own tradition, whether they were Christian or Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim. They could start from where they’re at and through the interfaith demonstration that we could all start moving together as one. This is a profound movement in history, and this oneness will expand to all. “

The ministers have spent time with Father and Mother Moon, the Founders of the Unification Church, at the “Heavenly Palace” in Cheong Pyeong, east of Seoul, and have given speeches to town councils in 17 localities. Each of the ministers has been “adopted” as an honorary member of a Korean clan and has been introduced to clan elders and to religious allies of the Unification Church as an “Ambassadors for Peace (AFP).”

Only Rev. Moon can do this kind of work, testified a woman, AFP president in Kyonggi-do. “When the American ministers conveyed their speeches, they were well received. Many residents were moved to tears,” said Rev. Moon Shik Kim.

The impact of the Christian ministers was very powerful. On Sunday [Sept. 18, 2011], ministers in each area were sent to separate churches in groups of two or three. They introduced themselves to each church congregation and gave a speech. The ministers brought the Holy Spirit, a feeling of revival and blessing to Korea.

“I really enjoyed," shared one of the ministers, "Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s love exemplifies that of Father and Mother Moon. I felt so much warmth and so much of an uplifting feeling. The whole thing was filled with so much love. I could feel Jesus’ presence there, and I felt hope for the path we’re walking, that it isn’t only for Christians but for all of God’s children.”

The Incheon group was also invited to the Incheon Southern District Council. In Rev. Kim's words: “We were warmly welcomed. Our ministers testified about Father’s work and the American Clergy Leadership Council (ACLC). Among 17 council members, five of them are Ambassadors for Peace. All the ministers got a little gift set with a nice pen, a business-card case and a little mirror. It was fun to share their Korea surnames with the council.” A prayer assembly of the ministers in the De-militarized Zone (DMZ) separating the two Koreas was made on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 followed by a rally there on Thursday.

Bishop Edisawa expressed it best: “I believe with all my heart in True Parents. Father has shown me in the teaching of the Principle and in the fruits of True Love that he is the Second Coming of Christ. He has liberated God through Absolute Sexual Morality. I can see a miracle occurring on this trip – the miracle that 172 clergy are united as one and uniting with True Parents. I can see a miracle that God is moving, and the miracle of True Parents will solve the divide between North and South Korea. If we follow True Parents and become one family, it will happen.”

Testimonies of Ministers on the Speaking Tour

Rev. William Revely, Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan

“I am edified by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s speech. Just like his father he totally transformed me and made an enormous impact on all that were gathered. Today’s event was a profound spiritual experience in which all of us were elevated as faith leaders to understand that God truly is working through all religions. It was so beautiful.”

Minister Amar Nath Gupta, Hindu Temple, Virginia

“To be a part of the 172 clergy was the greatest honor of my life. I am really deeply grateful to True Parents that I could experience all faiths becoming one at the Cheon Bok Gung. I am so grateful he gave his authority to his son, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, because I can truly feel from his speech and from the ceremony that the spiritual power to bring all religions together as one centering on True Parents is happening before our eyes. As a Hindu leader I was deeply uplifted by the profound spirituality in the Cheon Bok Gung, and also seeing the statues of the four saints.

Peace Temple.
The Temple for World Peace and Interreligious Unity

Injustice cannot defeat injustice. Interreligious peace.

“I also enjoyed going to the most holy place of the Cheon Bok Gung, where all religions are represented, and I prayed there, and I felt the presence of the spirit of God. I was profoundly moved that Father Moon would have the vision to build a temple for all religions to worship as one, and that all faith traditions would truly be respected and honored. It was overwhelming, and the vision is now becoming reality.”

Father Fernando Barrios, Pentecostal Church, Houston, Texas

“After so many years of praying in my own tradition as a Christian, I never really believed that there was any possibility for the different religions to become one. In fact, I felt there was no way that we could ever come together. However, today my life was changed. As the other religious leaders were praying, I felt as if it was my own prayer. I truly felt and experienced that they were praying to the same God that I have been praying to. Therefore, on this day our prayers became one. I will testify about this, that all religious leaders must come to experience this kind of profound, spiritual transformation.”

Rev. Marymarie Carmen Barrios (wife of Father Fernando Barrios)

“I had such an experience of different religions on this day. I felt that I was experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven. I could see the hope of unity for the first time in my life, and how important it is that through all the religions that we can bring the world together as one. The walls came down today. I was deeply moved in my heart by the love of God that I felt. I felt Jesus’ presence there strongly.”

Bishop Michael White, Apostolic Church, Brooklyn, New York

“The scripture has been fulfilled on this day. As it says in the Old Testament, “How good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” We saw the different religious bodies coming together. I want to thank True Parents for teaching us this way. From the time when Father Moon revealed to the Christian leaders the messages of Jesus, Mohammad and Confucius from the spirit world, now we see in reality that those messages coming from heaven have now come down to earth and become a living reality before our eyes. The statues were enormously powerful, and I believe that all people will be drawn from all over Korea and the world to come here and worship.”

Pastor T.L. Barrett, Church of God in Christ, Chicago

“As I was watching the unveiling ceremony, I could see a golden circle form around all the four statutes. It was universalizing all of the faith traditions, and it was a powerful spiritual golden energy that was emanating out from the four statutes, bringing unity of all the faiths. I could experience myself this magnetic power of the golden spiritual circle immediately transforming everybody in the plaza, even though they didn’t understand what happened. But I felt this golden spiritual power is going to draw humanity together as one centering on True Parents.
“Also this golden circle emanated out from the plaza like a wave that within seconds touched everyone on earth. Even though they don’t know what happened, a transformation occurred. That’s why I felt an urgent feeling in my heart to rush to the statues after the ceremony was over to light a candle that my family and church would be connected with this holy moment.”

Glenda Philips-Lee, Coptic Church of Harlem, New York City

“This ceremony was truly anointed by God. I felt the presence of Jesus. The unveiling of the statues, especially of Christ, gave me such a profound feeling that all could be one, as Jesus prayed. When I walked in the Cheon Bok Gung I felt that this was the most royal place, the most significant place of royalty of all of human history. I felt the depth of love of Father and Mother Moon coming through Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and his wife as they embraced us. This gave us incredible, profound love and anointing. I can feel my ministry is going to be expanding, and this anointing is going to expand to all other places. If I was in Korea, his definitely would be my own church. I would join this church.”

Rev. David Scholet

“I felt the gigantic umbrella of God’s unity forming over all religions the moment this ceremony began. I felt all faith leaders could come together as one. I felt that somehow everyone could start from their own tradition, whether they were Christian or Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim. They could start from where they’re at and through the interfaith demonstration that we could all start moving together as one. This is a profound movement in history, and this oneness will expand to all. “

Rev. Dajuste, Pentecostal Church, Boston

“I could feel the heart and intention of Rev. Moon being realized to bring all people together, not just Christians, although he is uniting all Christians. I could feel today that he’s uniting all religions of the world and all people of the world to work together for one family purpose under one God.”

Elder Watts, Church of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, San Francisco

“This was inspiring and awesome. I was deeply moved by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon. For many years I’ve loved and respected Father Moon and believe God called him to bring us all together. I also worried how this movement would go forward in decades to come. Today, that worry was taken away when I saw how beautifully his son conveyed words of love so easily and smoothly. Our hearts melted. We are so grateful to you, and we congratulate you on your victory not only for fulfilling your own mission but having your children take up your mission and fulfill it and expand it.”

Dr. Gloria Wright, Methodist pastor, Atlanta, Georgia

“In 2001 when I first joined ACLC, I felt deep in my spirit that Father Moon was right, that he understood God’s heart and was truly guiding us according to the truth. I offered the benediction after In Jin Nim’s sermon at Lovin’ Life Ministries, and I was uplifted and could see my ministry was uplifted when I came back. Being in the presence of her brother, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, I can feel my ministry is going to be much more blessed, when I go back. I’ve seen snapshots of Father Moon’s life but never saw it all together as in the museum today.
“The ceremony at Cheon Bok Gung truly overwhelmed me. I’m speechless. I can see that all Jesus was talking about is being fulfilled right now. Father and Mother Moon have the courage to do what’s right, even though putting Buddha and Jesus and Confucius out there publicly is profoundly startling and shocking. I’m deeply, deeply moved.”

Imam Haitham Bundakji, Chairman, Islamic Center of Orange County, California

“I just want to thank True Parents from the bottom of my heart. I’ve never experienced anyone [outside of Islam] being able to embrace Islam and understand Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). I know Father Moon is truly one with God. I’m shocked by the teaching that I’m receiving here. I’m overwhelmed and almost scared, because so many things are new and different than what I understood, but I know from being with this movement for many years that if I go forward, I will understand. I had a dream in which I understood so much about Father Moon teachings. When I saw the unveiling, the sensitivity toward Islam by displaying the Koran and the statues of Jesus and Buddha and Confucius, it really confirmed for me this is the work of Allah.”

Rev. Lowery, Pastor, Guildfield Baptist Church, Washington D.C.

“It was deeply moving. I could see with my spiritual eyes as we were traveling around. When the Korean Reverend held up a map of Korea, I suddenly had a spiritual vision. I could see people freely traveling across the 38th Parallel. The wall between north and south had come down. I could see in the vision that Father Moon tore the wall down by having the clergy march all over Korea with 172 clergy.”

Rev. Rita Pritchett, Rev. McAfee Ministries, Chicago ACLC

“I was deeply moved by the unconditional love I experienced in the Korean people. There is so much heart. Also I experienced a sudden healing. I have had trouble walking for a while, and suddenly when I was walking today to the meeting my legs felt no more pain, and now I’m walking freely.”

Rev. Catherine Tear Hodges, The Family Institute, Pastor and CEO

“I was shocked when I walked into the meeting hall. At the front of the stage I could see angels all over. When Father Moon’s speech was given, the angels got stronger and brighter, and I could see the audience being transformed.”

Rev. Zagary Oliver, Washington D.C. Family Church

“The clergy on our bus really had a spiritual transformation. I could see that they were really understanding True Parents through being made part of the Korean Clan. After the speech they were talking very positively about the Divinity of True Parents.”

Rev. Zena Chee, Associate Pastor, Ohana Church of the Living God, Hawaii

“I was deeply moved by the Filipino and Japanese sisters in the church. I was amazed that Father and Mother Moon have brought all races together in Korea to marry Koreans and become part of the family here. I was so surprised to see that he has been able to make Japanese and Koreans as family when they had been historic enemies.”

Rev. Jane Wells, Co-Pastor of Amazing Love Christian Fellowship International

I was registered into the ‘Woo’ clan. I was so amazed at the name, ‘Woo,’ because my Father grew up with the unusual nickname of ‘Woo.’ No one in our family could explain where it came from. From the time he was a boy, he was named ‘Woo.’ When I drew the ‘Woo’ name, I felt the presence of my Father and felt that my Korean family came from God. When I met my sister from the ‘Woo’ clan, I felt truly that I was part of a new family of God. As we were doing the speaking events, I was so amazed in realizing that just as Israel was divided into North and South, so Korea as a new Israel is divided into the North and South. Now we are shouting out with Father Moon’s speech, and I really can see that the new Israel of Korea will not be divided any more. Father Moon is doing this, because he is the central figure God has chosen.”

Bishop Roberta Porter, Senior Pastor, Wings of Faith Cathedral Church, Mississippi

“I was so moved by the Korean family that I received, and the fact that everyone is taught here so clearly about respect for elders. Truly Korea has been prepared by God as the Fatherland, and I want to take members of my clan back to Korea with me to teach the young people there respect for our elders.”

Rev. Kay Pressley, Senior Pastor, Hope Day Church of Atlanta Georgia

“When Father Moon’s speech was being read, I thought of Joshua marching around Jericho for seven days, and the walls came down. Now the clergy are here for 15 days, which is twice the power of Joshua, and now not only the walls will come down between North and South Korea, but also the walls of the whole world.”

Rev. Kennard Davis, Senior Pastor, Truth Center for Higher Conciousness

“I had a total revelation on this historic trip. I could see the fruits of Father Moon’s life works in the clergy. All races and all denominations melted into one. Now we have joined a Korean family so that the family culture God made in Korea can come back to America and out to the world through us. I realized deeply why we must give Father Moon’s message – the Bible verse came to me so strongly – “He who has the eyes to see, let him see, he who has the ears to hear, let him hear!” We must speak the truth because we are looking for those who have the eyes and ears to see and hear that the Messiah has returned to earth!”

Rev. Willie Weston, Co-Chairman of ACLC of Chicago

“I truly believe that Korea is the Fatherland. Today, I could see the heart of God in the people and the way my Clan members received me was profound. I can see that if the clergy unite with Father Moon, the walls will come down, and the Kingdom of God will come. I believe he has fulfilled and is the Second Coming of Christ. Jesus anointed him and he has fulfilled.”

Rev. Dorothy Sykes, Asst. Pastor, Union Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey

“I could see the Kingdom of Heaven today. It was really amazing. All races and nations in our clergy coming from America and the heart of love from the Korean brothers and sisters. Father Moon’s message is ordained of God and is the central message of this day in history. If the faith leaders join together as one, the walls will come tumbling down.”

Revised from the article of Rev. Moon Shik Kim

Christian pastors and religious leaders of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism visit Unification Church

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Christian pastors and religious leaders of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism visit Unification Church

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