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Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea

Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea by 2015

We Have Much to Learn from Moon, Sayd Kim Jong Il. To Bring Moon to North Korea by 2015. Moon has much to teach us.. Listen closely

A few years ago I discussed several articles concerning Moon's alliance with North Korea and their joint plans to bring North Korea out of it's isolation without being overtaken by the chaos and immorality of the Democratic society.

The role in the peace talks of Rev. Moon is immense and until now he is definitely emerging as "savior" not only in the peace process with North Korea, but in the Middle East as well. The South Korean religious leader, Sun Myung Moon has few investments in the North. One of them is the automobile manufacturing by the Unification Church.

Moon has warned the world already in his Peace Messages, that God does not want wars anymore. It is our selfishness and greed leading us towards a terrible global war and the nuclear destruction.

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Superlative news out of Pyongyang: The dear leader Kim Jong Il devised this great plan. "Why not share Moon's joys with his children.. Moon has much to teach us.. Listen closely."

Experts say it will be the most auspicious event in the history of mankind. Public response to the plan has been uniform. "The plan is perfect"

: The association with Rev. Moon is made on purpose. At list that will be easier and have more meaning. Sure there is a lot to learn from the Messiah and the greatest Peacemaker to ever walk our Earth.

New Era of Peace will Shine

In a proclamation to the world Rev. Moon announced that in two years will shine a new era of peace and prosperity, spiritual and physical world will be linked as never before.
The immoral secular traditions will go to extinction, and all of humanity will become one family through inter-cultural marriages .

We are living in an historic time

"It is a time for a great historic revolution to unite the spiritual and physical worlds and to create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for. We can no longer postpone of prolong the fulfillment of His wish." -
Sun Myung Moon

God's Kingdom starts after 2012

"I have already proclaimed that January 13, 2013 will be a "Foundation Day". That day will be the actual beginning and birth of God's kingdom.. An unavoidable time is upon us today where we must invest ourselves... All the good spirits in the spirit world are mobilized and are already moving forward, one step ahead of you."
- Sun Myung Moon

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Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea, Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Teacher Moon

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    Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea by 2015

    I think the onion made it look like this is a fake news story but once you see the corrections I made, it is in fact true. Kim Jong Il knows who we should learn from: "Why not share Moon's joys with his children.. Moon has much to teach us.. Listen closely." We Have Much to Learn from Moon, Said Kim Jong Il. Only history will show how correct that statement was indeed. Sun Myung Moon is indeed a great person to learn from. And if North Korea recognizes that, they may be way more clever then the world recognizes.

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