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Sun Myung Moon: Unification Church - The Path to World Peace

Sun Myung Moon:

The Unification Church is in fact a unification movement setting the path to peace. A Spiritual Revolution of conscience and love will change the course of humanity towards peace and prosperity after the year 2012.

By Y.Marianov | Rev. Moon | Prophecies .

A new world will appear soon. A world of true love, understanding and technical progress. We are on the threshold of this new world, but humanity must recognize and get rid of selfishness, free sex, debauchery and greed. The promised Messianic person that will lead us to this inner revolution of conscience and heart is already here. As prophesied - 2012 is the threshold of this moral and spiritual awakening.

The Peace Palace, where Dr. Moon educates world leaders

The miracle that the world needs to see today, is the remaking of this corrupt, full of fraud, adultery, violence and abuse world, into a whole new world of trust, true love, understanding and peace. This is a miracle that Rev. Dr. Moon gave his life to achieve and is on the path to succeed.

Today, Dr. Moon is 92 years old and still gives untiring efforts to make this miracle a reality. Rev. Dr. Moon has no personal property. He gives all his efforts, strength and assets for the liberation of God and mankind.

In 1935, when he was still a young 15 years old boy, Jesus Christ appeared to him in the prayer. He shared his heart and pain of the problems in this dysfunctional world where even his children - Christianity are divided and confused. Jesus asked him to resolve them.

Today, 80 years later, undergoing through incredible persecution and misunderstanding, Dr. Moon has achieved something that no living man before him was even dreaming. If for some building a university is a great life achievement, Sun Myung Moon was able to build dozens of reputable universities worldwide. Yet he created vast net of peace organizations and peace projects to re-educate the whole world, including its political and religious leaders.

This Korean did not follow the stream in search of riches and glory. He went 180 degrees against immorality, atheism, selfishness and the corruption of the world. It is a miracle that he survived.

It is a miracle that representatives of all religions, who persecuted him in the past, now are conquered by his example of "living for the sake of others", beyond nation, race, religion and culture.

It is a miracle, that even though he spent years in Communist concentration camp, Dr. Moon has not only survived but also created Washington Times, World Media Association and the International Organization for "victory over communism," which played a key role in the collapse of the satanic, atheistic, inhuman, totalitarian regime.

It is a miracle, that now heads of states listen to his advice and are willing to implement his ideas for "healthy society through strong families". The vision and purpose is clear; to achieve on united world, "One World Family" under God as our parent.

For that purpose, he will build a world highway with super fast trains, as predicted, and resolve all barriers and resentments by using marriage to promote peace and love, where there was hatred.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon described the upcoming change:

On the day that the Abel - Peace UN is proclaimed, we will not have to wait three years. Everything will come to an end after six months... and a world that manifests the will of (the original) Adam that was lost in the Garden of Eden... will take place.

You will be able to see that day of liberation. The nation will become different. The world will become different. By taking part in True Parents' Holy Wedding Ceremony, you will be able to live under that flag of glory.

This is a dream within a dream. It is a time more precious than sitting on the tron... For the sake of that day, I shall give away my life, assets... Finally I have to see God's homeland.

Familiarize yourself with the teachings of Rev. Moon and understand why it has changed the lives of millions of families.

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    Crazy people many, but what Rev. Moon had achieved for World Peace, no one could even imagine to try.

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