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Will Hydrail Locomotives Make Diesel Obsolete?

UPI recently reported on success by a group of chemists in developing new materials that can be used to purify hydrogen by separating it from complex gas mixtures.

This is encouraging news for the Bering Strait Project. Although feasibility studies still need to be done, it seems almost certain that the connection between the continents at the Bering Strait will be a tunnel, probably some 100 km (about 65 miles) in length from entrance to exit. That's a very long distance to have to ventilate.

Development of hydrogen trains is now focusing on the commuter rail and transit markets. The fifth International Hydrail Conference will be held in Charlotte, N.C. June 11 to 16, sponsored by the Appalachian State University Energy Center. The conference is expected to feature innovative hydrogen technology for commuter rail applications.

There would seem to be no reason that the applications could not be expanded in the future to include long-distance railroads, even those that run on transcontinental lines. Indeed, the Hydrail Conference website suggests as much with its motto: "Hydrail is to diesel as diesel was to steam."

The Bering Strait Project could be used as a opportunity for developing technologies such as clean burning engines.

For a Sustainable Global Human Community

I'm starting this blog as a part of my effort to create an online network of people interested in -- or just curious about -- the Bering Strait project. There are two types of people in the world: those who can't see why anyone would want to attempt such a project and those who find themselves inexplicably enamoured by it. I was once in the former group. Then one day I had a glass of Kool-Aid and -- POW! -- I found myself in the latter.

It would be like someone in the days of Abraham Lincoln dreaming of a network of highways crisscrossing the United States, with people traveling in speeds up to 65 (hey, we obey the law here!) miles per hour.

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Will Hydrail Locomotives Make Diesel Obsolete?
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It is an ambitious project. It is certain to happen sooner or later. The more people dream about it, talk about, and figure out how to solve the problems associated with it, the sooner it will happen. Let's hope this blog can play a role in that process.

It nees to happen for the sake of creating a sustainable global human community.

Check out the press release on the Bering Strait ideas competition.

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