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Moon Sun Myung: The most successful religious leader

Moon Sun Myung: The most successful religious leader of the 20 century

Published in Bulgaria: Denominations (unofficial translation)

Many compare him to Martin Luther King, Gandhi and others. He went through no less persecution and misunderstanding of them. His role was crucial in bringing the collapse of Communism and he is the founder of the Washington Times and the soccer championship - Peace King Cup as well as dozens of other organizations for peace, most of which are with special status in the United Nations. Dr. Moon, also plays a very central role in the peace talks with North Korea and in Israel and Gaza.

This article will try to briefly present one of the most contradictory religious leaders of our modern times, and at the same time the most widely recognized and respected by wide variety of representatives from all existing religions and denominations. Why there is such a drastic contrast in regard to rev. Moon? Защо отзивите за него констрастират от негативни описания за секта до признаване за “пророк на съвремието”, “миротворец” и дори “лидерът най-много допринесъл за мира в нашето време”? Why feedback about rev. Moon varies from negative descriptions as a sect to the recognition as "the prophet of modern times", "peacemaker" and even "the leader who contributed to peace more than anyone else in our century"?

The fact is, that Rev. Dr. Moon underwent through enormous persecution and misunderstanding in the 50's, and throughout the 80's. It is also the fact, that the attitude towards Rev. Moon changes a lot after the year 1985. Here will be listed only few characteristics about his activities and achievements.

Rev. Moon is known as the founder of the Washington Times, which played a central role in the fall of Communism, and is recognized as a champion of the inter-religious dialogue and revolutionary supporter of the family values.

In order, not to be prejudiced and do not speak about things that we don't know personally, we selected a few comments of recognized individuals who definitely know what they are talking about.

Margaret Thatcher recognized the contribution of Dr. Moon on the 25 anniversary of Washington Taims, with the following words: "I was not easy for Dr. Moon when he started Washington Times ... I mean the firm standing of the newspaper against the Soviet communism and the support he gave to President Reagan and me for ending the Cold War. ... More

One of the thousands of world known people supporting San Myung Moon is the Brazilian soccer player, Pele. "The King of Soccer" supports Rev. Moon in recent Sports for Peace initiatives. According to them, football is a natural bridge between cultures, religions, races, ethnic groups and nations. Because of this vision for football, as a powerful unifying and peacemaking force, Dr. Moon founded in 2002 the World Cup football for peace - King Peace Cap. ... More

Pioneer in the fight for human rights and tenfold congressman, Lecturer Walter Fauntroy notes: "I fully uphold Rev Dr. San Myung Moon, because he invests all of his finances and full potential of his organizations for two main purposes; peace and families."

Senator Larry Preslar added: "My admiration of Dr. Moon and his wife grew inormously. His energy, vision and dedication to the cause of peace are unprecedent in the history of mankind. "

If you believe that the quotes were unilaterally selected, it will be far from the truth. It turns out that such assessments of his personality are comming from all over the world. Today, facing the incredibly achievements in Rev. Moon's efforts for peace, critics of the past seem rather ridiculous, naive, bigoted and nerowminded rather than the least serious. Or as Senator of San Francisco, Amos Brown, speak of Moon, "his message of peace threatened those religiously nerowminded" and they responded with intolerance and vicously fierce criticism:

"He was always missunderstood. The same happened with Martin Luther King, which is happening with Dr. Moon. His message of peace threatened those religiously nerowminded. Some responded with intolerance, but he continues to embrace leaders from each faith, investing himself and his movement to unite the community of faith. "

"He is a man of vision, but also the willingness and ability to make this vision a reality. There are other religious traditions that have the means but lack the will and desire, but Dr. Moon is definitely very firm in his determination."

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