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Proclaim the Messiah, the Savior and the Lord of the Second Advent

Report about the 1st

Rally to proclaim the Messiah
the Savior and the Lord of the Second Advent

South London Peace Embassy, 28/05/2010

The MC, Mr. Edward Mukasa, gave a stunning and unforgettable introduction. He said, “Sometimes testimony to the truth is a painful task. Yet it is a mission and our duty to fulfil. Today for God, the True Parents and Jesus it is a day of declaration. The Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon are the True Parents, the Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent”.

Than he repeated, "The Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon are the True Parents, the Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent."

The banner over the speaker’s platform, with a Unification Church symbol on each side, proudly proclaimed: “The Messiah, Savior And Lord Of The Second Advent Has Come!”

Underneath there was a quote from the Bible, Matth.3:16: “Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.”

Throughout the evening the MC challenged the audience and kept their focus on the main theme of the evening, as he carefully and powerfully introduced our solo artist, speakers, videos and testimony givers.

The first part of the program was a song by Miss Isobel Coombs. Mr. Mukasa explained that she is the Blessed Child of David and Tina Coombs, who were matched and blessed by True Parents in 1982.

After Isobel Coombs had expressed her whole heart to us with a sincere voice, Tina Coombs, her mother, was introduced. She read True Father’s words in a clear, strong voice with a strong spirit.

The speech. “The Future of Christianity” which included a supplement from the 2005 peace message, was carefully chosen for the occasion. It described in detail the fall, God’s grief after the fall and His continuous effort to save fallen man. It explained the mission of Jesus, and why the second advent became necessary after the most regrettable event of Jesus' crucifixion. A clear definition for the end of the world was presented - the end of evil history and the beginning of a history of goodness as well as the return of the Messiah to this earth as a man. The speech was warmly applauded.

What followed was Jesus' message from the spirit world to Christians and all other people on earth (including a supplement where Jesus shares about his relationship with True Father from the time when Father was even just a small child). The message was compelling, logical and well read by Bruno Klotz. Jesus declared that Rev. Moon is the returning Messiah. He also gave an explanation of why he did not come to die. He said that his being unmarried by the age of thirty three and going the way of the cross was the result of a profound lack of understanding by the people of that age. He made clear that the crucifixion was not the original will of God.

Many were in tears as True Father's speech and Jesus' messages were read by Tina Coombs and Bruno Klotz respectively. The atmosphere was electric, because we could feel the Holy Spirit descend as the speakers were reading.

Serious questions were discussed in the brief interval that gave everybody the opportunity to have some refreshments before the meeting recommenced.

Next we were presented with a video showing Father’s life as a Peace Loving Global Citizen. More than anything this showed Father's heart and the reason why Father chose the life he led with the many apparently insurmountable obstacles he had to overcome.

A convincing and astonishing contribution of the evening was the next video, an interview with the Archbishop George Stallings, the founder of the Imani temple in the USA. With sound, theological arguments as well a with good common sense he demonstrated to us why he thinks that Rev. Moon is coming to us in the spirit of Jesus, just in the same way as John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah. He praises the world that Father Moon is aiming to build: a world that is devoid of barriers of culture, race and even religion. He goes so far as to say that if our religion is preventing us from getting on with our neighbour who is of a different religion, then it is time to shed our religion!

Bishop Stallings is obviously proud to know Father Moon and to recognize him as the man who he is: a man who has taken the call of Jesus seriously, who exemplifies Jesus' life and words, who lives for the sake of others, who loves his enemies. For Archbishop Stallings Rev Moon is the Messiah of the second coming.

Last, but by no means least, were the marvelous and spirited testimonies by two sisters of our movement. The first was by sister Jenny Thompson who spoke with a very strong spirit, stirring the atmosphere and bringing it to an even higher level. The second speaker was Barbara Van Praag, who is 80 years old and has followed True Parents for 45 years. Both shared their personal accounts and stories of how they joined, helping us to re-live their profound conversion experiences.

Jenny Thompson shared with us her vision of True Father climbing a mountain on his knees with the sword of truth in his mouth, then presenting her with the sword. She concluded by proclaiming: "I am called, I am chosen! And so are you!"

Messiah’s Message: Daughter of the Lord of the Second Advent
News: In two years will shine a new era of peace
Rev. Moon received his calling from Jesus Christ
Church destiny of success: Moon followers and operations
Second Advent of Christ: THROUGH BIRTH
Personal testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon

Barbara Van Praag told us how she joined. She conveyed various wonderful experiences, including how she asked something to be done in the name of True Parent -- and it was done!

Some ministers started speaking in tongues as our sisters gave their passionate testimonies on how God and Jesus guided them to meet the Messiah.

Some guests' comments were, "This was truly liberating", "Now I understand what this movement is all about", "This evening confirmed my feelings about Rev Moon", "Praise God for this day", and much more.

Rev. Dr. Okeeme who has written a book about True Father, said that this meeting confirmed to him that his deep feelings about Father being the Messiah was true. An English lady who has attended many of our meetings (WFWP, UPF etc) over the years said that finally she now understands about this movement and about Rev. Moon, that now she understands the connection between God, Jesus and Rev. Moon.

Another guest commented, “The message is different but very interesting. I have never seen such a peaceful and holy setting.”

Fifteen guests attended, including 7 ministers, local Muslim contacts and other guests ( 4 guests, incl. a Muslim contact, registered for a 2day Workshop). Alltogether we were more than forty people in the hall.

This meeting confirmed to us that by openly and boldly proclaiming the Messiah we can pull the support and power of the spirit world down. We lost none of our guests, but instead we gained Divine Principle workshop participants and potential new members.

We plan to hold more of such meetings as a focus for our witnessing activities. This way we want to bring about the spirit of revival.

By Derrick Davis
June 5th Declaration: The Authority of The True Parents of Mankind From Now Will Be Represented By The Youngest Son

True Parent's June 5th Declaration is explained by Rev. Oh (UTS Professor) on behalf of True Parents and Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, at the June 6th, 2010 English Sunday Service.

Direct download: HJN-Rev.Oh-Sermon.mp3

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