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World Peace and Unity Temple

World Peace and Unity Temple

The temple will represent the internal aspirations of all humanity, of all civil society. As governments endorsed the creation of the United Nations in 1945, so should they endorse the building of the temple, where all society can focus on the work for peace.

The temple will not be a megachurch; it will be a temple for people of all nations, a temple for the world. People of all faiths and religions will be invited there. It will be a venue for international and interfaith networking, with facilities for education, spiritual training and even physical health.

The World Peace and Unity Temple, to be completed by 2013, would accommodate approximately 210,000 people through multiple services throughout the week. Services would be conducted in all the major faith traditions. World leaders in politics and religion would come to these services; visiting heads of state or government to Korea would naturally want to visit this temple.

The temple should also be the common home of universal shared values such as faith, benevolence, charity, generosity, fidelity, compassion, magnanimity, kindness, devotion, loyalty, sacrifice, altruism, etc. These are all faces of true love in practice. They are the common language of religions. These virtues had been originally defined by religion, the language of the heart and spirit. This temple is the place where all universal values and aspirations can be fulfilled.

There has never been a place like this before, where all religions may come together, be represented and connected to a common purpose. We believe that God’s message is true love through universal shared values, and that the World Peace and Unity Temple will be an ideal stage to bring this message to the world. More

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